Friday, October 19, 2018

Weekend Reading 10.19

Suddenly we went straight to early winter this week in Maine – even waking to a few snowflakes on Tuesday morning... yikes. I don't mind it, as long as the real snow holds off for just a little bit longer. I'm not quite ready for total hibernation (still looking for used spin bikes to get me though the winter feeling sane). I'm in North Conway, NH today while Chris works, nothing new, as this is the area where we're both from, but a nice change of scenery for the end of the week. Last night we attended LL Bean's Boots & Brews event with a bunch of local breweries, which was fun, and this weekend we're planning on finishing up our second bedroom in preparation for friends visiting in early November and then the holidays. I'm also planning on listing a ton of stuff for sale on Poshmark and maybe my Depop too because next week is surfboard week. I've been selling off a ton of stuff as motivation and to help save up for a surfboard and wetsuit, and our local shop is having an event on Wednesday where they'll have some used soft tops for sale. I'm very, very excited about this. Perhaps silly to be buying a surfboard as we go into winter, but I think it's just something to make the days go by quicker 'till spring. Hope your week was a good one xo

ICYMI: My favorite under $200 boots for fall

I love vintage trivets like these - so pretty as part of a centerpiece too!

Grammar matters.

I'm in full nesting mode right now – I just really want our apartment to feel "finished" - and just bought this pretty neutral duvet cover.

A great post from Jess about how to be an informed voter

Speaking of home stuff, Lulu & Georgia is having a huge anniversary sale with 25% off sitewide. Super obsessed with this rug and this chic floor lamp

An anarchist desert town

Because winter feels about 10 years long and it's stretching in front of me: more fun sweaters like this

Curious about this book - gorgeous cover!

This pearl beaded handbag is so cute and well under $100

Yum - definitely making these grain-free waffles this weekend!

Obsessing over red shoes lately - love these sleek (but totally walkable) boots

Madewell is having a 30% off sale on everything! Love this retro striped sweater, this cozy colorblock sweater, and these great corduroys

A super easy Halloween pumpkin DIY by your's truly :)

How chic is this plaid overcoat? I'd wear it with a black turtleneck sweater and jeans (predictable!)

Super curious to try this brand of organic lipsticks - super want that lip serum too

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

My Favorite Under $200 Patterned Boots for Fall

I'm calling it... snake print is a neutral. After spending all summer in my favorite Birkenstocks and sneakers, I'm so excited that boot weather is finally here. As much as I love the get-up-and-go nature of summer, I always look forward to the outfit options that fall brings forth – and of course, shopping for it all. This year, I'm especially enamored with adding printed boots and booties as the finishing touch on an otherwise simple look of a cozy sweater and classic coat. These snake print boots have become a staple in my wardrobe in the short time I've had them and I'm looking forward to wearing them all season long and straight into winter (just add some thick socks - these are my faves for under boots - or plush tights like these). Below I'm sharing a few more favorites because winter is long (at least in Maine) so why not have some fun?

In this outfit: Vintage thrifted coat, & Other Stories Sweater, Reformation jeans, vintage earrings

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Weekend Reading 10.13

Saturday night! Already! how did that happen? I spent this past week feeling super dialed in, so I took advantage of the focus to get myself back on track a bit. I successfully worked out in the mornings (life changing!), rediscovered my love for bulletproof-style coffee with some Lions Mane thrown in (actually maintaining focus for more than 5 minutes!), and even made time to get together with a new friend for drinks and had an impromptu date with Chris (a social life? What is this?), it was a good week and I needed it. Unfortunately, Zephyr didn't have the best week and ended up at the vet on Friday evening. He's OK, but we've been instructed to not let him jump on things (good luck to us), so this weekend he's taking it easy and we're going hiking. Last weekend we did an easy coastal hike but this time around we're headed into the mountains for something bugger - I can't wait! Hope you have something fun planned too! xo

This vintage candelabra would be perfect for a Halloween entryway!

My favorite boots for fall and winter - such a nice change of pace from heavy winter boots but still sensible (love these too)

Golden milk cake? Yes please!

How intensely beautiful is this handmade crystal ring dish? Can't get enough of those colors

OK, I'm convinced... I think I need corduroys. This color and shape feels so fresh but still vintage-inspired.

Isn't this vintage fringed leather bag gorgeous? Love the embossing!

How to have a seasonal mini-retreat. Sounds pretty fantastic to me and now this book is on my to-read list

It's happened, I'm into belt bags. Love these chic sling bag options, and this handmade number, and this one too

I've been getting back into Pinterest lately - I mean, how pretty is this shelving situation?

I finished The Book of Essie this week (record time) and really enjoyed it - have you read it? It's new and very relevant to current events.

Really digging this pretty striped sweater - those colors!

A very bad habit we all need to break (guilty, but working on it)

Holy shit. I want to eat these

I just finished the series Atypical on Netflix and it was fantastic. As someone who grew up with a sibling with autism, I thought it was interesting to see a version of the family dynamic represented on TV. Have you watched it?

This Halloween costume made me laugh

Oh I think I need this cozy cardigan coat! Plus it's 30% off this weekend!

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Weekend Reading 10.5

Happy Friday! Coming in just under the gun this week, because man, today was insanely hectic and stressful in the most ridiculous ways. If you don't follow me on Instagram, all I can say is this: It involved corn stalks and briefly forgetting what year it is. Anyway, the weekend! It's here! Inspired by Lee From America, this weekend I'm planning on doing a huge cleanout of our apartment. I cleaned my closet today and it felt so good to part with things I've held on to for too long, I feel ready to do the same with the rest of our place as we transition from summer to fall. October really is the best month for organizing, it feels like things are finally slowing down a little and I'm really loving this whole season we're in - in every sense. On Sunday I'm really hoping to get out for a hike, the foliage is really starting to get bright and I have a bunch of photos I need to take for different projects. Plus, I really just need to hike, you know? Hope yours is a good one! XO

Some big sales happening this weekend...
100% YES to cheese-crust apple pie - I've made it before but this recipe looks boooooomb

Jess is having a big sale this weekend and I have my eye on these vintage brass planters

Podcasts I've really gotten into this week as an alternative to the news: Almost 30 & Earn Your Happy (really focusing on POSITIVITY these days)

On my October wishlist: A new pair of go with everything boots (love these), definitely some cozy cold-weather layers, and something pretty to make my house smell great

Really inspired by Joanna's "Weekend Wellness" series

And of course, always on the hunt for vintage denim, especially now that fall is really, truly here

How to cleanse and clear your home

A book I'm reading (recommended) and one I'm hoping to read soon

Monday, October 1, 2018

A Year In Maine

"So why did you move back?" One year after moving back to Maine from Philadelphia, it's a question I find myself answering at least once a week – and one I even find myself asking fairly frequently. It feels like I've met a lot of people who have moved back here for one reason or another, many in the creative industry, many in their 30s, just like Chris and I. And still, one year later, it's a question that gets a long, drawn-out answer. I could simplify, but why bother? Unless it's for a job (and even sometimes when it's for a job), the answer to the question of "why did you move?" is often a complicated one.

I've been thinking a lot about this anniversary over the past several weeks as it's drawn closer and closer. the months leading up to this time last year were turbulent, which is perhaps why I still feel so in tune with how I felt. Our last few months in Philly were filled with uncertainty – I had a job offer on the table, but it didn't feel right. What brought us to that city was a job, plain and simple. But at that time, suddenly being without a job felt like options were on the table. The decision to move back was difficult, but one neither Chris nor myself has ever regretted making. I'll spare you the details if you want to know more about the why read this. Anyway. One year. It actually feels like two because it was split almost down the middle – for the first four months, we lived in the country at my mother's house while we saved money and looked for jobs and a place to live. And I'm talking the country – top of a mountain on a dead end dirt road, kind of country. 40 minutes from the nearest grocery store, kind of country.

And those first four months were hard. As much as we missed the mountains and nature, neither one of us was prepared for how living in the woods (and with family) would challenge so many aspects of our daily lives. From working from home and relearning how to build a daily fire in the wood stove to stay warm (and also being 30 miles away from a decent cup of coffee) to just having room for our food in the fridge – and of course the small issue of everything in "town" closing at 6pm and pizza being the most decent fine dining option. Each day brought with it reminders that we'd been living in the city – the big city – for longer than we realized or cared to admit, often in hilarious and embarrassing ways. Example: There was the day I went on a lunchtime hike with the dog, got covered in ticks, then lost in the woods, then ran home and stripped down in the driveway (because ticks... )... that's the gist and yes it was awful. But I also believe firmly that we needed that time away from what we had come to consider "normal" to re-center ourselves and strip away the residual effects of living in an environment that wasn't conducive to our collective wellbeing, as a couple and as individuals. I believe that living the way we did – with almost all of our belongings in storage, surrounded by nothing but mountains and the people who love them – broke every pre-existing routine and idea of ourselves we had, so that when it finally came time to move into our new place, we could really start fresh. From scratch. How often does an opportunity like that present itself? Not often, at least in my experience.

And so now the other half of our year one story – we've been in Portland since February. And I can confidently say we love it. The city has changed so much since I was a kid, but it's proved to be the right kind of city for us. I love the proximity to the ocean, to the mountains, to amazing food, and to our incredible community of friends. I love how welcoming and weird and wonderful Portland is, and it's many different moods, from desolate and moody in the winter to overflowing and vibrant in the summer. I've certainly had my moments living here – we're both frustrated with the job opportunities (or lack thereof), I have moments of loneliness and the occasional feeling of being quite removed from everything. Portland, and Maine, in general, can feel like its own little world, which, depending on how you're feeling, can either be fantastic or a little limiting. Like anywhere, Maine is complicated. There are economic problems and a drug epidemic and homelessness. It can be a little out of touch, but for the most part only with the things that don't matter. But the wonderful far outweighs the bad here (for me) and it's still wild for me to think that just one year ago we were walking out of our apartment on 4th Street in South Philly for the final time, after dreaming about moving north for so long.

Friday, September 28, 2018

Weekend Reading 9.28

 photo IMG_6559_zpsacbnx5bh.jpg

What a week, guys. I don't know about you, but this weekend is going to be all about tuning out and turning off the news. Tomorrow I'm headed to a workshop at Amie here in Portland and am looking forward to meeting up with a friend for drinks afterward. Sunday I'm hoping to do some sourcing for work at a flea market close by. I hope you have a moment to check in with yourself this weekend because this week was heavy in so many ways, for so many people. XO

Retail therapy, I'm not above it. ICYMI, I shared my picks for the Shopbop sale (bought these and these and am thinking about this cozy dream)

20 rad women in the food industry to follow in Instagram

Also on sale - Free People! Take an extra 25% off sale items... really into these shoes and this blazer... um and these adorable overalls

God yes I want these pumpkin muffins in my life

Moorea's new book is out and I can't wait to get my hands on a copy!

Potentially triggering so proceed with caution: What men do for other men

How cool is this sleek vintage end table? I've been looking for one for beside my bed...

Loving these cute DIY specked candles

Get an adorable gift with beauty purchase from Anthropolgie this weekend (this sleek diffuser is in my cart)

How cool are these DIY knit washcloths?

Love a good vintage ring - really swooning over this one

love these cool influential women halloween costumes!

Can't wait to get my hands on this rad lady's book 

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Fall Must-Haves: My Picks from the Shopbop Fall Sale

 photo 9CE8C08A-C61C-4B18-9D98-5C683EA7EE14_zpst9pkxict.jpg

It's really starting to feel like fall here in Maine. The leaves are beginning to turn, the light is changing, and we've awoken to some downright chilly mornings (45°f this morning!). And of course, I'm stocking up on fall clothes for the season ahead, which is why I'm so excited that the Shopbop Event of the Season sale is finally here! I've been looking for a few select new items to add to my mostly-thrifted closet this year – a classic saddle bag, maybe some new jeans from AG, and most definitely some boots (like these from Steven) – so now is the time.

The sale officially starts tomorrow, but Shopbop customers and app users can get early access starting today (so if you haven't yet downloaded the app - do it now and get shopping!). I've rounded up my tops picks from the sale below (which also just happen to coincide with what I'm shopping for myself), and all the deets are as follows:

Save 20% off orders under $500 & 25% off orders of $500 or more with code STOCKUP18
(some exclusions apply, sale ends 9/29 11:59pm PT)

Booties & Flats: Hooray for boot weather! I do love spending all summer in my birks, but can't deny how much I love adding a great pair of boots or walkable loafers to a fall outfit. And because fall and winter is so long here in Maine, I can never have too many:

Outerwear & Sweaters: The best thing about fall dressing is the ability to add interesting layers – including fall-approved coats and sweaters. And yet again, because the season lasts forever, it's important to me to have a lot of options:

Hats & Accessories: What I said above applies to accessories too. I'm still loving huge earrings for autumn, and am picking up some cute hats too:

Pants & Dresses: The two staples of my closet – pants + dresses. For any time of year, really, but especially for fall. Denim for laid-back days and dresses for when I feel like dressing up a bit more, perfect with boots or even layered with one another: