Sunday, November 17, 2019

Weekend Reading 11.17

Greetings from day 4 of my hastily taken vacation! Am I on a tropical island? Enjoying a remote getaway? Nope! I'm home, using some days I didn't realize I had (and had to use before the end of the year) to recoup and get myself back together. I'm trying to get some personal stuff done and refocus myself before the holidays really hit – it's sort of working. Hope your weekend was relaxing, firneds. xo

I'm sure you've heard, it's really cold in the Northeast. In fact it feels like January – so here's the secret to actually enjoying winter. Made me laugh "simply refuse to participate in the misery olympics"

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For everyone who's bad at networking

My favorite slippers are on major sale right now! Also love this sweater (so thick and cozy) and this classic jacket – save an additional 25% off with the code SAVE25

I'm considering purchasing a faux Christmas tree this year after always feeling guilty and fearful of fires with a real one – how do we feel about this handmade minimalist Christmas tree? I feel like it would show off ornaments so nicely

Speaking of holiday decor, Target has a great selection of vintage-inspired bottle brush trees this year (I bought a bunch for our mantles)

Hello yes I will 100% be wearing these sequin pants to every holiday party this season

Thoughts on faux leather leggings? I'm tempted...

The fascinating role of fashion in comedy (I always love the closing SNL sequence for exactly this)

I always make a pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving (and eat it for nearly every meal in the days that follow) – this year I think I'll make this pumpkin/pecan hybrid

This lip oil has been saving my lips in the cold weather (save 15% off your order with the code 'JulieLovesOgee"!)

Save an extra 40% off sale items from Anthropologie! Love these chic hair ties and this cozy sweater

Friday, November 8, 2019

Weekend Reading 11.08

Haaaaaapy Friday. What a week, huh? According to – seemingly – everyone and their mother, this week was a rough one. It was for me at least, so I'm very excited for a couple of days off. Tomorrow is my quiet day, I'm hoping to get to the farmers market, clean up after the week, and get some freelance work done. And on Sunday I'm off to Boston for the day to see Mary. Can't wait. Hope your weekend is fun, relaxing, hopefully both. xo

ICYMI: a few of my favorite things from October

Did you see the new Thinx + Ilana Glazer collab? So good! Remember, you can save $10 off your frist order if you shop through my profile <3 p="">
Two huge clean beauty sales happening right now: Save 20% off at Credo beauty – I'm stocking up on my favorite cleanser, this incredible vitamin C polish, and this best-selling bronzer. And save 20% off at Detox Market! I'm getting this nourishing moisturizer and this pretty highlighter.

Love these tips for making friends as an adult

This new sweater from Everlane looks so damn cozy – "cider" looks so pretty

Look at this incredible embroidery – so beautiful!

Save 40% off J.Crew for rewards members! Love this cute fair isle sweater, these plaid pants, these super rad snake print pants (!!!), and this cute sweaterdress

YUM – definitely making these brussels sprouts for Thanksgiving this year

Did you hear Gloria Steinem on NPR this week? I'm definitely picking up her new book

A quiz for the ages: which garbage animal are you?

Humility is apparently the "new" vulnerability... or just, you know, a good quality we should strive for?

Ohh these cookies look incredible!

Have you decorated yet for the holidays? I love this fun pom pom wreath and these pretty ornaments 

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

October In Review

I know everyone says it, but I can't believe how quickly October went by. Looking back, I know I did a lot – my brother was in town, we did some hiking, work was busy per usual (ok that doesn't sound like a lot – TBH it was mostly work) – but it feels like such a whirlwind! In fact, every month feels like this, so I'm taking a note from Joanna and will be sharing a little wrap-up at the end of each month – what I read, stuff I tried, products I liked, and generally what went on. A nice little touch-base if you will. So without further ado – and before we get too far into November – here we go...

The Choice by Dr. Edith Eva Eger: I heard about this book through an interview with the author on one of my favorite podcasts, Wild Ideas Worth Living. After finally finishing the last book I was reading, I picked this one up for my Kindle and tore through it – and wow, it didn't disappoint. Lying somewhere between a memoir and advice book (I don't want to call it self-help, it's bigger than that), the author, Dr. Edith Eva Eger recounts her life – from her childhood in Hungary and discovery of her love for dance, to her internment in and incredible survival of the nazi death camps, the anti-semitism she experienced post-liberation in both Europe and America – and how she overcame it all, both physically as well as in her mind. It's a wonderful book that got me thinking more critically and compassionately about my own grandmother's trauma growing up in nazi Germany and how that trauma can be handed down generationally. This book is an important one, and one I highly recommend to just about everyone, especially given the divisiveness of our country right now.

The best tights & bag: Two things I added to my wardrobe last month that have made a big difference? These control top, super supportive tights and a fashionable carryall bag – specifically the Transport Tote. I'm always on the hunt for a great pair of tights, and these are the perfect opacity while still being supportive – but not constricting. I have a feeling I'll be wearing these a lot this winter. On a similar note, I've gone through so many work bags recently and just wanted something that felt professional but still fun. I got this one and love it. it's the ideal size for my laptop, a planner, and a few essentials – and not much more, which is important because I tend to carry a lot of crap!

Hiking Kearsarge North: I was really hoping to bring my brother out to Tumbledown while he was in town, but like most vacations that include a lot of family, his schedule ended up filling up fast. So instead we hiked closer to home and did Kearsarge North. Despite seeing this mountain multiple times a week and hiking close by, I'd never done it and it was the perfect kind of challenging. maybe not as full body as Tumbledown, but still fun with an incredible view at the top.

L.L. Bean Stowaway Day Pack: Speaking of hiking, I've now used this packable backpack on two longer hikes and love it. It's the perfect size for a day hike, has two water bottle holders (I drink a ton of water), and packs down easily for storage. Best part though is that it doesn't hit my hips when I'm moving.

Ogee Organics: Earlier this month I had the opportunity to try the whole range of shades of Ogee Organics' Sculpted Lip Oils and friends let me tell you, they're great. Beautiful color, no flaking, and incredible ingredients. My favorite shades are Gardenia and Clear – they're a little minty, but not too much, and the color is such a pretty wash. PLUS, Ogee is a Vermont-based company and I love being able to support New England-based businesses. I received a ton of interest on my Instagram post and i"m so excited to be able to share a discount with you! Click here and use the code JulieLovesOgee to receive 15% off your order of anything on the site!

Joining the Thinx Leaders program:
I'm so, so excited to be part of the Thinx Leaders program! I shared my first period story and why I'm so excited to be part of the program in this post – but in short, I love repping a product that cuts back on waste, supports the wellbeing of people with periods, and gives back to those in need and supports education for girls. Not only that, but I love giving back to YOU – if you shop through my Thinx Leaders profile, you can save $10 off your first order.

Primera Miracle Seed Essence: I've been using this hydrating essence for a few weeks now and I honestly love it. With winter arriving soon, my skin has needed all the hydration it can get. After washing my face, I put a little of this in clean palms and pat it in before adding serum and moisturizer. So nice.

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Weekend Reading 10.26

It's blowing my mind that we're already at the tail end of October – how? When? This month went by so fast, it's scary. I mean, not to scare you but next week I'll be prepping work for holiday decorating – yikes! Let's not get ahead of ourselves, though. This week felt like a marathon and I'm so happy to have a couple of days to regroup. I'm getting a massage this morning (!!!) which I'm so excited about after spending so many hours in the car this week, and then tomorrow I don't know! It's supposed to rain and my group hike was cancelled, so the day is free!

ICYMI: 5 Days of Monochrome Outfits & announcing my Thinx Leadership!

Remember, if you shop through my Thinx leader page, you can save $10 off your first order!

35 of the most beautiful places in Maine – making a list of the ones I haven't visited!

Have you ever used cactus oil? – I've heard amazing things about it, my skin has been so bad lately I definitely want to try it!

I've been reading this book lately and absolutely recommend it

So fascinated by Joanna's experience working with a life coach – would you ever do this?

I've been sleeping on these flannel sheets lately and they are SO. COZY. (we have the blue herringbone). Get $50 off orders of $200 or more with the code 50ORCHIDGREY

The motivating power of staying pissed off (ha. but really.)

This hooded sweater looks like the comfiest thing ever - perfect with jeans or with a cute mini skirt

A really great piece about reducing waste – and reducing the your reusable products too

My favorite work bag now comes in tiger print and I think I need it

Have you ever gotten a celebrity haircut? Love this piece - and the comments!

I bought these tights this week and can't recommend enough - they stay up but don't pinch (these are next on my list - so cute under a sweater dress)

This is important: If you don't want kids, you don't have to want a career also

This mixed cable sweater looks so cozy

Women in horror share the movies that still keep them up at night (+1 for the Witches)

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

5 Days of Monochrome Outfits

Despite that fact that it's fall, i.e. everyone's favorite season for getting dressed and actually having fun with it, I've felt like I've been in a major style rut lately. Between a busy schedule and my first cold of the season – yaaaaayyyyy – I've been living in cozy loungewear more than I'd like to admit (although not a bad thing). Working from home most of the time doesn't help the situation, either. So when a new style challenge from A Vintage Splendor popped up in stories, I jumped on board. This time around it was a week of monochrome outfits. If you follow me on Instagram, you've likely seen some of these already in my stories, but I wanted to gather them all here – for myself to refer back to, and for anyone looking for some style inspiration of their own. I used this challenge to not only break out of my style rut, but made sure to take some photos of each look, too – because I've been feeling pretty uninspired when it comes to photography outside of work as well, and this was a great excuse to take photos of something other than stilllifes!

I love doing these style challenges because they force me out of my comfort zone and style items in my closet that may have been gathering dust – or explore different ways to wear pieces that are already on heavy rotation (like those snakeskin boots!). The last style challenge I took part in was 7 Days of Dresses, arguably more difficult than these monochrome looks (especially because it was April and still definitely winter in Maine), but no less fun. Monochrome was relatively easy, but the challenging part was making each look work for work. It's fun to put together outfits, but if I can't move in them, it's back to the drawing board. Below I'm sharing five real outfits from my week:

All White: When in doubt, all black or all white always looks amazing. I threw on a tan jacket to head to a coffee shop for the afternoon and felt like a giant latte. Not a bad thing. Paired with classic chelsea boots, this felt like a winner for fall.

All Navy Blue: The only * new * item I styled all week were these wide leg cords from Everlane. I got them, and I really wanted to wear them – so all blue it was. I paired them with a thrifted top I've had for ages but had never worn, and a thrifted blazer I picked up last month.

All Green: This skirt is actually a dress, a rare fast fashion purchase but one I could easily picture being worn several different ways – it's a slipdress, so I plan to layer it with sweaters, turtlenecks, and blazers.

All Black: You can never, ever go wrong with all black and a classic moto jacket. But if it needs some spicing up, snakeskin helps.

All Nutmeg: We deemed this "nutmeg" on Instagram – definitely not pumpkin spice.

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

I'm a Thinx Leader!

As a pre-teen, there were two things I prayed that puberty would skip over: boobs... and my period. I know how ridiculous that sounds coming from someone who is biologically female, like, those two things are kind of burned into our psyches as innately female, right? But as a tween, I'd read enough YM and Seventeen magazines and Judy Blume novels to know that sometimes women just didn't get a period and that whole concept sounded great to me. Sign me up. I'm in.

Unfortunately only one of those wishes came true, a quick glance at me will tell you which one it was (still very thankful for these A-cups).

I got my period for the first time in the 7th grade, after being quite watchful and nervous about the whole thing. Despite my vigilance, it came as a surprise and I was completely unprepared – and so was my mother. After 24 hours of putting it off and using wadded-up toilet paper, I finally fessed up about 10 minutes before the school bus arrived. She laughed, hugged me, said "Congratulations I guess?" and then jokingly offered me one of my sister's diapers because there was literally nothing else in the house. She was joking, but I still wanted to crawl under a rock and never come out. If memory serves, my mom ended up driving me to school that day so we could stop at the store ahead of time. I was mortified. In fact, "mortified" is a good way to explain how I felt every time I got my period as a middle-schooler. I was convinced everyone knew and could see the outline of the enormous pad. It wasn't a great start to womanhood. But I'm sure there are thousands – millions – of stories like mine out there. Embarrassing, but we made it through.

The thing is though, I was lucky. Red in the face, but very lucky. Even though the cupboard was bare on that particular day, my mother could afford to drive me to the store to get a box of pads and some aspirin. Did you know that 1 in 5 students struggle to afford menstruation products – or have access to them at all? And 85% of young people have either missed class or know someone who has missed class because of their period. These stats shocked me. No one should miss out on an education simply because of a process their body does naturally – and the costs associated with it. This goes beyond the Pink Tax – it's easy to image that if this were a "men's issue", it wouldn't be an issue at all. We'd have it solved.

Which is just one reason why I'm so excited to announce that I've joined Thinx as a Thinx Leader!

What does this mean for you? If you shop through my Leaders profile, you'll get $10 off your first order – but it means a lot more, too.

I'm excited to not only introduce you and others to Thinx, but to also help them make a difference in the lives of girls, women and people with periods.

If you're new to the world of Thinx, they make products for people with periods, the most famous of which are their Thinx Panties – wicking panties made to back up a cup or tampons or completely replace pads. They also make Speax for bladder leaks and Thinx (BTWN) for tweens and teens (can you imagine how amazing it would have been if something like this existed when we were teenagers?!). If you're thinking "Whaaaaaaaaat?! Period underwear?!" – so was I.

Until I began I began using Thinx earlier this year after being influenced by JessWithLess.

I hated wearing pads – I won't use tampons – I hated how they felt, how much money I was spending on them, and how awful they are for the environment – the average person with a period uses 11,000 period products (pads, tampons and liners) in their lifetime. That's a lot of trash. I became interested in Thinx because I wanted to cut back on how much trash I was producing, and I was tired of giving my money to Always every month. So I bought a set and tested them out. Mainly, I wanted to see if I could completely replace disposable products with Thinx – and the answer is: almost!

The first three I purchased were a pair of the Hiphuggers (heavy days), the Sport (light to medium days), and the cotton hiphuggers (heavy days). As suggested I wore the Hiphuggers first on a day when I would just be around the house, to see how they would hold up against my flow. After some testing I now know I can almost completely replace the disposable products I was using – sometimes I'll use a pad on the first day, but usually I'll just carry a couple of pairs with me and I'm good to go. I especially love the sport style to wear to the gym or on outdoor adventures on light days.

Thinx are:

  • Moisture-wicking
  • Odor-controlling
  • Super-absorbant 
  • Leak-resistant
When you're ready to wash them, you simply rinse in cold water, then wash on cold and hang to dry. There's a wealth of information about them on their website, too.

What makes Thinx especially great, though is their Give Rise! program – which works for better access for puberty education, amplifies grassroots activism and donates undies and time to those in need – and work with programs like Girls INC, Safe Horizon and Alliance of Border Collaboratives to expand access to basic hygiene products and community services like reproductive healthcare and mentoring.

In short, Thinx are awesome. They've made having a period somewhat less of a hassle, and I think you'll like them too. Learn more and save $10 by visiting my Thinx Leaders page – and feel free to ask questions by connecting with me on Instagram!

Friday, October 18, 2019

Weekend Reading 10.18

Happy weekend! Another week, gone in a flash, how you holding up? For whatever reason, this week was rough for me. I've been feeling a little disconnected from myself, so this weekend is about tuning back in a bit. I'm hoping to get to yoga – I haven't been in months – and finish some projects (I've very slowly been working on installing a new template for this blog and I'm dying to finish it up). We had a big wind and rainstorm this week that knocked down most of the foliage, but this weekend is calling for perfect New-England-in-October weather - can't wait!


I think it's a good weekend to make cookies - 10 best chocolate chip cookie recipes

Finding a balance in love and work

Obsessed with this cool sustainable denim brand. Love them paired with a simple tee and pretty pearl accessories

I was looking for a new book to read this week and came across this one – it sounds fascinating!

Absolutely obsessed with the animal print boot trend – so much snakeskin!

Important words from the Duchess of Sussex

Guys, statement coats. I want one! I'm eyeing up this snakeskin overcoat, this plaid beauty, and this cozy faux fur number

Speaking of chocolate chip cookies: pumpkin butter chocolate chip cookies

How beautiful is this doorstop of all things? 25% off for AnthroPerks members! Love this cozy sweater too

Never knew I needed a pink blazer until now - and it's 40% off! Also pretty obsessed with this brightly stripes sweater set

These socks would be so cute with loafers for Halloween

Dreaming of this beautiful rattan furniture collection - especially this chair

These fall recipes sound perfect for a chilly weekend

How fun is this sweater/skirt set? Love how bright and happy it is!

Outfit inspiration from the children of Seoul fashion week