Friday, June 15, 2018

Weekend Reading 6.15

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Happy Friday! What a week. I'm feeling the kind of tired that you don't quite realize you're feeling until you sit down and your entire body just sort of... falls asleep. I have no excuse except for the fact that the past two days I've been working out in the morning. It's a concerted effort to change a habit of evening workouts that are often canceled by me due to mood or otherwise talking myself out of it. I've known for a long time that I'd be better off exercising as soon as I woke up, but like a lot of things, was a champ at talking myself out of it. I'm happy to say I've managed two days... we'll see about tomorrow because tonight a friend comes into town and I'm so excited to catch up with her. Tomorrow is supposed to be beautiful and summery, so I'm hoping to hit up the farmers' market and maybe get out to a beach. Sunday I'm hoping to hit up some flea markets and maybe get out for an easy hike somewhere. What do you have planned?? Have a good one whatever it is!

How you can fight #45's family separation policy according to experts

Found: the most perfect vintage fringe suede jacket

Solid career advice: What the fuck are you doing?

Anthropologie is having a big home sale and I've got my eye on these cool pillows

Hot damn: blackberry icebox cake

J.Crew is having a major sale today too - love this red wrap mini dress and these adorable fruit-covered espadrilles

An actual healthy unicorn smoothie. Really.

Really wanting to read this book on building meaningful friendships

We need more 'bad boys' like Anthony Bourdain (Loved this piece too)

Take 40% off everything at LOFT - love this simple cross-body bag

One of the most compelling pieces I read this week: Teaching my body a new language at 29

The most perfect vintage throw rug

Because Rihanna: "There's a difference between self-acceptance and self love"

The cutest DIY rainbow cookies.

Loving the tropical print on this cute dress - perfect for a summer party

Image above via my page

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

White Lace Button-up Dress in The Old Port

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This past week, we've been getting the kind of weather that makes enduring the Maine winters worthwhile. While perpetually sunny SoCal may be tempting at times, as a born-and-bred New Englander, I like the appreciation that comes with dealing with one particularly long and cold season. Spring, summer, and fall? Absolutely stunning. Seasons when your heart feels like it could burst from your chest with happiness, all because you just dealt with what felt like 15 years of winter. Maybe we're all masochists, but that first day when you can finally trade in your sneakers for a pair of perfect leather sandals might be the happiest day of the year (yes, I'm exaggerating).

Anyway, after a blip of freezing cold weather last week (it was 45 degrees and people were angry), I've been enjoying finally breaking out my summer and spring wardrobe, including this super cute dress.

I've never met a white summer dress I didn't love. Case in point: This lace button-up number from Free People (which just so happens to be on major sale right now). I bought it awhile back (March, I think?) when warm weather was still just a pipe dream, and I was more than happy to finally bust it out this past weekend for an afternoon spent wandering Old Port Fest here in Portland. And by "afternoon" I mean about an hour –maybe two – before I felt overwhelmed and needed to head home. (crowds, amirite?)

Anyway, like I said, this dress and a ton of other summer-ready items are on major sale right now over on Shopbop – take an additional 25% off sale items with the code score18. I've linked a few of my favorites below, because their sales are the perfect time to pick up something you've had your eye on (I grabbed a cute pair of pajamas, a cozy robe, and a perfect red shoulder bag)

 photo IMG_2196 copy_zpsla853dy3.jpg
 photo ACS_0246 copy_zpsaq1gbm7s.jpg
 photo ACS_0249 copy_zpsdz4akyxb.jpg

Friday, June 8, 2018

Weekend Reading 6.8

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Woof. What a week, right? First Kate Valentine (Spade). Then Anthony Bourdain. If anything, this has been a sad reminder that success and fame doesn't necessarily equal happiness, but more importantly, it sheds light on the very rampant issue of mental healthcare and support in our country. Anthony Bourdain hit hard. He was one of the only chefs on TV I found interesting to listen to/watch, and he inspired Chris so much in his cooking (my husband, the perpetual cooking show fanatic). Please, if you're struggling or know someone who is and want to learn how to better support them, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255. This post from Cup of Jo is very helpful too.

And now for an awkward transition... Hey, it's Friday! What are you up to this weekend? Tomorrow, Chris and I are headed out to one of the islands for some hiking and to shoot a collaboration I'm working on. Then Sunday is Old Port Fest, so of course, we're going – it's our first summer as official Portlanders, so it's practically required. In between, I have a ton of work to get done so keep your fingers crossed for me.

Let's get the heavy shit out of the way, shall we? These reads are a little more serious but so, so worth reading - Anthony Bourdain was the most interesting man in the world. Kate Spade: a name that was everything and nothing

If you've ever felt bad about not, like, loving your body all the damn time like a good body-posi activist should, this one's for you (and me – I'm right there with you)

ICYMI: What to wear to a casual summer wedding

My go-to sandals for summer

Really into this 80s abstract print

What would you do if you won a house?

Jess always has great stuff - this sheer chiffon dress would look great over jeans

Save up to 70% off at West Elm - loving these cool terrarium planters!

YUM - Definitely making this dairy-free ice cream this weekend!

Found: the perfect woven beach tote

Easy breezy pieces for hot summer days - love those sets!

A SUPER EASY Father's Day DIY (good for kids, too!)

So in love with this gorgeous dress  perfect with a basket bag, don't you think?

Great summer TV - I really want to watch American Woman (NYT)

How cute is this bikini?? Just ordered... fingers crossed (also v v tempted by this polkadot number)

Urban Outfitters is having a big home sale - loving this wall hook and this handy ottoman

OMG - these pins! Fruit with butts!

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

What To Wear to a Casual Summer Wedding/Celebration

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I know what you're thinking, "didn't you just write about dressing for a summer wedding?" I did, pal, but here's the thing: The wedding celebration we went to this weekend was so different from our other friend's wedding in Pittsburgh last month, I had to share. Because I bet you've got some casual weddings on your calendar – or fancier parties – and striking the right balance can be hard! Knowing what to wear to casual wedding vs. what to wear to a formal wedding...

This past weekend we drove inland to our hometown area (in case you didn't know, Chris and I grew up about 20 minutes apart in Western Maine/and the Mount Washington Valley of New Hampshire) to celebrate two of our longtime friends making it official. Instead of a formal wedding, they chose to have a big party (score!) with lots of food (double score), and lots of dancing (yes, score again!) at a local conservation center. For these reasons, I didn't want to wear the long, somewhat delicate Reformation dress I bought off Poshmark for the Pittsburgh wedding and opted instead for something a little more casual. I'd been eyeing this wrap dress for months, waiting for it to go on sale, and this past weekend it finally did. And it's from a very unexpected source... Yeeeeeep. My younger self is rolling in her grave. But a great dress is a great dress and that's the thing about being older – you stop giving a shit. Anyway, it was on sale and fit perfectly and is a style I know I'll wear constantly this summer, so here it is!

I paired it with dance-friendly lace-up wedges, the most perfect straw bag, and a few simple jewelry pieces. Done and done. Best part? It looked fine when I eventually tossed my shoes aside and went barefoot. I was in the woods of New Hampshire, after all.

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Saturday, June 2, 2018

Weekend Reading 6.2

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Happy Friday! Everyone else is saying it, so why not me: Longest short week ever, right? We started the week by finally, FINALLY! purchasing our very first brand new couch. While we're both very proud of our almost entirely secondhand home, with this move Chris and I really just wanted one nice NEW thing: A couch. We ordered this one on Wednesday and I can't wait for it to arrive! On Tuesday we took a drive out to to the beach to watch the full moon rise, which was magical and candy-colored. But then, it was only Tuesday. Needless to say, I'm thrilled it's the weekend again. Tonight we're planning to wander the city for First Friday (fingers crossed it doesn't rain - again) – Portland really does go all out for their First Friday events – Chris has been gone most of the week for work, so I'm hoping to grab a nice cocktail with him. Tomorrow we're attending our second wedding of the season and I can't wait! These are friends we've known forever and I'm so, so excited for their party. it's just in New Hampshire, so I'm equally excited that it won't take up all of our time this weekend. We're planning on hitting up some favorite swimming holes and visiting our parents, too. maybe finding a few yard sales on the way.

My band account is lucky these vintage engineer boots aren't my size

Love this woven basket - those colors!

On my June shopping list: a breezy beachy dress, some super cozy PJs (that could double as a set), and a wedding-ready dress.

The Nordstrom half-yearly sale is still going on and I'm obsessed with this floral maxi dress (Under $40)

Love this hanging planter DIY from Joanna

This handmade linen dress is stunning

I love summer bucket lists - this one from Joy is reminding me to make mine.

A couple of books on my must-read list: This one from Marlee and this one on spirituality

Anyone else love the smell of geraniums? I bet this candle smells incredible.

Real life

I'm back in nesting mode, trying to finish up decorating and sorting out our apartment once and for all - I'd love to get one of these wall hangings!

Target is really nailing the dress game this year - love this one.

5 Eco-friendly sunscreen brands to know

Friday, May 25, 2018

Weekend Links + All The Memorial Day Sales

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Happy FRIDAY! And more importantly, happy Memorial Day Weekend! This week dragged on, but I'm thrilled it's not only the kick-off to a long weekend but beautiful outside today. Per usual, they're calling for rain this weekend (it always seems to rain on Memorial Day here), but I'm just happy to have some time off. This weekend I'm planning on unplugging a bit and maybe heading to the mall (who am I?!) and some thrift stores to find some clothing fit for interviewing in. I'm on the job hunt again (it's a good thing! A really good thing) and realizing that after working remotely for two years, my wardrobe is either dresses or completely casual - nothing in between. Also on my shopping list? A swimsuit I can surf in (but who are we kidding, Maine is wetsuit season all year round) and some self-tanner (ha). I'm also hoping to hang some art in our apartment and finish decorating our patio. What do you have planned?  Enjoy it, friends!

Sharing links and some of my picks from this weekend's MAJOR sales below - for style and home, because they're really, really good:

How good are these vintage hanging globe lights?

Jess has a pretty solid sale going on this weekend too - love this little vintage crochet bag

ICYMI: What to wear to a summer wedding


Anthropologie: Save an extra 25% – 40% off all sale items! Including the best pants ever.

Net-a-Porter: Sale items up to 50% off! Obsessed with this gorgeous dress.

J.Crew: Save 40% off your purchase. Love this fun skirt and this great jumpsuit.

Shopbop: Tons of new styles added. Including this adorable gingham two-piece set.

Everything But Water: save up to 40% off sale items.

Nordstrom: The half-yearly sale is happening, over 40% off! Love this cute jumpsuit, these adorable red heels, and these cute-as-hell sneakers.

Urban Outfitters: Up to 50% off almost everything. Including these go-with-everything sunnies and this tee I've had my eye on forever.

H&M: Up to 60% off MD markdowns. Love these cool platform sandals and this midi skirt (add a band tee and those sandals and you're golden)


West Elm: Save up to 30% off with code SAVEMORE. This is the weekend we finally buy a couch! Also, my all-time favorite pillows  and these perfect bar glasses are on sale.

Pottery Barn: Save up to 30% off with code SAVEMORE. Love these pretty block-printed cloth napkins.

Lulu & Georgia: Save up to 25% off. Love this gorgeous rug and these mudcloth pillows.

Wayfair: having a massive home clearance!

Target: Up to 30% off home & patio! I would honestly put this patio set indoors, it's so pretty.

Joybird: Save 30% off!

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

What to Wear to a Summer Wedding

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 photo ACS_0145 copy_zps924k4ilg.jpg
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Wedding season is here! The invites have arrived, you've RSVP'd, now the one question remains: What do you wear to a summer wedding?

Last weekend we attended our first wedding of the summer in Pittsburgh. The short trip was a welcome opportunity to get out of town for a few days and rediscover a city we once lived in – and now love from afar. Despite to occasional downpour, the weekend was lovely. Pittsburgh is incredible in May, with flowers blooming (the street we stayed on – just a few blocks from our old apartment! – was filled with the scent of wisteria), lots of outdoor dining options, and with so much NEW happening – so much has popped up since my last visit in 2017. I said it on Instagram and I'll say it again, if you want to be completely seduced by Pittsburgh, visit in May. (Conversely, if you want to be horrified and never visit again, go in late November). The utter green-ness is enough to cause amnesia, making me (almost) forget why the city wasn't right for us – but damn, it sure is wonderful to visit. And what a perfect weekend for a wedding.

For practical reasons, I almost always wear long dresses to weddings. They're comfortable, easy to move in, easy to dance in, and you don't have to worry about flashing any uncles when you bust a move. We typically have one or two weddings to attend each season, and I like to choose a dress that I'll wear to all of them (usually). There are a few things I always look for in dresses – I don't always strictly adhere to this but as a general rule I like them midi-length or long, low cut or wrap, with a darker color or print. Determined to pack light and not break the bank, I went in search of the perfect wedding guest dress. Ideally, I wanted Reformation, because who doesn't? And because I know their dresses work for me and my style. I ended up finding the perfect one secondhand – score! And – double score – it packed down small and didn't wrinkle, so I could stick to my carryon-only policy. I kept the rest of the look simple, with a woven bag from Etsy, simple earrings my mother gave me forever ago, and basic black heels I got way back from Sole Society. Makeup-wise, I bought myself this lipstick and basically haven't stopped wearing it since.

I love finding dresses (and all my clothes) secondhand – but you know I'm not above buying something new if it's perfect so I thought I'd share a few of my faves. Because the second wedding is coming up and it's more casual... and to be honest, I'm thinking of wearing something different!

Wedding guest dresses:

... and all the accessories:

 photo ACS_0147 copy_zps1tgasjua.jpg
 photo ACS_0148 copy_zps7wtpsjsc.jpg