Saturday, November 10, 2018

Weekend Reading 11.10

Happy weekend! This week completely got away from me, if I'm being honest, but I'm looking at two days ahead with no major plans – and some nasty weather in the forecast – and I can't wait. I just want to be cozy at home. I'd love to get ahead on blogging for the last couple months of the year (I've had an especially hard time making time for this if you haven't noticed) – actually, I'm kind of in shock that Thanksgiving is in two weeks... how does it sneak up every year? I've barely thought about the holidays outside of some projects for work, so I'd love to sort of tune back in this weekend - especially because the next couple of weeks are looking particularly scary, schedule-wise during the week! I hope you're hanging in there, friends xo

This vintage industrial light would look great on a desk or side table

How pretty are these tiny charm earrings? On the opposite end of the spectrum, loving these too!

A cute gift for you and a friend to share: this sweet set of vintage mouse pins

These pecan pie cookies would be the perfect thing to bring to Thanksgiving dinner!

Have you seen that Caboodles are back?! They're making me so nostalgic - love this one!

Yum - this squash recipe sounds so good!

Anthropologie is having a major home sale! I have my eye on these pretty retro ornaments, this ultra plush throw blanket, and these glowy candles

I've heard great things about this book (and the writer lives in Maine!)

Loving these pretty pieces for holiday - especially paired with dainty jewelry

So in love with Everlane's new sweater - especially this color

I relate to this SO MUCH

How freaking cozy does this sweater look? And it's on sale!

Why we stress eat and how to rewire it

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Weekend Reading 11.4

Happy Sunday, pals. How has your weekend been so far? We had friends come into town on Friday evening, so we've spent the past couple of days running around in the rain doing all the Maine things. We went to terrible karaoke on Friday, out to the miss Portland Diner on Saturday, visited the L.L. Bean boot (of course), ate whoopie pies, went to Tandem and saw some lighthouses. Not bad for a weekend of mostly awful weather. They flew home this morning – of course, the weather is now perfect – so I'm spending the afternoon catching up on some work and enjoying Portland. Chris and I have been spending our weekends either hiking or working on finishing up our apartment, so it feels like ages since I've just spent a little time in the city. Which is funny, because we live right here. Anyway - it's November! I don't know what it is, but I'm so excited about the next month – and I feel like it's about to fly right by. I took a little time to fill out my calendar yesterday and it feels a little overwhelming, but I can't wait for the holidays. how about you?


Just for you! Orchid Grey readers get 15% off sustainable style brand Fauxgerty for the next 7 days - use this link to take advantage (you can see how I wear it here)

Never one to turn down a cute embroidered bag - how sweet is this vintage option?

Cute DIY slippers for all your holiday gifts

On my November wishlist: Animal print everything, a great pair of sneakers, and something pretty to put in my hair before it's hat weather for months!

Women on $10 bills

Heads up! J.Crew is having a major sale - save 30% off your total purchase! Wanting this cozy mock neck sweater, this ultra cushy scarf, and this beautiful faux fur coat

OK - officially the cutest Halloween costume

This set of vintage brass planters would look so pretty filled with air plants

Yes, I would love to eat this caramel apple cheesecake, why do you ask?

Guys – I finally found the perfect affordable linen duvet cover! (we got 'sour cream' and it's the perfect warm-ish cream white color)

How to clean vintage rugs and leather sofas - much needed advice!

Officially on the hunt for a dress for the holiday - pretty obsessed with this handmade velvet dress, and loving this linen top by the same maker

7 macrame projects to try (that market bag!)

A beautiful pumpkin spice colored dress for fall (with knee-high suede boots? And a big cozy scarf? Yes!

The paleo/AIP waffles in the pic above were made using this recipe - so good!

Friday, October 26, 2018

Weekend Reading 10.26

Happy Friday! That exclamation point is coming off as a little faux-happiness right now - I've been fighting off whatever cold Chris came down with last weekend all week, and I woke up today feeling pretty awful. Which stinks because it's the nicest day of the week. So I'm trying to take it easy – trying being the operative word. This weekend looks like rain, perfect for staying in and trying to nap. Hope yours is a good one!

ICYMI: Tips for thrifting for fall and winter

Are you looking for the perfect vintage dress for fall? Because this is it.

A simple and healthier Halloween cocktail 

Loving this vintage brass lamp 

Brownies with pumpkin frosting? YES. PLEASE.

Just ordered this cute bum bag - so handy for the gym and running around town!

How to stay focused

Heads up! 40% off at J.Crew - wouldn't this velvet top be perfect for the holidays?

Love this fall look from Tieka

Wayfair is having a big pre-holiday sale! eyeing this linen duvet cover...

OK I want this sweater in every color

Really enjoyed this post about social media and where to draw the line

Ugh this teddy coat looks so cozy (this one too!)

The most beautiful independent stores in every state? Have you been to any? I was surprised that I have: Zeb's in New Hampshire is right near where I grew up!

Have you checked out Everlane's new outerwear? I love this jacket

Crafts for the holidays to start now

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

My Favorite Pieces to Thrift for Fall and Winter

Like a lot of people, fall is my favorite season to dress for. With cooler weather brings with it a reason to layer and wear something on my feet other than Birkenstocks 24/7. It's also my favorite season for thrifting. Over the past year – since moving back to Maine, really – I've felt like I've landed in a really good place, style-wise. By that I mean it doesn't take me a million years to get dressed in the mornings, I know what I like, and I know what will – and what won't – fit in my closet. I've done my fair share of editing and donating and editing some more over the past year – the evidence of which is currently piled in my living room waiting to be listed – which is all to say, my thrifting eye has never been sharper. By knowing what I like and what I'm looking for, I'm better able to keep my thrift shopping passion in check while sussing out all the best gems (and taking the occasional chance on an item). I tend to thrift specific things for specific seasons – dresses and denim for spring and summer, for example – and today I'm sharing what I've been gravitating to for fall and winter – because there's definitely a theme.

Blazers: This year I've been on the hunt for the perfect neutral blazers to throw on over sweaters and tees and in lieu of lighter jackets on those random warmer fall days, and as the season gets colder, blazers look great layered under overcoats. I love the slightly longer shape of this camel-colored blazer. I found the plaid blazer pictured here back in spring, and it's one of my favorite pieces I've found this year.

Tips for thrifting blazers:
  • Don't be afraid of shoulder pads. Light padding in the shoulders can give a more structured look and if you're really averse, shoulder pads can sometimes be removed either by you or by a tailor.
  • Look for natural materials, like wool, cashmere and camel hair. They'll keep you warm and the quality is often better.
  • If the fit is slightly large, bring it to a tailor for a custom fit, you'll still be spending less on a quality piece. 

Sweaters: Sweaters for fall and winter? Groundbreaking. But really, what might surprise you is that I usually find the best sweaters in the middle of summer. Selection may be wider now, but in the off season there's less competition! This season I've been picking up a few cardigans for layering and focusing on neutrals in textural materials.

Tips for thrifting sweaters:
  • Like blazers, stick to materials that are natural and feel good against your skin. Even the prettiest sweater isn't worth it if it's itchy and uncomfortable. Look for wool, cashmere, mohair, angora, and some acrylic and cotton blends.
  • Does it have pills? Skip it – most of the time. There have been rare occasions when I've purchased a sweater with a few pills because I know I can remove them with a sweater stone. But unless you know the piece is high quality, skip it, the pills aren't worth the trouble.

Vintage overcoats: So yes, you can totally have too many coats. And I've pretty much hit that limit... BUT! When I found the camel overcoat pictured here I made an exception. It's perfect, with drop shoulders and a roomy shape that can accommodate big sweaters and additional layers. It doesn't hurt that it's actually camel hair, meaning it's super warm, too. 

Tips for thrifting coats:
  • Check for moth damage! This goes for pretty much all wool and cashmere pieces – sweaters included. Look for little holes and other signs of moths. Some small holes can be fixed, but if it looks chewed up, don't bring that sucker into your house. I also recommend taking any coats and sweaters you thrift straight to the dry cleaner to get them nice and clean and safe to bring into your space.
  • Drop shoulders are your friend. Drop shoulders are super accommodating for a variety of sizes, meaning you can buy a coat that's a size too big and make it look intentional because you're not dealing with boxy shoulders.
  • Look for the classics. Along with natural fibers like wool, camel hair and cashmere, classic colors like shades of caramel, black, burgundy and gold always look timeless and can be blended seamlessly into a modern wardrobe.

Skirts: Skirts? Yes, skirts. I love pairing a midi skirt with a big sweater and boots for this transitional time of year, and it certianly helps that fewer people are searching for them when the weather gets cold! I love a high-quality floral pattern in a rayon blend, extra points if there are buttons. Bonus: this is a piece you can wear all year round.

Tips for thrifting skirts:
  • Look beyond your size. Skirt sizes vary greatly and can sometimes be easily altered with the addition of a panel for extra room or darts/pleats to make them smaller via a skilled tailor or your own two hands.
  • Missing buttons aren't a big deal. Skirts are the rare exception I make when it comes to purchasing something that needs repairs (usually I know I won't take the time). Dig into that spare button pile I know you have and find a replacement - easy enough.

What about you? I'd love to know what you're thrifting for the season!

Friday, October 19, 2018

Weekend Reading 10.19

Suddenly we went straight to early winter this week in Maine – even waking to a few snowflakes on Tuesday morning... yikes. I don't mind it, as long as the real snow holds off for just a little bit longer. I'm not quite ready for total hibernation (still looking for used spin bikes to get me though the winter feeling sane). I'm in North Conway, NH today while Chris works, nothing new, as this is the area where we're both from, but a nice change of scenery for the end of the week. Last night we attended LL Bean's Boots & Brews event with a bunch of local breweries, which was fun, and this weekend we're planning on finishing up our second bedroom in preparation for friends visiting in early November and then the holidays. I'm also planning on listing a ton of stuff for sale on Poshmark and maybe my Depop too because next week is surfboard week. I've been selling off a ton of stuff as motivation and to help save up for a surfboard and wetsuit, and our local shop is having an event on Wednesday where they'll have some used soft tops for sale. I'm very, very excited about this. Perhaps silly to be buying a surfboard as we go into winter, but I think it's just something to make the days go by quicker 'till spring. Hope your week was a good one xo

ICYMI: My favorite under $200 boots for fall

I love vintage trivets like these - so pretty as part of a centerpiece too!

Grammar matters.

I'm in full nesting mode right now – I just really want our apartment to feel "finished" - and just bought this pretty neutral duvet cover.

A great post from Jess about how to be an informed voter

Speaking of home stuff, Lulu & Georgia is having a huge anniversary sale with 25% off sitewide. Super obsessed with this rug and this chic floor lamp

An anarchist desert town

Because winter feels about 10 years long and it's stretching in front of me: more fun sweaters like this

Curious about this book - gorgeous cover!

This pearl beaded handbag is so cute and well under $100

Yum - definitely making these grain-free waffles this weekend!

Obsessing over red shoes lately - love these sleek (but totally walkable) boots

Madewell is having a 30% off sale on everything! Love this retro striped sweater, this cozy colorblock sweater, and these great corduroys

A super easy Halloween pumpkin DIY by your's truly :)

How chic is this plaid overcoat? I'd wear it with a black turtleneck sweater and jeans (predictable!)

Super curious to try this brand of organic lipsticks - super want that lip serum too

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

My Favorite Under $200 Patterned Boots for Fall

I'm calling it... snake print is a neutral. After spending all summer in my favorite Birkenstocks and sneakers, I'm so excited that boot weather is finally here. As much as I love the get-up-and-go nature of summer, I always look forward to the outfit options that fall brings forth – and of course, shopping for it all. This year, I'm especially enamored with adding printed boots and booties as the finishing touch on an otherwise simple look of a cozy sweater and classic coat. These snake print boots have become a staple in my wardrobe in the short time I've had them and I'm looking forward to wearing them all season long and straight into winter (just add some thick socks - these are my faves for under boots - or plush tights like these). Below I'm sharing a few more favorites because winter is long (at least in Maine) so why not have some fun?

In this outfit: Vintage thrifted coat, & Other Stories Sweater, Reformation jeans, vintage earrings

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Weekend Reading 10.13

Saturday night! Already! how did that happen? I spent this past week feeling super dialed in, so I took advantage of the focus to get myself back on track a bit. I successfully worked out in the mornings (life changing!), rediscovered my love for bulletproof-style coffee with some Lions Mane thrown in (actually maintaining focus for more than 5 minutes!), and even made time to get together with a new friend for drinks and had an impromptu date with Chris (a social life? What is this?), it was a good week and I needed it. Unfortunately, Zephyr didn't have the best week and ended up at the vet on Friday evening. He's OK, but we've been instructed to not let him jump on things (good luck to us), so this weekend he's taking it easy and we're going hiking. Last weekend we did an easy coastal hike but this time around we're headed into the mountains for something bugger - I can't wait! Hope you have something fun planned too! xo

This vintage candelabra would be perfect for a Halloween entryway!

My favorite boots for fall and winter - such a nice change of pace from heavy winter boots but still sensible (love these too)

Golden milk cake? Yes please!

How intensely beautiful is this handmade crystal ring dish? Can't get enough of those colors

OK, I'm convinced... I think I need corduroys. This color and shape feels so fresh but still vintage-inspired.

Isn't this vintage fringed leather bag gorgeous? Love the embossing!

How to have a seasonal mini-retreat. Sounds pretty fantastic to me and now this book is on my to-read list

It's happened, I'm into belt bags. Love these chic sling bag options, and this handmade number, and this one too

I've been getting back into Pinterest lately - I mean, how pretty is this shelving situation?

I finished The Book of Essie this week (record time) and really enjoyed it - have you read it? It's new and very relevant to current events.

Really digging this pretty striped sweater - those colors!

A very bad habit we all need to break (guilty, but working on it)

Holy shit. I want to eat these

I just finished the series Atypical on Netflix and it was fantastic. As someone who grew up with a sibling with autism, I thought it was interesting to see a version of the family dynamic represented on TV. Have you watched it?

This Halloween costume made me laugh

Oh I think I need this cozy cardigan coat! Plus it's 30% off this weekend!