Sunday, March 17, 2019

Weekend Reading 3.17.19

This weekend felt like spring! Maybe for the majority of the country this is not news, but for Maine, where spring doesn't usually arrive until much later, it was a welcome change from winter. This weekend was relatively chill and normal, which was also a welcome change from crazy schedules and weekends spent solo while Chris works. Hope yours was as chill as you needed it to be too XO

On my March wishlist: These bright and spring-ready bags, a perfect pair of vintage-inspired jeans, a little hair flair,  and these bright and bold pieces (loving that polkadot dress!)

A great article about Outdoor Voices (NYT)

Save an extra 50% off sale items from J.Crew! Loving this chic black dress, this springy sweater, and this super cute polkadot swimsuit

How cute are these DIY rainbow earrings?

Obsessed with this vintage-inspired acrylic bag

Opinion: Go home to your dying hometown

I've been collecting fun hair clips lately and just got these pearl hair clips - so cute!

In the wake of the college admissions scam – does it really matter where you go to college?

Literally the BEST non-toxic deodorant I've ever used

On my must-read list (have you read it yet?)

how incredible are these floral rings?

Ever feel like your pets know when you're sick? There's science behind it

I've been looking for a wireless cotton bra and this one has rave reviews

The squirrels have declared war (cackling)

Have you seen ModCloth's homepage lately? It's SO GOOD! (watch the video here)

Jennifer Aniston... secret muse?

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Weekend Reading 3.9.19

I have been waiting for this weekend for the past... three weeks. Life has been busy lately – and not in a fun way. Our car kicked the bucket last week and I've been sick for about the same amount of time – so this weekend I'm looking forward to resting, doing some test-driving and cleaning up my incredibly messy apartment.

Counting down the days until spring (but more importantly warm weather) and I can't wait to wear spring dresses! Loving these breezy boho dresses and these light and airy midi dresses!

A good long read about climate change

I've been searching for a new cleanser and have heard great things about this brand - have you tried it?

A fun movie wardrobe quiz

Have you seen the new swim styles from Madewell? So cute! Loving these cute solid swimsuits too

What it actually takes to be successful

I just got this skirt and LOVE IT - so comfortable and perfect for winter-to-spring with a sweater or t-shirt

The Women on How I Get It Done (and to all the mediocre women out there)

These self-heating eye masks sound incredibly relaxing

Whoa - this dress looks way more expensive/designer than it actually is - trying to find an excuse to buy it!

How to spend a weekend in Austin, TX according to Bon Appetit

Loving dainty pearl earrings lately, especially these options

Ohh this book sounds awesome - definitely next on my must-read list

Always appreciate a clean beauty round up - loving this one from Jess

Found! A super affordable and actually cute dupe for my favorite star boots

How pretty are these leopard print headbands? Loving the red set. (and how cool are these ear cuffs?)

Sale alert! Save an extra 30% off sale items from J.Crew - I've got my eye on this striped midi dress, these layered gold necklaces and this roll-neck sweater

Friday, March 1, 2019

Weekend Reading 3.1.19

What. A. Week! Was there something in the air this week? A collective groan of the universe not working in our favor? I had a pretty terrible, no good week and it seemed like I wasn't alone in this. My car died this week, like, for good. Something I wasn't expecting to happen AT ALL, leaving Chris and I in the lurch for transportation (our beloved Volvo, Gertie, is also down for the count until we can fix her this summer). You know what I wasn't in the mood for? Buying a car. It was also a funny, if sad, realization that this car had seen us through a lot. We had it for eight years – through getting engaged, married, it moved us to Pittsburgh and Philly and back to Maine, it drove back and forth from all those places hundreds of times. Beyond the inconvenience, I'm bummed it's gone. SO, we've rented a car to get us through the next week and hopefully within that timeframe we will have figured out what to buy. Because I have no idea. This weekend isn't going to be much of a weekend at all - I have an event to photograph for work tomorrow and car shopping on Sunday. On the bright side – IT'S MARCH! Which means only one month until things start to warm up. Right? Right? Man I hope so.

Have a lovely weekend!

Heads up: the Shopbop sale has been extended through 3/4 at 4am ET! I'm eyeing these cat eye sunglasses for summer, a pair of white hightop sneakers (so cute with everything), and maybe a cozy robe to get through these last few weeks of winter. Use code GOBIG19 to save up to 25% off!

Find my other spring sale picks here

Some really good kids

The Free People sale section is really good right now - loving this cute mini croc bag, this cozy teddy coat, and this daisy print satin skirt (it's on sale in solid colors too - that green!)

Have you done the Proust questionnaire? These are also just great conversation starters.

The weather has been so dry lately - this super hydrating serum has saved my skin lately!

What's your guilty pleasure? (one mine is watching The Bachelor... don't judge)

Stocking up on allllll the acrylic hair clips! I just ordered these in 'flower' and 'hawksbill'

A good long read: The Kayak Killer is now trying to prove her innocence

So in love with this sheer, starry dress! I'd wear it over jeans with sneakers

Worth bookmarking: Bon Appetit's best recipes of February

Save an extra 50% off sale items from J.Crew! Love this fleece jacket and this sweater (it's definitely still winter here)

Is this not the cutest freaking cake?

Monday, February 25, 2019

Sale Picks for Spring 2019

Do you hear that? The sound of trickling water, maybe a bird chirp or two? Even in Maine you can tell spring isn't far off (up here we still have to get through mud season, though). With March right around the corner, the end of winter is in sight and I. Can't. Wait. I'm 100% ready for less clothing and the feeling of warm air against my skin. And with the advent of the Shopbop Buy More Save More Sale, I've already started filling out my spring wardrobe.

Sale details: Use code GOBIG19

15% off orders of $200+ // 20% off orders of $500+ // 25% off orders of $800+
Spring in Maine is funny in that it doesn't actually exist. Mainers keep their boots on year 'round, wear Carhartts as dress pants – this is where function reigns over fashion, but there's something about the challenge of dressing for a finicky season that makes it fun. This year I'm still loving the aggressively ugly sneaker trend (basically anything deemed fashion in the name of comfort), and I'm stocking up on statement earrings like these – there's no jewelry more "hands off" than earrings – and I'm all about no fuss these days. I'm looking forward to adding a pop of animal print - maybe layered under a utilitarian jumpsuit or romper? If you can't tell, I'm SO READY for winter to end and I can't wait to share the items I picked up when they come in (I may have really jumped the gun and ordered a high-waisted bikini) and I decided on these boots from this weekend's post. Check out more of my sale picks below:

some exclusions apply, sale valid 2/25/2019 7:30AM ET – 3/3/2019 4:00AM

Saturday, February 23, 2019

Weekend Reading 2.22

Well. That was more of a break than I meant it to be. If January felt like it was a million years long, February flashed by in the span of two seconds. Like everyone else it seems I'm 110% ready for spring to arrive, and while we've had our fair share of snow these past few weeks, there are glimpses of the season to come and it's downright thrilling. The sun is a little warmer, the sky is brilliant blue on most days – I even saw a robin in Brooklyn last week. But still, snow in the forecast for Sunday, so it's not over yet. Life has been quiet lately – between crazy work schedules and the winter blues, I've been feeling a dearth of inspiration and just focusing on cleaning out closets, etc. It's not exactly thrilling, but I'm hoping that by spring, the indoor stuff will be done and I can focus my attention on the outdoors. This weekend though, I'm hoping to get out. There's some snow on the ground so I'd love to get out for a snowshoe and need to drop my snowboard off to get tuned up so I can get to a mountain after work next week. What are you up to? Have a lovely weekend, friends, and if you're looking for something to read, try or share, click below!

You know what I'm excited for? Lighter fabrics and the feeling of a breezy spring dresses on bare legs. And a cute pair of sandals. And a really fun neon bag.

Chris's birthday is coming up, which means I get to make a cake! This Earl Grey tea cake sounds incredible.

I've been stocking up on fun boots this winter - deciding between these platform Dr, Martens and these cool point toe Dr. Marten boots  (and these are my secret to making non-winter boots super cozy)

You guys, I started watching YOU on Netflix this week... and basically didn't stop. Have you seen it? So creepy! But so well done - I love how it sort of makes you root for Joe at some points because of how the characters are presented. Also - it's based on a book.

I've been looking for a simple piece of workout equipment to use on too snowy days - the roads have been crazy icy lately so it's actually hard to even just go for a walk. And I got a rebounder! So far, I love it but I'll write a full review in a month.

If you're looking to freshen up your space, I picked up this candle while in New York last week and it smells so. good. A little smoky and spicy - just perfect.

This is my favorite Instagram account and one I didn't know I needed. So. Much. Joy. and also hilarious.

This is important: Tax tips for the self-employed 

This dress. on Krystal. Such an awesome story and seriously - HOW GORGEOUS?!

Have you watched Kitbull yet? Do it. You'll cry.

Crushing on pearl hair clips lately

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Weekend Reading 2.09.19

Hello! Happy February! Did January feel 1000 years long to anyone else? I always love that I get to finish off the first month of the year with my birthday, but somehow the month still manages to feel... like a total bummer if I'm being completely honest. January is usually my slow month - I typically take the month off from drinking and this year I coupled that with a Whole30 (or rather, a Whole26 because of my birthday) to help myself get back on track after the holidays, so it's also a slow month in terms of socializing. Now that it's February and better weather is in sight (or at least in my imagination), I'm looking forward to getting out a little bit more. I'm headed to Philly soon for work and am planning a stopover in NYC while I'm there to spend some much needed time with friends. It's been a minute since I left Maine, aside from a weekend trip to Vermont for my birthday, and frankly, I'm looking forward to some time away.

On my February wishlist: Still living for statement earrings like these and loving these wooden earrings too, a super romantic dress for Valentine's Day, and as always - a super cute and unique bag

Do you remember Lorena Bobbitt? Here's her real story (NYT)

Now is a great time to order from Biossance - free gift with order (it's good)! I swear by this serum and this oil, and I'm super curious about this new product

Important stuff: 9 Decisions that Lead to a Life I Love

These might be the most fun pair of Vans ever (I maaaaaay have just ordered them)

Why do we pretend to love work? (NYT)

Have you tried a lash primer? I've heard great things about this one and am super curious!

Love this self-love sweatshirt! Fun fact: it's a collab with a Philly street artist!

The warehouse sale is ON! This pen set would be a sweet Galentine's gift

So I've been obsessed with bags lately? Really love this one. Or maybe it's croc? Because I'm digging these under $50 shoes

How gorgeous is this crystal candle DIY for V-day? (or any day?)

I've been wearing these acrylic hair clips non-stop lately

Sunday, January 20, 2019

(Snowy) Weekend Reading 1.20

Are you getting today's big storm? I have to say, while the actual amount of snowfall is a little disappointing (it seems to be mostly frozen ice pellets?), it's been nice feeling like I've had an honest-to-goodness snow day. Working from home, I usually don't get to skip out on work when the rest of the city shuts down, but it's Sunday! Which means I can pretend school's been called off and I can do what I want. As an almost-35-year-old that means I slept in until the late hour of 8:30, made breakfast for myself, cleaned and vacuumed and am now working on my other work. Wild, aren't I? Still, it's been a wonderfully cozy day, and I'm feeling tempted to really throw it back to childhood and make a batch of cookies. This month has been a quiet one, which is exactly how I wanted to spend it. I've been cooking a ton, getting back to my gym routine, working and wishing for more snow so I can get out on the mountains. Stay warm, friends!

A few podcasts I'm loving lately: Cold, Cocaine & Rhinestones, Criminal

How pretty are these striking acrylic resin earrings?

The Instagram Husband revolution

I'd love to add these constellation rocks glasses to my bar cart

Made me laugh: "A superhero movie for old people"

Kind of super obsessed with this jumpsuit - plus sale items are an extra 40% off! Love this cream sweater, this bright sweater, and this cute vintage-y striped tee

On being a woman in America (this basically hits the nail on the head)

Are you as obsessed with fun hair accessories as I am? Loving these rhinestone bobby pins, these turban-inspired headbands, and these acrylic slide clips

Loving these bright and happy screenprints

Edgar Allen Poe... or emo band?

My coat obsession continues (hey, it's 8 degrees, I have an excuse)

Um, excuse me... maple sea salt latte

Officially craving some warm weather - I'd love to wear these boho dresses on vacation!

It's officially Aquarius season! Loving this Aquarius art print

Save up to 70% off from Moorea Seal! Love these sunglasses (so much I have three pairs) and I can attest that this candle smells amazing

What is the Super Blood Wolf Moon and what does it mean for you (other than being the most metal moon ever)