Monday, January 3, 2011

2010 Re-Cap: Part 2

Thank you all for the kind words on my 2010 Re-cap: part 1 post. 2010 was really an amazing year, I know I'm a little late posting the second part of my re-cap, but I always seem to forget that spending the weekends in Maine also mean spending the weekend sans technology! Anyways, today I'm looking back on the second part of 2010: July through December:

July was probably the best month of this year, looking back I realize that so much happened! The most exciting thing this year was when Chris proposed to me, my brother moved to Colorado, Jen and I went to New York, we visited our favorite New England city, and I modeled for Jess LC.

Looking back on August, I can definitely tell I was getting a little sick of the summer heat! Chris came with me to another Swap, I shared some of my finds, and I showed off my bike for a day at the races.

In September, Chris and I celebrated fall, I travelled to Northampton with Bea to visit friends, I posted another how-to, and channelled Maude.

October featured some of my favorite outfits to date. I celebrated Boston Fashion Week, went to a wedding in New Hampshire, and celebrated Halloween.

November was a decidedly sleepy month, I reached the end of my rope with my job and which lead to me finally standing up for myself in the beginning of December. Looking back I can see how miserable I was, but at the same time it was a turning point in my emotional growth. Not much was happening in my life because I was working all the time, and was generally not healthy. I did make time to find some "Love Story" inspiration, take some photos in the park, and spend some time with my family.

Things improved in December, I did something I had never done before and quit my job, and I've never been more energized! Chris and I also went to Cape Cod to see family, I was featured in N.E.E.T., I got a new haircut, and survived the first storm of the season!

As much as these posts are time consuming, I think it was really good for me to look back on such a crazy year. The past couple of months have made it very easy to focus on the negative side of things, but putting everything down "on paper" has allowed me to realize how good 2010 really was. Out of the negative things (terrible jobs, financial instability, etc.) came some of the most positive aspects of life in 2010, and I'm so looking forward to 2011! Thank you all for joining me this past year, I hope you will stick with me for 2011, it's going to be great!


Kendi Lea said...

I just kept thinking as I was reading through your post how lovely you always are. I can't wait to stick around for 2011 and for all that you will be.

Here's to a new year :)

Claire Marie said...

That engagement gif is too cute. Made my day!!!

Best wishes for 2011~

Ana - Toil and Trouble said...

Happy new year Julie! I had forgotten about that engagement video, it was/is so cute! You really are an inspiration, thanks for sharing :o)

- Ana

samantha. said...

looks like you have had a smashing year, can't wait to see what you do next!


Gwendolyn Little said...

i definitely respect people who take a risk & leave jobs that make them unhappy! you go girl.

Chelsea's Girl said...

Love all of your photos. Great idea for recapping 2010, it's like your own personal journal.

P.S. I am so jealous of your hair!

Emma at Daily Clothes Fix said...

That is one very busy year. Congratulations (belatedly) on your engagement and on quitting the job you hated. Hope 2011 is a brilliant year for you.

Aubsent From Texas said...

I love your positive start to 2011! That's the way to do it.
I have so enjoyed reading your blog this past year and appreciate you putting it out there!

All the best!

AnnaBananaCupcake said...

Love this second post. <3 I love the way you look on the positive side of things!

curious constellation said...

What a fantastic year, the pros definitely outweigh the cons.

Maggie said...

Looks like you've had such a kick ass year! And you looked good doing it too!

Gaby @ The Vault Files said...

I love that first pic of November, looks like an old magazine cover (by old I mean the 70's), you look fantastic. And bangs suit you perfectly, seriously.

Akire said...

your floral skirt and the kiss-picture are so beautifull.

Jason Lieder said...

Great pictures, I love the earrings in this post. Thanks for posting.

Tess said...

December: Great look! :)

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