Sunday, June 23, 2019

Recent Skincare Empties

I've been saving up my skincare empties to do a full IGTV review for you – and I've finally done it! Only took 10 tries. I can finally toss these into the recycling bin, hallelujah. I've linked all the products mentioned below – it seems like a lot, but please just know I've been saving these for the past several months – I don't go through this much skincare on the reg. Most of these products I really liked, with a couple of exceptions BUT that's not to say they could work great for you. Heads up, Biossance products are 20% off right now – ending today.


  • Biossance Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil: My holy grail product, this oil has transformed my skin. I use it at night and occasionally patted over moisturizer on days when I'm going make-up free for a dewy glow.


  • CocoFloss: Quality dental floss is worth it. And this is quality dental floss.

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Weekend Reading 6.21.19

Happy summer! How did you celebrate the solstice? I met up with my mom yesterday evening to check out the tall ships down on the Portland waterfront. Per usual it's been rainy and foggy the past few days, but the sky finally cleared last night and it's looking like amazing weather this weekend. I'm planning on spending all of it outside with a book or two. Hope yours is a good one! XO

Speaking of books, a few on my list right now: Fleishman Is In Trouble, City of Girls, Naturally Tan, and of course... SSDGM!

One of my favorite funny (cat-centric) instagrams lately

Saw these shoes at Target tonight and pretty much immediately ordered

Anthropologie is having their big summer tag sale! There are so many good candles: including the famous Volcano scent and these beauties from Candlefish. Also have my eye on this tropical dress.

how are you feeling about neon? This cute earring set is the perfect way to dip into the trend

How to get over jet lag - love these tips from Joanna!

Save an extra 40% off sale from J.Crew! love this laid-back sweatshirt and these rose-colored glasses

A list of hideous men - including the current president. This is important reading.

What a radically queer runway show looks like (hint: really good)

The body oil I'll be using all summer (it smells so good)

What Dolly Parton has to say about beauty

How the fu*k do you find a therapist? Topical and helpful.

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Weekend Reading 6.16.19

Hello! Hi! Happy Sunday night. How can it already be Sunday night? I'm not ready for this. As usual, it was another crazy week – and weekend. I worked yesterday so today I wanted to take some much-needed time for myself to reconnect a bit, not only with what it is I like to do when I'm not working but also with where I call home. Spring and summer, in my opinion, are the most beautiful times of year here in Maine. Right now, the lupines are blooming, blanketing roadsides in purple and white, and even though the weather has been mostly awful, it's easy to look past the rain and see how gorgeous it is here. SO that's what I did today, drove up to Rockland for a little vintage shopping. This week I'm hoping to take a little more control of my schedule and maybe even see Chris – who has been working even more than I have been. Life is wild sometimes. Hope yours was a good one – nice and relaxing, the way weekend's should be.


My favorite skincare is 20% off right now. I always stock up during these sales and I can't recommend this duo enough. I also love this mask!

On Father's Day: Tracing the definition of fatherhood

I'm always looking for cute hair accessories – and I'm obsessed with this brand. How pretty are those shell clips?

Manner hands are a thing and I am here for it (and also here for Keanu)

Letter of recommendation: Washing the Dishes. Very much worth considering. (NYT)

On the hunt for pretty summer pieces – Loving the vintage-inspired silhouettes of this brand (those dresses!) and these super current but affordable summer styles

Loving these minimalist wrap sandals

YUM: Fresh strawberry sheet cake

I'm a huge fan of the block print SO... yeah pretty obsessed with this block print romper

I've been looking for some cute shorts for summer and have heard great things about these – have you tried them? I also have these in my cart.

Have you fallen for pearl jewelry yet? I have my eye on these handmade pearl hoops (using this pic for necklace inspiration)

Baklava dip? SIGN ME UP.

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Weekend Reading 6.9.19

Guys, I don't want to shock you... but the sun is out! I also realize that I'm almost always talking about the weather – but those from temperamental climates will understand – especially those of you familiar with the kind of weather we've been dealing with in New England for... oh, the past 7 months. The fact that it hasn't rained in more than three days is a miracle – so I'm spending this weekend out and about and getting back to center after the crazy month that was May.

This week I wanted to do something a little different with the links I usually leave for you and talk about a few new things I've purchased over the past few weeks that I've loved – useful things, and a few cute things too. Below those, you'll find a few interesting reads for your Sunday. xo

We have a streetlight right outside our bedroom, and as much as I wish I could be the type of person who could deal with blackout curtains – I'm not. But that light keeps me up. I just got a silk sleep mask from Slip and it's made such a big difference in helping me fall asleep – and stay asleep. I was nervous that it might be uncomfortable – but it's not, and it stays on well. Five stars. (Next up is a new robe because I completely ruined mine at the laundrette last week)

After much deliberation, I finally invested in a set of Thinx period underwear – and then I promptly ordered a second set. Game changer for summer and beyond and so comfortable – and doing their job so far. For size reference, I wasn't sure whether I needed a small or medium – went with medium and they're perfect (I'm 5'7").

After being sick for most of the spring and a work project taking over my life for the better part of May, I'm now working on building my fitness routine back up – I was in dire need of new running sneakers and with the weather warming up, new shorts too. I ordered these lavender Hoka One One sneaks and these running shorts and I love both. The shorts actually stay in place on thighs that touch and are super cute for workouts or styled up with a cute sweatshirt. The sneakers took a little getting used to but I love how springy they are - especially for my geriatric knees.

I'm not sure why I resisted Everlane for so long, but I'm a convert. I've been wearing these pants to work non-stop. They're perfect for the transition between spring and summer and easy to move in, which is key for my job. I also purchased the slouchy tee in nearly the same color and it's another piece that's so ridiculously simple that it really works with almost any look – plus you can't beat the price for the quality of what you're getting. Next on my list are these cute 70s-inspired shorts.

I recently wrote a piece about the LARQ water bottle and received one for the review – and it's honestly awesome. It's self-cleaning, which may not sound like a major deal, but it is. It's also fun to use and really really good-looking, and I find myself drinking more water as a result.

I bought a Guppyfriend microfiber-filtering washing bag for myself and one for my mom for Mother's Day – and it's great. Not only does it filter microplastics from the wash (hello, all those workout clothes), but it provides a visual to the impact that you're making. I highly recommend investing in one! BUT I'm also so excited that Girlfriend Collective just launched their microfiber filter! I rent, so can't screw around with our washing machine, but as soon as we own a home (ha) I'm getting one.

OK... now moving on to a few things that caught my eye this week... Have you seen the Moschino 2020 'Horror Show' runway looks because I DIE. That King Kong look is painfully good.

Let us rejoice: The granny panty is back, thank you Riri for blessing us with this "trend". Frankly, I think women are just fed up with being uncomfortable from the ground up (see also: dad sneakers, athleasure, etc)

How do I make this incredible chair from Target work for my house? Because I low-key NEED it. Can't you just see Zephyr lounging on that thing?

Craving a movie night? Here's a list of early 2000's movies available on Netflix RIGHT NOW. 10/10 Wet Hot American Summer to get you excited for, well, summer.

Remember chocolate-peanut butter no-bake cookies? Me too. Here's how to make them a little healthier before you eat the whole batch.

Saturday, June 1, 2019

Weekend Reading 6.1

Happy June! And happy weekend. I'm not sure I've ever been more excited for two days off. The job Chris and I have been on at work is winding down – or at least normalizing – so we can get back to a somewhat regular schedule. I haven't been home for more than 7 hours over the past couple of weeks, so this weekend I'm just looking forward to getting back to regular life. And snuggling with Zephyr, who hasn't let me out of his sight since I've been home (he's currently bogarting my lap). It's been feeling more like spring over the past couple of days, so I'm also planning on making the big closet switch. I know, it's June – it should be feeling like summer! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for lots of sun and warmth this week :)


On my June wishlist: Pretty coral pieces for summer like these (those beaded earrings!), a pair of simple and affordable white sneakers, some vintage-inspired cut-offs (love that longer inseams are happening), and some simple cozy basics

This is so cool: Lego has launched a set made form sustainable plant-based materials – and it's a working wind turbine!

Save an extra 25% off sale items from Anthropologie! I'm eyeing this dress and this adorable cheese board

June 25th has been declared 'Bourdain Day' by two of Anthony Bourdain's closest friends

Also food and dude-related: Why are we so obsessed with male chef redemption stories?

Save 40% off 3+ styles from J.Crew! Really love this simple linen shift dress , this pretty eyelet skirt, and this market bag

The question you need to ask yourself about people you don't like

Good question: Why are we so obsessed with being spontaneous?

This leather bucket bag would be SO cute for summer

A really pretty rainbow tee to show your support for Pride/show your own pride

Burnout is actually considered to be a real medical condition now

Sustainable fashion picks for summer

The perfect little tee for summer

If you feel like laughing while the world burns

Monday, May 27, 2019

Long Weekend Reading 5.27

I hope you're having a great holiday weekend so far - what are you up to? I got out of town for a couple of days - much needed after the past few weeks of marathon hours at work. Both my and Chris's schedules have been crazy lately and we've worked through the past few weekends, so it was especially nice to step away from everything for, like, a minute even though I was still tied to work via my phone (a sad truth of life lately – larger post to come on this topic). I was happy to return to some warmer weather in Portland last night, though, along with returning to a very happy cat. I hope you have something fun and/or relaxing planned xo

A few good Memorial Day sales:

- Save up to 60% off J.Crew! I have my eye on these chic and simple slides and this perfect gingham jumpsuit (and of course I'm stocking up on their swimsuits)

- Nordstrom is having a major sale (love this under $50 polka dot dress

- Shopbop is having a big sale. (this cute heart bag!) Plus, save 25% off sunglasses with code SOBRIGHT (love these)

- THINX is having a huge and super rare sale - save 30%! I'm finally taking the plunge and trying them out.

I'm really into these new sandals from Everlane (green!)

63 Memorial Day Desserts because summer (blueberry pie!)

10 books to read this summer

So helpful - what you need to know about personalized supplement prescriptions 

3D printed paintings let the blind 'see' art for the first time

Would you leave your life behind for a house you saw on Instagram?

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Weekend Reading 5.19.19

Oh hey, it's been a minute. Or at least a couple of weeks. I just saw some silly video on Facebook about "MAYcember" – basically how May is crazy busy for parents because of school things, but I'm apt to believe May is insane for all of us. Am I right? I've been wrapped up with a huge work project over the past few weeks, and we're in the final home stretch. Which means the end is in sight but it's also the final, crazy push. I'm tired. I miss being home. It wouldn't be a stretch to say that I spent more time in cars this past week than I did in my own home – I found myself at the (fairly famous) Brimfield Fleas Market for a couple of days this past week, today I made a trip to MA to pick up some plants, and somewhere in between I photographed a friend's wedding (I wore the sheer midi dress above from this LA-based brand and got so many compliments!). I'm 100% ready for Memorial Day weekend!

ICYMI: My picks for cute rain gear

Now that it's finally (sort of) warming up here, I've been on the hunt for a cute pajama set. Love these fun tropical prints, these super cozy pieces (those lace-up shorts!), and of course need a sweet silk eye mask to finish it off

What you can do to help women in states with extreme abortion bans

Just buy the fu**ing latte - solid advice

I've been searching for a pair of basic sneakers to pair with dresses this summer and I think I found them... but also the leopard? 

A really good tote bag for someone who loves to cook

How pretty is Tieka's living room reveal? That big plant!

Loving pink & coral hues together for summer – it just makes me think of the beach!

Your weed-buying habits could help make the cannabis industry more ethical

I just ordered these pants and I'm in love - so comfy and perfect for summer and I wish they made more colors. Head's up though, they run large. Also really digging these cute shorts.

Look, I love true crime but this is also an important perspective: Don't use my family for your true crime story

Some really good looks: People watching at the Frieze Art Fair

I finally broke down and ordered new running sneakers this week and I love them (and yes, I'll be doing a review!)

The health revolution that could change your life (any guesses?)

This book is next on my list – sounds like the perfect summer beach read!

5 people who can help you love your body

I'm cookie-obsessed if you couldn't already tell – and man I really want to make these