Saturday, March 28, 2020

Weekend Reading 3.28.2020

And all of a sudden it's the weekend. How are you holding up? We're on stay-at-home orders here, something I welcomed after seeing so many people out and about last weekend and in the weeks between (honestly I'd like to see the state take more concrete actions) – Chris and I are hanging in there, trying to limit the amount of news we're taking in to only the essentials, watching a lot of Netflix, and worrying about leaving our house. We're anxious. Like most people. It's strange to not really have the ability to think ahead right now – there are so many variables. Plans that seemed so set in stone a month ago – a trip to New York, a friend's wedding – have vaporized, replaced with a day-by-day, hour-by-hour schedule that involves a lot of cookies, wine, sleep and, again, Netflix. I've been journaling a lot, that helps. Trying to exercise (though not being super successful with it). And obsessively cleaning and organizing. I've been thinking a lot about what the after of all this will look like. What will we have learned? What will we do differently? How many people will I hug? I'll run out and get a haircut, that's for sure. And gleefully go for a run without worry or fear of breathing in someone else's air. What strange times these are – did we ever imagine ourselves here? Woof. Anyway. On the docket for this weekend? Probably a lot of the same – we've been doing a lot of organizing lately and I'd like to start putting aside things to sell once the post office is deemed a safe place to go. Tomorrow will look a lot like today, a fact I need to come to grips with. Hope you're doing ok, xoxo.

Two posts from this week: Books to read while social distancing, and how to cope with job loss

If you're looking for a more sustainable alternative to tampons and pads now that grocery trips are few and far between, check out Thinx! New customers can save $10 off their order by shopping through my page – and you can learn why I like them here

My favorite cleansing oil is back in stock! Save 15% with the code 'Julie2'

I'll limit the amount of Covid info I share because I think we've all had to take in a lot, but found these two pieces interesting and poignant: That discomfort you're feeling is grief & how the coronavirus will change us

One of my favorite Reformation dresses is on sale right now (can't wait until date nights outside the house are a thing again)

Have you heard of the National Emergency Library? Fascinating and very cool (NYT)

Like most people, I've been living in my softest clothes recently – and looking to add a few pieces to my repertoire. Take 25% off at Lou & Grey – love the colors of this supersoft tee and these wide leg pants as an alternative to leggings (also eyeing this pretty sweater and these adorable shorts)

I've been focusing on getting my skin balanced during this time of less makeup and just bought this enzyme mask after testing it out earlier in the year, I've heard nothing but good things about it. I also picked up this simple face oil and love it so far

Because I think we all need this: the 100 best movies on Netflix right now

Sorry, one more: How to stay married during a pandemic