Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Where's Your Desk?

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Last summer, when I moved from my full-time position with Free People to working for Etsy, I also made the transition from commuting to an office five days a week to working from home 75% of the time. When you're schlepping your stuff to and from your workplace every day, it's easy to romanticize that work from home life. Reading emails in your PJs and taking meetings from your couch -- it sounds dreamy. In reality though, the transition can be far more challenging. Turns out, working in your jammies isn't all it's cracked up to be -- even a nice pair of yoga pants will leave you feeling inhuman if you're not careful.

It's taken me awhile to get in the swing of things and form a routine. And even now, months later, I find I still need to make tweaks here and there to keep myself accountable and on-task. One aspect that's been the most difficult to deal with is not having a dedicated workspace. I typically post up at our kitchen island and occasionally sit on the couch if I'm working on a specific type of task, and if I need an escape, or you know, to be around other living, breathing humans, I'll go to the cafe down the block. Otherwise I don't have my own desk, no home office to speak of. This is something I've been thinking of recently - if I did have a dedicated home office space, would I use it? Would it make any difference in the way I work? When we lived in Pittsburgh we had an extra bedroom in both apartments we lived in that pretty much became storage rooms -- but at the same time, I'm now working from home most of the time. Our current apartment doesn't lend the space for a dedicated workspace, and I'd prefer not to move... but I can't help but feel as though I'd benefit from a home office (especially when Zephyr does his 3pm rounds for food).

This line of self-questioning has lead me to wonder where other remote workers call "home". Do you have a desk? A separate office space? Do you work from your couch in your PJs and love it? I'd love to know -- what works for you?

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Here & There 3.26

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Happy sleepy Sunday, friends.How is your weekend so far? Mine went in an unexpected, yet wonderful, direction yesterday when I found out a friend and her family was in town. We grabbed coffee and walked a bit on 4th St, before parting ways. The weather was incredible! Spring looks like it's finally making an honest-to-goodness appearance around here -- the trees are budding, flowers are popping up -- I'm SO HAPPY. Why did this winter feel so especially rough? We barely had snow (maybe that's why - maybe I need this). Today I'm enjoying a very lazy start to my sunday, drinking coffee in bed while Zephyr snoozes on my legs. I have so much stuff to do, I'm actually feeling a little overwhelmed, but am trying to allow myself a few quiet moments before hitting the ground running. I have a date with the gym later today and then I'm helping a friend choose an outfit for a real date. xo

How amazing is this vintage shag sweater? Would be so cute for spring!

I'm getting so excited for the Twin Peaks revival! Loving the magazine covers and these Twin Peaks cast photos! (love this TP patch and mug, too!)

OMG these chubby cat planters are so damn adorable (and these nesting cloud dishes too?!)

Here's a photo of a bunch of old white guys deciding the fate of women's healthcare - fun! Also SUPER fun - the fact that their awful bill got pulled and the memes that came with it

The sweetest sneakers for spring

Seeing my body with fresh eyes

Would love to hang this pretty mirror in my place to remind me of home

How to live life with fantastic aliveness - MUST READ

This made me laugh and is so accurate - cat ladies unite!

This book is on my must-get list

This was touching

I can't get enough of this classic body oil - all of them smell like tropical heaven!

Meet Julia, Sesame Street's newest muppet, who is autistic (the considerations they made to create a muppet that accurately represented autism, which varies so widely, are incredible and so thoughtful)

My favorite candle right now

Cats are (adorable) demons

The funniest planters

Everyone needs cactus earrings

Thursday, March 23, 2017

WORN: Vintage Overalls + Checkered Vans in Old City

 photo IMG_9553_zpstfnbynmt.jpg
 photo IMG_9552_zps9y4gwap8.jpg
 photo IMG_9551_zpst05nvcb6.jpg
 photo IMG_9554_zpssbaghnfb.jpg
 photo IMG_9556_zpsyzb3blth.jpg

These photos were taken way back in spring, you know... late February? We were treated to a little preview of what's to come, right before a wallop of a snowstorm and bitterly cold weather that had been absent all winter. The warm weather was lovely, if somewhat alarming (global warming!) and a bit of a tease, but Chris and I made the most of it and wandered around Old City. We grabbed coffee at United By Blue and popped into Meadowsweet to say hi and have a look around. I've had these overalls for a few months now -- picked up from Caitlin of MickNMarianne when they were having a pop-up at Meadowsweet awhile back -- but just finally got around to mending the holes. I'm not opposed to holes in the bum, but my growing collection of vintage patches was begging to be put to use. I'm looking forward to bringing these overalls back out for warmer days and styling them with a monochrome top or maybe something cropped. For now, I'm digging the flared leg all cuffed up.

Vintage overalls from Meadowsweet/micknmarianne
Vintage Harley tee
Vans Classic Checkered slip on
Julia Canwright bag from Moorea Seal
Vintage patches

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Here & There 3.18

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Happy weekend, friends! Did you go out for St. Patrick's Day? It's my least favorite holiday of all and yet somehow I found myself at a bar last night. Wah wah. After tending to my subsequent headache this morning (but seriously, I had two drinks and some seltzer -- I'm officially old) I met up with a friend for breakfast before vegging out on the couch -- something I almost never do during the day, I'm watching Underground right now - have you see it? -- and later heading to the gym. On top of my regular workouts, this month I'm doing Yoga With Adriene's 30 Day Yoga Challenge and it's been pretty amazing. My new goal is to just continue it - yoga every day in 2017! Tomorrow we're going out for breakfast (diner breakfasts are my favorite thing - diners forever) and running a few errands. Philly is drizzly and snowy, I'm counting down the days 'till summer!

My girl Jess is having a 3-day sale! I'd definitely snatch up this incredible vintage Mexican wedding dress!

How rad is this New Wave tarot deck?

29 pictures that show how insane '70s disco really was (Grace Jones forever)

Free People sale is on sale! Save an extra 25% off - this cute embroidered top is going right into my cart

Well this is adorable

Le Labo + The Laundress? I bet this smells INCREDIBLE

These photos are WILD

So many cute jewelry pieces! Love this chic choker.

Kind of obsessed with this tropical bag

We've all been there

Feminist (and feminist af)

Love these gorgeous handmade earrings (these are cool too)

YUM - definitely want to make this vegan fudge

Minimalist shoes for spring

How to spend $100 at Trader Joes

On my wishlist: New workout gear! My old leggings are worn. out.

Maple syrup forever!!!

Monday, March 13, 2017

Here & There 3.12

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Happy Sunday eve -- how was your weekend? We hid from the cold (and St. Patrick's Day madness) and hit up the Philadelphia Flower Show today. This was our first time attending and it was beautiful. There was so much to see though, I wish we had been a little more prepared! Winter has been holdng on tightly these past few days and it sounds like snow is in the forecast for Tuesday (just in time for me to have to travel to Brooklyn). I've been fantasizing about getting out of town - this time last year I was in Texas for SXSW and could use a little Texas heat right about now, or some camping, or anything above 60 degrees :)

The perfect handmade bag for festival season

This is one of the most gorgeous perfumes I've ever smelled - like the desert after it rains (another smell I can't get enough of)

This is the best thing on the internet right now (I love when his wife careens into the room!)

Stumbled on this cute shop this week - love this hanging planter

Love the design of Healthy-ish

How adorable are these kitty earrings?

Everyday sketches and schemes

Have you seen Glossier's Cloud Paint? I want to try it! Psst - save 20% off your first order by using this link

A peek inside Iris Apfel's beauty routine

This tank/pant set would be so cute for spring

I made this scrub this weekend and it's SO GOOD

This natural self-tanner is on my must-have list

All about Vitamin A

How pretty are these minimalist sneakers?

A few more spring must-haves: These pretty shoes, these colorful prints, a cool strap for your purse (would love to mix and match these)

Wait... these dryer balls are so insanely cute (really!)

What a beautiful mug

Thursday, March 2, 2017

WORN: Red Lips & A Leather Jacket

 photo IMG_9171_zpskj4wvcvu.jpg
 photo IMG_9170_zps2mjg62na.jpg
 photo IMG_9165_zpsqzwk5iga.jpg
 photo IMG_9169_zpsafoxwotr.jpg
 photo IMG_9167_zpsm2oxrpov.jpg
 photo IMG_9168_zpsfyqzkfaj.jpg

I recently caught myself scrolling through old blog photos, feeling a little... wistful? I'm not sure that's the right word for it, but as I looked through past outfits from four or five years ago, I was reminded of a time when I spent more than a few minutes on my outfits, when heels and platforms dominated my closet, and when jewelry meant piling on the necklaces. It's easy to look at a photo and take it at face value, harder to really analyze and remember how you might have been feeling at the time -- and how far you've come. I'm in a season of my life when getting dressed usually means sneakers, and often means yoga pants if I'm working from home. "Dressing up" usually takes place on the weekends, when Chris and I might be walking around the city, so -- at least in this cold weather -- life dictates sneakers, flat boots, and jeans. And I'm perfectly OK with that. Though I'm COUNTING DOWN the days until I can wear (flat) sandals and a (unrestricting) dress again.

*Through 11:59pm PT on March 4th, save up to 25% of sale and full-price items on Shopbop! I'd definitely scoop up some cute beach accessories!

Schott leather jacket (same, similar)
Thrifted vintage tee (similar)
Levi's jeans (on sale right now!)
Loeffler Randall boots (similar options here on sale)
Free People sunglasses

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Here & There 2.26

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Happy sunny Sunday! We've had the most incredible -- if concerning -- weather these past few days, with several days getting into the 70s. Glorious... but hard not to think about the implications, you know? That said, I'm 100% ready for spring and warmth and less clothing. Now that Chris has weekends off, I can't wait to take advantage of this next season with lots of hikes, beach time, and wandering - there's so much of the area we live in that we haven't seen yet simply because we never had the time together. Today though, we're just chilling. We hosted a dinner with friends last night, so today will be spent enjoying our clean house and getting ready for the week (and definitely spending some time outdoors while the sun's out). xo

This colorful vintage kimono would look amazing with a white tee and denim

Real humans unite

This bag is gorgeous

Goodbye NastyGal - everything is 70% off though

The jobs Americans do - fascinating

How pretty is this thorn hair comb? Would be perfect for a wedding

Do you watch The Bachelor? We just started, but honestly I'm more interested in watching the next season of The Bachelorette

The perfect mug for a sunny day

Up to 70% off at J.Crew! including these perfect pom pom shoes

Laverne Cox, national treasure

100% obsessed with this linen jumpsuit

Why America needs the arts (it's insane that this even needs to be spelled out)

Wow, these earrings are gorgeous

I want to see this film!

What a cute backpack