Sunday, May 19, 2019

Weekend Reading 5.19.19

Oh hey, it's been a minute. Or at least a couple of weeks. I just saw some silly video on Facebook about "MAYcember" – basically how May is crazy busy for parents because of school things, but I'm apt to believe May is insane for all of us. Am I right? I've been wrapped up with a huge work project over the past few weeks, and we're in the final home stretch. Which means the end is in sight but it's also the final, crazy push. I'm tired. I miss being home. It wouldn't be a stretch to say that I spent more time in cars this past week than I did in my own home – I found myself at the (fairly famous) Brimfield Fleas Market for a couple of days this past week, today I made a trip to MA to pick up some plants, and somewhere in between I photographed a friend's wedding (I wore the sheer midi dress above from this LA-based brand and got so many compliments!). I'm 100% ready for Memorial Day weekend!

ICYMI: My picks for cute rain gear

Now that it's finally (sort of) warming up here, I've been on the hunt for a cute pajama set. Love these fun tropical prints, these super cozy pieces (those lace-up shorts!), and of course need a sweet silk eye mask to finish it off

What you can do to help women in states with extreme abortion bans

Just buy the fu**ing latte - solid advice

I've been searching for a pair of basic sneakers to pair with dresses this summer and I think I found them... but also the leopard? 

A really good tote bag for someone who loves to cook

How pretty is Tieka's living room reveal? That big plant!

Loving pink & coral hues together for summer – it just makes me think of the beach!

Your weed-buying habits could help make the cannabis industry more ethical

I just ordered these pants and I'm in love - so comfy and perfect for summer and I wish they made more colors. Head's up though, they run large. Also really digging these cute shorts.

Look, I love true crime but this is also an important perspective: Don't use my family for your true crime story

Some really good looks: People watching at the Frieze Art Fair

I finally broke down and ordered new running sneakers this week and I love them (and yes, I'll be doing a review!)

The health revolution that could change your life (any guesses?)

This book is next on my list – sounds like the perfect summer beach read!

5 people who can help you love your body

I'm cookie-obsessed if you couldn't already tell – and man I really want to make these

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

My Favorite Stylish Rain Gear, Because It Literally Will Not Stop Raining

According to reports, it rained for 15 our of 30 days in April. That's not including days, like today, when it was simply cloudy and rather threatening outside. According to my mind, it's been raining for three months straight. Believe whoever you want, but one thing is true: it's been wet. And cold. And if you didn't already own a raincoat, the current weather has made a pretty solid argument for picking one up (these are pretty cute). Besides the one above that I wear for hiking and general outdoor use, I don't actually own a proper raincoat for day-to-day wear, so I thought I'd round up some favorites! I tried to keep this list as environmentally-friendly as possible, though as you might imagine that's hard to do when it comes to protective outerwear. My advice? Find a great one for hiking and something you really, really love for every other day. There's a little something for everyone below – from rugged and trail-ready to a truly drool-worthy frosted number:

(tap the pic to be taken directly to the products shown) 

Classics: You really can't go wrong with a classic anorak-style jacket. Whether you wear it cropped like this one, or opt for a longer style, a clean, streamlined rain jacket goes with nearly everything.

Fashion: That frosted rain jacket is calling. my. name. What a great way to hint at whatever incredible look you're hiding beneath, right? See also: a classic trench, that cropped frosty pink and that fun piping.

 Sport: I wear my LL Bean Mountain Classic nearly every weekend when we're out in the woods, so I would absolutely recommend picking up a packable jacket. Really loving that chartreuse jacket, the pink and red are also packable (the red folds up into a little pouch - handy!)

Top it all off with a great pair of rain boots (like these options – that leopard!), and a great hat to keep rain from your face. Did you know your handbag needs a raincoat?! Because this totally exists!

Saturday, May 4, 2019

Weekend Reading 5.4

Well hi. Suddenly it's May, thank goodness. Really hoping this means the endless April showers we've been getting will let up soon. Seriously, we're soggy, our vitamin D levels are dangerously low, our wellbeing is suffering. And by "OUR" I mean of course, me. I'm ready for some sun - but on the bright side, all this rain has lead to a fast track to green and tons of flowers. This really is the time of year that makes Mainers and Northern new Englanders forget all about the 7 months of winter we just went through. I can't wait for everything that lies ahead. Today I'm headed out for a birthday hike with my mom - after being sick for most of this week (and of course all that rain), some outdoor time and movement is very, very much needed. Hope your weekend is filled with plenty of spring and flowers, too. XO

The Sephora Beauty Insider sale is ON! Use the code HEYINSIDER for 10% off. I swear by this self-tanner (love the mitt too), this rose + vitamin C face oil, and I'm super curious about this adorable pineapple serum (all clean!)

Joanna's tips for going zero waste at the grocery store are super useful!

How gorgeous are these linen pieces for summer? Those sleeves! Also looking out for a cute bucket hat (who am I?), and a great pair of natural fiber espadrilles

This post on sustainable fabrics from Jess is super informative and incredibly useful

Just ordered these workwear pants in white, but the new golden brown color is calling my name!

Are you celebrating Cinco de Mayo tomorrow? Here's a healthier margarita recipe (made by me! It's so good :) )

OK, how fun is this handmade striped bag? I think I found my summer tote (plus, those stripes mean it'll literally match anything) this one is also great (+ save 20% off sale items with the code ENJOY20 - this dress!)

Toxic masculinity ruins the party again 

Like everyone else, I'm digging shell accessories for summer - how pretty are these shell earrings? There's a matching necklace too, which would be so pretty worn with the shell side facing out?

10 common health mistakes that may surprise you (really)

Leveraging influence for impact - love seeing these conversations happening!

These pink mugs! So pretty for Mother's Day

A good, long read: a simple solution for millennial burnout

Maine DID IT! We banned styrofoam containers!

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Weekend Reading 4.20 + Spring Sale Info

Another week gone in a flash! This weekend is supposed to feel like spring (warm!) but we'll be getting plenty of April showers along with it. I'm taking advantage and planning on doing a bunch of spring cleaning today (especially since I have a new set of shelves!) – I made the mistake of hauling out my warm weather clothes bins, so now I have to deal with it. Maybe. Or maybe I'll just stuff them back into the coat closet because April really is the cruelest month in Maine (as in, it snowed again this week). On Sunday we're headed to my mom's for Easter brunch. I'm planning on making a gluten-free pear cake and maybe some healthier peanut butter eggs - we'll see what I actually get accomplished. Enjoy your weekend, friends!

Head's up: I'm selling my Realisation Par Naomi Skirt go here for details

Spring sale info:

+ Anthropologie is having another huge spring sale - save an extra 50% off sale items! I love this cool table lamp, this pretty top,  and this sweet hair band (under $10!) 

+ Save an extra 30% off sale items from Madewell with the code SPRINGFLING! These shorts look super comfy, eyeing this cute striped top,  hands-down obsessed with this quilted jacket

+ Save up to 50% off at Nordstrom! Picking up a few of my favorite summer tanks, eyeing these mules, and definitely considering this chic Reformation dress (under $80!)

+ Save up to 50% off summer-ready styles from J.Crew + an extra 15% off your purchase! I swear by J.Crew swimwear so I'm eyeing this cute gingham bikini and definitely getting this cute and comfortable set

The North Face wants to make Earth Day a national holiday - hear hear!

What does "being basic" look like in 2019?

Finally bit the bullet and ordered these pants - can't wait to style them with a vintage tee and my leather jacket!

Yes, you can be an introvert and still be successful!

This dress is currently in my shopping cart

Love this fresh home tour

This engraved cutting board would be a sweet Mother's Day gift

Guys, sleep is really, really important

Early Father's Day (or Mother's Day) idea: this monogrammed travel case

10 women who are saving the planet

Friday, April 12, 2019

Weekend Reading 4.12

Happy Friday! This week was a doozy for some reason – and by "for some reason" I 100% mean "because of taxes, paying taxes, working and traveling all last weekend, and generally feeling exhausted." So anyway, YES. WEEKEND. After Monday's snowstorm I'm looking forward to actual, real warm weather tomorrow (65!) and hopefully spending some time with Chris outside. Our work schedules have been all over the place lately, so time together has been scarce lately and when we do have it, we always seem to end up running errands. So this weekend I'm really hoping to do some exploring. And also put up shelves for my shoes, because that's how it goes. Also feeling tempted to make my life super difficult and do the seasonal closet switch-e-roo way too early (it's still April, after all, which qualifies for winter here in Maine). As usual, too many to-dos and not enough time to do it all. Hope you've got something fun planned! xo

ICYMI: My favorite activewear for spring

It's the last day of the Shopbop sale! Browse my picks here. I placed my order but I'm feeling tempted by these travel-ready bags (that leopard tote!) and these summer-ready pieces.

There's a new alcohol-free bar in Brooklyn! I can't wait to visit the next time I'm in town.

I just for my haircut but I'm tempted to go shorter - love the texture of this cut!

How gorgeous is this white eyelet dress? So so perfect for summer! (Really in love with all the wedding-ready dresses)

Aren't these zodiac earrings pretty? There's a necklace too...

DIY essential oil towlettes

I've been using this sea salt air dry spray on my hair lately and I love it – it * actually * gives great texture (super curious about this product)

Love this post about Instagram etiquette - that Nigel Slater response!

Save an extra 50% off J.Crew sale items! Into this sunny yellow top and this spring-ready sweater

Guys - banana pudding that actually looks good

The perfect bag to feed your '90s lime green obsession

If beauty Youtubers existed in the '90s (dying)

love these cute striped earrings

Apparently this candle smells like Le Labo's Santal 33 (AKA heaven)

Found: a cropped hoodie that's actually cute (and fits well)

Thursday, April 11, 2019

My Favorite Activewear for Spring

Is it safe to call this spring? Frankly, after Monday's snowstorm I'm feeling a little gun-shy. BUT today the weather reached a whopping 50 degrees and the sun actually felt warm if you stood in the right spot. For those not living in New England, the constant complaints and refrain about the weather may sound... endless? Redundant? When in fact, complaining about the weather is a competitive sport here in the Northeast. Really though, springtime always makes me feel hopeful – coming out of a dark winter, springtime makes me excited to get outside again. I can't wait to hike and surf – but even before all that, I can't wait to run outside without the fear of slipping on ice! With most of the snow now gone in Portland, I've been feeling that extra boost of motivation that comes with spring weather – and of course the new workout clothes that come with it. I can't be the only one who gets super excited to workout when I get a new pair of sneakers, cute high-waisted leggings or a freshened-up arsenal of sports bras (or even better, a set - the one above is the Intro Kit). Weird? Maybe (but I know I'm not alone here) but the options are just too good:

Sports Bras: I love a fun sports bra and there are so many good ones out there now! I just ordered this one from Onzie (that pattern!), which will be perfect for weights days and yoga, and I have my eye on this one for summer hiking.

Leggings: You might be surprised – or not – to learn that my collection of leggings is a little out of control. Between working from home (aka loungewear central) and actually working out, I go through a lot of them. For spring I'm hoping to get a new pair for hiking, and some ankle-length leggings for the gym (love these).

Sneakers: So, I really need a new pair of sneakers – but I'm torn. My running shoes are shot – I have these and loved them – but I'm finding I also need a pair for weight days too. Maybe these? Have you tried a pair of training shoes? I'd love to know what you thought.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Favorite Summer Pieces on Sale

Currently re-acclimating after spending the past four days in Brooklyn. And by "re-acclimating" I mean I traveled from 70 and sunny in Williamsburg to 30 and actively snowing here in Maine. Woof. This weather was so unexpected, everyone's out of salt for the roads and most equipment has been stored for the season - so yeah, it's the rare occasion that we're all a little unprepared up here. And it's made me even more excited for warm weather – especially my warm weather wardrobe. I've been looking for a few special pieces to add to my summer closet and today Shopbop is kicking off their big spring sale save 20% off orders under $500 and 25% off orders of $500+ with the code EVENT19! (some exclusions apply - see all sale details here)
Code: EVENT19
20% off orders under $500
25% off orders of $500 or more

Offer expired April 12, 2019 at 11:59pm PT
By now, you know I love a Shopbop sale – they're the perfect way to score on something special you've had your eye on (I bought my Staud bucket bag during the last one and saved a bundle - so in love with the new light blue color BTW), or team up with co-workers or friends to get a deal.

Personally, I can't wait to pack away my boots and heavy sweaters (although you could argue that now is a great time to stock up on sale coats and discounted sweaters) in favor of lighter options. SO what am I looking for? Glad you asked...

Splitting my time between working from home and the physicality of the others aspects of my job means clothes have to be highly functional – so I'm looking for a couple of special day dresses that can go from couch (aka my office) to sourcing vintage furniture. You all know I love a midi dress especially if it looks good with sneakers– and these are always my warm weather go-to.

Some of my staple pieces from last year are looking a little tired, so I'm grabbing a few super soft basics (love that some come in a pack!) to wear with statement skirts and vintage pants and – let's be real – leggings

I'm dipping my toes in the neon trend in the smallest way possible – with a pair of neon sunglasses (I got the orange but I'm really torn on the green!)

As much as I love a vintage tee I'm also a sucker for gauzy spring blouses, especially paired with vintage-inspired denim! Loving these options and this is one of my favorite pieces in my closet right now.

What are you after? I'd love to know!