Friday, September 14, 2018

Weekend Reading 9.14

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Happy Friday! Oh, I'm excited for this weekend. We're having a few friends up for a low-key party and have plans to probably, hopefully, go apple picking on Sunday morning. It's been so long since we went apple picking because all the orchards in Philly and Pittsburgh were super kid-friendly (great for parents, but for the child-free like us, just way too much... at least for us), our favorite orchard near us is just that. Just and orchard (no rides, no pumpkin patch, thank god). I want to pick some apples and i want to bake a pie with them. Fall is almost here (although in my mind, it's been here for a couple of weeks), and I am ready for it! This week was great - lots of work, but fun work, and some time in New Hampshire. But I'm ready to try and relax. Enjoy it, friends.


ICYMI - How to style a leather jacket

Love this vintage black & leopard print coat - so cute with dark high-waited jeans, right?

Apple pie is nice but also... apple streusel bars? Maybe nicer?

I'd love to add a plant to this vintage brass planter!

Related: Have you heard of The Sill? It's a super cute and affordable plant website that has an entire section of pet-friendly plants! This is key because Zephyr LOVES to chew.

10 tips for eating well on a budget - from real people!

What do you think of the recent corduroy resurgence? I kind of love these luxe corduroy pants (so comfy too!) - especially paired with these leopard print loafers

Love this post from Jess about making the switch to natural deodorant - have you done it yet?

Kind of in love with this Halloween tumbler set... but for like, everyday

Super curious about this surprisingly affordable unisex perfume - I've heard it smells amazing!

Rhianna's Savage X Fenty runway show was evvvvvverything!

How pretty are these little constellation planters?

Do you have a 'mental health shelf'?

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

How to Wear a Leather Jacket (+ Not Look Like a Jerk)

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Recently a reader reached out to me on Instagram and asked for tips for wearing a leather jacket. Specifically, for wearing a leather jacket and not looking like a jerk. Which is funny and goes to show what might feel like second nature to one person may feel completely foreign to another – in life and in style. We're going deep, guys. Anyway, I've had my Schott leather jacket for three or four years now, and the thing honestly feels like second nature to me. Coming in to fall it's what I throw on over dresses and tees when there's a slight nip in the air but I don't want to wear a sweater. When winter rolls around – or at least early winter – I'll wear it with cozier sweaters (like these), hats, and scarves. I love my leather jacket, but I can also understand the possibility of making yourself feel like you're wearing a costume if you've never delved into motorcycle jacket territory. Notice I said "making yourself". When it comes to getting dressed and stepping out of our personal comfort zones, I think half the battle is within our own heads. Unless you're doing your best Danny Zuko impression, you probably don't look like a jerk in your jacket. You probably look great. Really great. BUT if you need some ideas, today I'm offering some tips for styling your leather jacket – because why let something so versatile languish, unworn, in your closet?

Quality: Keep it high
First and foremost, I can't stress quality enough. A cheap leather (or even "leather") jacket looks exactly that – cheap. Even if it's genuine leather, a stiff, poorly made jacket will take years to break in  (if it even lasts that long) and look uncomfortable. This is a piece worth investing in because frankly, it's not like you need more than one. A single leather jacket, that's all. But investing doesn't have to cost you a fortune, it can simply mean closely watching sales and monitoring sites like Poshmark (for gently used and new) or Etsy (for vintage - though do be sure to take measurements). Case in point: My Schott Perfecto, which I purchased on major sale from Urban Outfitters for under $100 (the one linked here is very similar). And for the vegans out there, don't dismay, there are some gorgeous vegan options out there, like those from Fauxgerty.

Leather jacket styling tricks
Now, when it comes to actually wearing your leather jacket? It's my opinion that simple looks best (the term 'simple' being incredibly subjective). This certainly wasn't always my opinion (I've been known to perhaps overdo it at times), but if you're just dipping your toes into leather jacket territory, erring on the side of minimal may feel more approachable. My all-time, go-to, slept-too-late combination will always be my leather jacket, vintage Levi's, sneakers or flats, simple earrings, and a basic vintage tee (basically the look above). Nothing crazy, but comfortable, cool, and laid back. I also love throwing it on over dresses to add a bit of edge, and with vintage pieces to pull a look together. See? There's no huge secret to be revealed, it just comes down to feeling confident and maybe reminding yourself that at the end of the day, it's just clothes. Have fun. Here are three easy looks to copy the next time you're standing in front of your closet, wondering "How the heck do I style my leather jacket?"

 photo JulieOBoyle_OrchidGrey_Sept102018-3_zpsc1ajqnd8.jpg

What is more classic than classic stripes + a leather jacket? Tell me, I'll wait. This look literally looks great on anyone (really, I've never seen it look bad!). If you're feeling especially bold, add a red lip.

 photo JulieOBoyle_OrchidGrey_Sept102018-4_zpsmfkytt3x.jpg

Yes, you can wear white after labor day and a white dress pairs perfectly with leather and sneakers for a playful vibe. Go super girly like the dress here, so super simple – it'll look amazing either way.

 photo JulieOBoyle_OrchidGrey_Sept102018-2_zps6yoepr8l.jpg

Another study in contrasts, try pairing your jacket with unexpected combos, like a cotton knit and/or a silk midi skirt. Add a pair of walkable boots to keep it casual.

BONUS: Most of the pieces in these outfits are either thrifted and/or have been in my closet for years (I've had those Frye boots since 2010 and that striped tee since 2014). Why is this important? Because like a classic leather jacket, investing in good-quality clothes will save you money in the long run. Especially if you thrift them! They'll last longer – notice how relatively fresh nice material looks at the thrift store compared to the cheaply made material hanging next to it? – and you'll likely love them longer. There's a reason the black leather motorcycle jacket is a classic!

Stay tuned for more posts offering tips for thrifting for the seasons and thrifting better quality items, and in the interim, let me know if there's a specific post you'd like to see on here.

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Weekend Reading 9.8

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Happy September! How good does it feel to say that? Honestly, September has always been a favorite month of mine, something about the transitional nature of it – one foot in summer, one foot in fall – especially in New England. The trees are already beginning to turn up here! As much as I was looking forward to a calm month after what was one of the busiest summers on record, it's shaking out to be crazy – but in a good way. This weekend we're just planning on enjoying the weather – Chris and I did some fall cleaning yesterday (feels so good!) and today we're off to the farmers' market before his mom visits this afternoon. Tomorrow looks like a good chance of a flea market! I'm working on some new content too, now that it's not 1000 degrees – summer always gets away from me!

Enjoy it, friends.


Oh these two vintage pillows are calling my name! Love patterns like that, and so perfect for cozy camp vibes.

If you're still looking for the perfect basket purse - here, I found it and it's vintage.

I got to attend the opening of Amie here in Portland this week and it's gorgeous. If you're not local - you can shop online!

If you're looking for a new book to read and love true crime - here are 33 true crime books to read (this one is currently in my cart!)

Officially on the hunt for a few new fall things! Love these classic boots, these classic corduroys, and these cute belt bags (so handy!)

Important stuff: Fall foliage map

I just bought this sweater and it's perfect for early fall (and also on major sale) - wearing today!

Honestly I forgot it was fashion week.

How perfect is this handmade envelope bag? Aaaaaaand you can get it monogrammed....

10 weeks, 10 recipes that will make you a better cook

Also on my fall shopping list? A pretty dainty necklace. Love this moon & star option, these gold horn necklaces, and these pretty cowrie shell necklaces. (bonus: all handmade)

How cool is this Ikea transformation?

Scooping up these hats in every color (also have my eye on this)

Blueberry breakfast cookies. Because YUM.

Saturday, September 1, 2018

The Best Labor Day Sales + Weekend Reading

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I honestly forgot that Labor Day was this weekend until a couple of days ago. Funny how time flies – and how Monday holidays lose meaning when you work for yourself. Whoops. Safe to say I don't have plans. Labor Day is a big one up here for tourism, so I'll likely be laying low and working on some projects in and around the house with a short kayak excursion planned for Sunday. This week ended on a high note, with coffee and breakfast at Tandem with Jill of Better, Happier St. Sebastian. She and I worked together at Free People at the same time, and it was great to see her and talk freelance, blogging, etc. Actually, I didn't quite realize how much I needed some connection with another creative person – especially another creative woman. I have a particularly bad habit of sequestering myself and not straying from my routine - something I'd like to get better at. Anyway, what are you up to this weekend? Sharing a few of the sales I'll be shopping and links from the week below. Enjoy it, friends.


+ Save up to 20% off at Moorea Seal! Love these bright, fun cards and notebooks, this cozy sweater and this pretty set of go-bags

+ Save an extra 20% off sale items at & Other Stories! I've got my eye on this pretty ruffled shirt, this blush pink bag, and this cozy sweater

+ Save up to 50% off sale items from Sam Edelman! Including my absolute favorite sandals of the summer (I'm ordering doubles they're so good) and these chic loafers

+ Take an extra 30% off sale from Urban Outfitters! I just bought this cute top and have my eye on this simple dress

+ Save an extra 40% off sale items from Free People! Love this top and this cute crochet bag

+ Jess is offering 20% off her shop! Super into this pulley - so cool to hang plants from

An argument for trying something new

Biossance has a new clean deodorant and I can't wait to try it

Love these cool DIY wall hooks

Can't wait to get my hands on Robyn's new book - I've tried a couple recipes already and they're so great (don't let the title fool you)

Yum - can't wait to make this gut-friendly drink

Excuse me but how cute is this vintage box purse? (also on sale!)

Ready for fall yet? (I totally am) Here are all the classic fall movies you need to watch

Preserving a tribe's identity

Worth sharing and reading if you're married or in a relationship: two marriage hacks

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Weekend Reading 8.25

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Say it with me now: HAPPY! WEEKEND!! Whoo! I can't even begin to say how happy I am to wrap up this week. Don't get me wrong, it was great – but maybe too much of a good thing. Sometimes a non-stop rollercoaster of fun and plans and summer activities is, well, a little overwhelming. On Monday we celebrated our 7th (7th!) wedding anniversary with a day trip out to Peaks Island with some friends. Tuesday we saw the Flaming Lips (incredible).  Woke up bright and early for work in New Hampshire on Wednesday, then popped down to Salem, MA for a screening of our friend's brother's movie, Summer of '84, on Thursday night. Woof. I'm tired. In a good way. But tired and ready for some quiet time. I've been loving the slightly cooler temperatures we've been having lately – not gonna say I'm excited for fall (just can't give up all this summer produce just jet), BUT I'll say I'm happy for a drop in temps and a calm-looking September and am mayyyyybe a little excited for fall dressing.


ICYMI - How to wear a mini dress

Look, Halloween is two months away - this would be the perfect thing for a Halloween party (sorry not sorry)

If you feel like laughing

Loving this perfect denim jacket for fall (so cozy!) and this one too (not denim, still cozy!)

In defense of ignoring texts

Summer of rage

Are you looking for the perfect leather biker jacket? Because I found it.

Life with autism

I've been collecting home decor books lately and can't wait to get my hands on this one

These handmade cement containers would look great as planters

Speaking of fall and clothes, just ordered this insanely cozy sweater and can't. wait.

Yummmm these cornmeal blueberry waffles look so good

My favorite pillows are on major sale this weekend! The absolute softest.

Yes please to this renovated Airstream trailer – it's so gorgeous!

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Wearing a Mini Dress as a Fully-Grown Adult

 photo JulieOBoyle_MiniDress_OrchidGrey_8.22_7487 copy_zpsanqrarxu.jpg
 photo JulieOBoyle_MiniDress_OrchidGrey_8.22_7480 copy_zpsczp9bs2k.jpg

Before you get your hackles up, let me start out by stating that I'm a firm believer in wearing whatever the fuck you want, regardless of age. Perhaps a better title would have been "How I, A Woman in Her Mid-30's, Am Choosing to Wear A Mini Dress on this, the 22nd Day of August 2018", but that's uh, way too long. Semantics. Anyway, I'm no stranger to minis. In fact, my younger self was known to wear skirts so short I'm blushing at the sheer thought of them – why? how? why? – but over the years my hemlines have dropped (as I've already discussed at length in this post). I love the look of minis, I love the idea of them, but the thought of dealing with them? Another story entirely.

I may wear them less frequently, but sometimes a mini dress or mini skirt comes along that I just can't say no to and exceptions are made. Such was the case when I found this dress at a local vintage store. Look at the print! No really, look at it. It's dogs. The print is dogs. I immediately bought it only to realize later that it barely passes the 7th-grade fingertip test. And it's also quite sheer. So I did something I never thought I'd do – I went in search of bike shorts. Now listen. I have nothing against people who wear bike shorts under dresses, but for me, I've always hated the feeling of them. The ride up, roll up, and generally are more hassle than they're worth. And the alternative – shapewear shorts – are just as bad, if not worse. But... BUT! I think I found them, a decent pair of "slip shorts" that are light and actually comfortable, no rolling and no shapewear-sausage-casing.  As much as I've resisted them, I've found that not having to worry about errant breezes or having my bare legs touch whatever it is I'm sitting on makes wearing minis a whole lot better.
 photo JulieOBoyle_MiniDress_OrchidGrey_8.22_7484 copy_zpsx6xr3xqy.jpg
 photo JulieOBoyle_MiniDress_OrchidGrey_8.22_7479 copy_zpsfwypxspd.jpg
 photo JulieOBoyle_MiniDress_OrchidGrey_8.22_7488 copy_zpsp24tb6be.jpg

Friday, August 17, 2018

Weekend Reading 8.17

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Well this week FLEW by, didn't it? it was a pretty great one for me - beginning with kitten yoga and surfing and ending with a very calm Friday and some very productive days at work in between and during. This week was gorgeous, a little rainy, yes, but we've been getting the type of weather that hints at fall without actually being fall. Leather jackets weather (finally!) Jeans weather while still being tank top weather! I'm still very happy for summer to stick around a while longer but not mad at cooler nights and a little fog here and there. This weekend I'm headed back home again to pop in to the summer camp I used to attend (it's a long story but I went to camp for 10 years, going back to camp and seeig old camp friends is like visiting your old college campus or getting together with sorority sisters... albeit from a much cooler sorority because whitewater canoeing), then we have a friend coming into town on Saturday night and another friend is having a party - to yeah, tomorrow is a busy one. Sunday, I'm just hoping to relax. Our anniversary is on Monday and I'd like to get us out of town for the day for some hiking or swimming if the weather's right. Hope your weekend is a good one!

I'm saving up for a wetsuit and board - shop my closet to help me get there :)

Love the cover of this antique book - I've always wanted a bee tattoo

Just a liiiiiiitle bit obsessed with these vintage striped pants. So cool with van's slip-ons and a cool top, right?

On my mind: Not quite ready for boot weather but really loving these options and still obsessing over easy breezy summer dresses

Have you noticed friendships fading as you get older? This could be why

The Reformation sale is still going STRONG - really tempted by this dress and this simple but gorgeous top

The story of a face - somewhat graphic (medical stuff) but riveting! A great long read.

Loving this simple handmade bolero hat

How to apply eyeliner. Topical.

Just got this pretty hairbow and I'm in love

Aretha Franklin knew how to sing about women

Two books for work that I ordered this week that I can't wait to dive into: The Creative Home & The Maverick Soul

I just watched Netflix's 'Like Father' last night (found it sweet and reminiscent of 90's rom-coms without the 'rom' - which was fresh) which made me wonder: are cruises cool?

You guys... this llama ring holder. My heart!

Constance Wu's beauty routine (have you seen or read Crazy Rich Asians yet? I want to see it!)