Saturday, February 9, 2019

Weekend Reading 2.09.19

Hello! Happy February! Did January feel 1000 years long to anyone else? I always love that I get to finish off the first month of the year with my birthday, but somehow the month still manages to feel... like a total bummer if I'm being completely honest. January is usually my slow month - I typically take the month off from drinking and this year I coupled that with a Whole30 (or rather, a Whole26 because of my birthday) to help myself get back on track after the holidays, so it's also a slow month in terms of socializing. Now that it's February and better weather is in sight (or at least in my imagination), I'm looking forward to getting out a little bit more. I'm headed to Philly soon for work and am planning a stopover in NYC while I'm there to spend some much needed time with friends. It's been a minute since I left Maine, aside from a weekend trip to Vermont for my birthday, and frankly, I'm looking forward to some time away.

On my February wishlist: Still living for statement earrings like these and loving these wooden earrings too, a super romantic dress for Valentine's Day, and as always - a super cute and unique bag

Do you remember Lorena Bobbitt? Here's her real story (NYT)

Now is a great time to order from Biossance - free gift with order (it's good)! I swear by this serum and this oil, and I'm super curious about this new product

Important stuff: 9 Decisions that Lead to a Life I Love

These might be the most fun pair of Vans ever (I maaaaaay have just ordered them)

Why do we pretend to love work? (NYT)

Have you tried a lash primer? I've heard great things about this one and am super curious!

Love this self-love sweatshirt! Fun fact: it's a collab with a Philly street artist!

The warehouse sale is ON! This pen set would be a sweet Galentine's gift

So I've been obsessed with bags lately? Really love this one. Or maybe it's croc? Because I'm digging these under $50 shoes

How gorgeous is this crystal candle DIY for V-day? (or any day?)

I've been wearing these acrylic hair clips non-stop lately

Sunday, January 20, 2019

(Snowy) Weekend Reading 1.20

Are you getting today's big storm? I have to say, while the actual amount of snowfall is a little disappointing (it seems to be mostly frozen ice pellets?), it's been nice feeling like I've had an honest-to-goodness snow day. Working from home, I usually don't get to skip out on work when the rest of the city shuts down, but it's Sunday! Which means I can pretend school's been called off and I can do what I want. As an almost-35-year-old that means I slept in until the late hour of 8:30, made breakfast for myself, cleaned and vacuumed and am now working on my other work. Wild, aren't I? Still, it's been a wonderfully cozy day, and I'm feeling tempted to really throw it back to childhood and make a batch of cookies. This month has been a quiet one, which is exactly how I wanted to spend it. I've been cooking a ton, getting back to my gym routine, working and wishing for more snow so I can get out on the mountains. Stay warm, friends!

A few podcasts I'm loving lately: Cold, Cocaine & Rhinestones, Criminal

How pretty are these striking acrylic resin earrings?

The Instagram Husband revolution

I'd love to add these constellation rocks glasses to my bar cart

Made me laugh: "A superhero movie for old people"

Kind of super obsessed with this jumpsuit - plus sale items are an extra 40% off! Love this cream sweater, this bright sweater, and this cute vintage-y striped tee

On being a woman in America (this basically hits the nail on the head)

Are you as obsessed with fun hair accessories as I am? Loving these rhinestone bobby pins, these turban-inspired headbands, and these acrylic slide clips

Loving these bright and happy screenprints

Edgar Allen Poe... or emo band?

My coat obsession continues (hey, it's 8 degrees, I have an excuse)

Um, excuse me... maple sea salt latte

Officially craving some warm weather - I'd love to wear these boho dresses on vacation!

It's officially Aquarius season! Loving this Aquarius art print

Save up to 70% off from Moorea Seal! Love these sunglasses (so much I have three pairs) and I can attest that this candle smells amazing

What is the Super Blood Wolf Moon and what does it mean for you (other than being the most metal moon ever)

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Weekend Reading 1.13.19

Happy weekend! I'm taking it suuuuuper easy this weekend, last week was incredibly busy and it's currently 16 degrees outside, so yes, lots of indoor things happening around here. I'm currently counting down the days until Chris and I head to Burlington, VT for a few days off and I might be researching flights to Florida – yes, we're officially there: We've hit that time of year when warm weather fantasies take over. In my head, I know spring will be here before I know it, and I also know I secretly love winter – it's incredibly sunny and gorgeous out right now – but man... 16 degrees is cold (and last night was even colder). Anyway, a few links for your Sunday, in case you're doing indoor things too:

A new favorite Instagram account for style inspiration

ICYMI: Talking about my 2019 intentions

On my January wishlist: Bright-colored everything to combat the winter blues, a cute cardigan-as-shirt option or two, and some pretty jewelry to jazz up my cold weather jeans + sweater combo

Did you hear the news about Kate Middleton's cute brother? More importantly, he's speaking out about depression

Related: if you've ever wondered "what is seasonal depression?" this great article from Joanna sums it up

These sneakers are giving me major flashbacks – would you wear 'em?

The secret trick to that whole eucalyptus-in-the-shower thing

Chris gave me this book for Christmas and I finally dove in this week – it's excellent. This book is next on my list.

The Marie Kondo effect reaches Beacon's Closet

Have you seen's new self-care section? Gimme all the face masks – especially this one

Are you wondering how the partial government shutdown is affecting us? This article is a great resource

Loving these modern candles – the ceramic holder would make a great planter when the candle burns off!

How true crime fans find clues police miss (SSDGM)

So obsessed with this handmade glittery stars skirt (and seriously, all her pieces)

21 Whole30 approved breakfasts (if the eggs are getting old)

How rad are these super bright earrings? I'd wear them with a black turtleneck to let them take center stage.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

2019 Intentions

It's 2019! Holy hell. If I'm being honest, it's taken me a beat to really get into the swing of things after the holidays – and I'm not sure I'm there yet. I always love January – it's my birth month, for one thing, and it always feels fresh after the emotional weight the holidays tend to bring – but it's not exactly great for business. By that I mean, when January rolls around I always just want to turn inward and self-reflect, not necessarily spend a lot of time online or on social media. It's actually a trend I've noticed quite a bit in the new year, and frankly, it's refreshing. I saw a lot of bloggers and IG'rs taking actual, real time off this year, and being more intentional with their content, and I'm so happy to see it. It's an example we all need to set and a theme I plan to carry into 2019.

2019. Wild. Is it wild to you?

Looking back, I realize only now that 2018 was a pretty incredible year. In a lot of completely unexpected ways. At some point, I wrote in a journal or planner or something, "the year of growth" and it couldn't be truer. I let go of a lot of fear last year, which I know can partially be attributed to being in a more stable place, both physically and emotionally. 2018 easily could have been "the year of turmoil" (2017 was definitely the year of turmoil) – We moved to our place in Portland; I parted ways with a job that just wasn't the right fit that had caused plenty of anguish; went freelance for a few months; hiked more than I have in a long time; finally learned to surf; and carved out a full-time job that actually fits with what I'm passionate about. I also paid off a major debt that had been looming over us for a long, long time. This was somewhat unexpected, but possibly the best possible way I could have closed out the year. When I think back on most of these changes and experiences, I realize a lot of them could have thrown me more than they did. The way certain things the previous year had. But I handled it. And I'm so proud of myself for making it through and making it through positively – but that growth and pride and generally having had a good year, for once, has also put a lot of expectation on the year ahead.

So I've been taking the start of 2019 slowly. Intentionally. Trying not to set unachievable goals knowing the that the major things that happened in 2018 were mostly due to my own self-possession and less due to the goal setting I did at the start of last year (I'm not even sure I set intentions or resolutions last year?). But, there are a few themes I've decided to focus on:

Be more mindful with money
Notice I didn't say "stop spending" or "save X amount of dollars". I don't think hard goals like that would be helpful for me, but after paying off that debt I want to do all the things I told myself I'd do once it was gone: Save more, spend less on things like clothes and home stuff and all those other little things that are constantly tempting and pile up over time, and invest more in experiences and education. Now that a huge chunk of my money isn't going towards that huge monthly bill, I aim to redirect those funds to something more meaningful. Save it. Do things. Chris and I are thinking about taking a trip overseas this summer, and just being able to actually consider that as an option feels so freeing, and it feels good knowing that there's one less roadblock to us eventually buying a house.

That said, it's really hard to stop wanting things. But this year I'm aiming to really delve deep into the why behind the want. Because I know it goes deeper than simply liking something and wanting to own it. I really want to work on myself in this way this year.

(Re)define my style
On a very-much-related note: Like the rest of the Western world, I watched one episode of Netflix's Tidying Up last weekend and immediately Marie Kondo'd my closet for what feels like the millionth time. It feels good to lighten the load, but it also puts into perspective just how much I have. As a lover of vintage, getting rid of stuff can be particularly hard. My attachment to things tends to be largely sentimental, and sentimentality can be difficult to contend with, making it hard to move forward. Along with that, I've had to be really honest with myself lately on what's actually functional for my life now. Example: I haven't worn heels, except for going to weddings, since we moved here. Hills + weather + cobblestone streets aren't exactly heel-friendly, not to mention why would anyone want to wear heels? My boot wardrobe, on the other hand, has grown considerably.

I'm not about to start wearing Carhartts and hiking boots everywhere, but my job requires easy movement and when I'm not working from home or moving things at work, I'm doing something active. Which is awesome, but I'd be lying if I told you I didn't occasionally miss having more opportunities to dress up more. Or even get dressed. I've realized though that this is less about missing dressing up and more about not knowing what to wear for my life now. I tried on a couple of things that had been hanging in my closet, unworn, for a couple of years, and realized they're not for me anymore, but I'm not sure what is. So without going full-on shopping spree (see above), it's time to move stuff out to make room for what works - and I need to figure that out.

Right now I'm loving cool but ultra-functional boots like these, lightweight but super soft cashmere, and easy to move in vintage-inspired denim.

Increase my skillset
This may sound like small potatoes, but this week I cooked fish for the first time. I also learned how to poach an egg. Tiny victories, yes, but meaningful ones (I'm not an adventurous cook – I leave that to Chris) and it felt good to learn something new, however small. That's a theme I'd like to continue for the new year – learning and increasing my skillset, whether it's a kitchen technique, recipe, learning to rock climb, or finally going through the steps I need to take to refresh this blog. I think as an adult it's easy to get used to going through the motions, we forget how exciting and satisfying it is to learn and finally (maybe) master something. To stop wondering how to do something and begin the steps towards knowing. I'm still working to pinpoint the specific things I'd like to teach myself, beyond simply having the goal to learn, but I'll keep you updated!

Over the past several months I feel as though I've had to relearn how to take care of myself. I started 2018 living in the woods, feeling fragile and super stressed out and I ended it living in a city I love, having finally built up my strength again – both physically and mentally. I found my way back to yoga – something that, at certain points last year, felt impossible – and that's the general theme I want to cultivate: Strength – in finances, in self-efficacy, in skills and ability. It's hard to resist the urge to make grand, over the top resolutions, but I know from years past it's the little things that make the biggest difference – those small intentions that are easily kept in the back of your mind.

What about you? What are you hoping to accomplish this year?

Friday, December 28, 2018

Weekend Reading 12.28

This is it, the last weekend before the new year – can you believe it? The days between Christmas and New Year's Eve have always been some of my favorites, they're typically quieter, a little more relaxed, the calm after the storm of the holidays. We finally get our weekends back! I've been allowing myself to step back a bit this week - not on social media as much, relaxing a bit before the new year starts, trying to think hard about what I hope to harness and achieve in the year to come. I'm not a huge fan of NYE celebrations because I hate spending the first day of the year hungover. I'd much rather use the 31st and the 1st to feel good and set the tone for what's to come. We're stopping by a friend's party on Monday (I'll be home before midnight, I can guarantee you), then on Tuesday I'm headed to a New Year's Day yoga class and starting a Whole 30 for the month. January is always a good month for me, it's typically sunny and clear here in Maine, and it's my birth month! Hope the final weekend of 2018 is a good one for you! xo

This vintage camp blanket is calling. my. name.  (It matches this perfectly)

Beautiful, humanizing portraits of 19th-century Chinese patients

This vintage '70s dress would be super cute with knee-high boots

My 2019 mood: This keychain

Mango has some beautiful pieces on major sale right now: these high-waist wide leg pants (in my cart), this shearling teddy jacket, and this striped sweater to name a few faves

By now, we've all seen Michelle Obama's Balenciaga boots, but I'm going to show them to you again.

Another sale worth shopping: Shopbop - some of my favorite items in my closet are on major discount: this belt bag (under $40), these snake boots, this leather jacket, these incredibly chic loafers (go 1/2 size down)

15 Winter Self-Care Ideas

The case for leaving your holiday lights up all year round (we're leaving the lights we strung around our dining room and office windows up - they cast the perfect comforting glow!)

A good long-read: Bastard

One last sale to shop: J.Crew. Take an extra 50% off sale items - like this gorgeous wrap dress, this velvet tank, this wintery anorak, and this beautiful coat

7 ways to improve your job performance that have nothing to do with your job

Chris gave me this book for Christmas and I can't wait to dive in, so to speak.

Low rise jeans. What say you? That's gonna be a big ol' "nope" from me, dawg.

Something to make you smile: Amy Sedaris's charming and kooky apartment

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

The Last Minute Gift Guide

Well here we are, it's December 19th. Christmas is just days away and I am, per usual, unprepared. I give bloggers who manage to get multiple gift guides published per season while somehow maintaining at least the veneer of got-it-together-ness so much credit – for me, something happens every December. I start off strong, but by the 15th, I've melted into a pile of nerves and self-induced stress. Anyway, all that to say I'm still finishing up my shopping this week (thank you, Amazon prime) and I thought I'd share a few personal favorites here – you know, in the event I'm not the only one still shopping (guys, I don't even have a tree).

I'm definitely utilizing Shopbop's new Amazon webshop - everything's eligible for Prime shipping which means you could grab a cute hat for mom or a set of stacking bracelets for a friend (+ check out these under $50 cuties)

These home gifts would be sweet for a favorite couple or a friend who's nesting and loving these sweet children's presents for little ones (those knit rattles! so cute!) and when all else fails – you can't go wrong with a cute pair of pajamas

This sleek home diffuser would be lovely for a mom or sister (or as a gift for yourself)

For the sweet kitty in your life, you can't go wrong with this insanely cool spaceship cat bed

This cookbook would be perfect for the cook in your life (or someone obsessed with fermentation)

An indestructible (and beautiful) copper French press (plus a really good bag of coffee and a to-go cup) would make nearly anyone happy – highly recommended for gift swaps!

For your best friend who just needs to relax, this set of sheet masks is self-care heaven

This is the candle that makes Anthropologie smell so good... need I say more?

Oprah says these slippers are her favorite thing – and I'm apt to believe her. Perfect for your mom or anyone else who could use a little cozy in their life.

And if you're still looking for a holiday outfit combo, here you go: fluffy jacket + pretty little dress

And finally, you can't go wrong with a handmade gift – these healthyish dark chocolate turtles look and sound amazing.

(click an image to be taken right to the product)

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Weekend Reading 12.8

Big sigh of relief that it's the weekend. No matter how hard I try, I always reach a certain point in the holiday season where it all just gets a little overwhelming. I feel as though I've had my head down a little bit this week, just trying to get through and knowing that soon, things will be a little calmer. I like the holidays, but I like the big sigh of relief that January beings more. This weekend we're hitting up another big craft fair here in Portland (Picnic), grabbing drinks and then breakfast with a couple sets of friends, and doing a little decorating (still trying to figure out the whole Christmas tree situation). Hope yours is a good one, friends.

Remembering Anthony Bourdain

Love this: Shopbop has a brand new Amazon shop! You know I'm a huge fan of Shopbop, now and this shop makes shopping for gifts and holiday looks that much easier (especially if you're like me and realize you need a new holiday dress two days before a party – Prime shipping, baby)

ICYMI: Talking about taking care of your clothes (on my list for this weekend: the tailor and the dry cleaner!)

Speaking of holiday looks - love these perfect party dresses and these earring options (these vintage pieces would be perfect as well_

Applause all around: Girlfriend Collective just expanded their size range up to 6XL. I think it's time to invest in new leggings.

How to be kinder to yourself

Pretty serving ware that doesn't scream 'holiday' but still feels festive

Netflix Christmas movies, ranked. Get ready to cackle.... but also get ready to want to watch them all?

I bet this Christmas candle smells so good

How to throw a better holiday party

Sale-on-sale from J.Crew: Take an extra 50% off! Love this cozy jacket

If you're feeling the holidays on a not-particularly-great cellular level, this green C smoothie sounds really, really good.

Love this post from Joanna: when your partner isn't into the holidays

These cute earring sets would be a sweet gift for a friend

"Shame is the opposite of art" – worth reading