Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Cozy Loungewear I'm Loving – Joggers, Bralettes & More

So I live in soft clothes now. There's something truly miserable about wearing jeans and other rigid fabrics at home and with our new stay-at-home orders, I'm home all the time – like hopefully everyone else – so it's been nothing but sweatshirts, leggings, pretty bralettes, and slippers. At least until it warms up. It may be spring everywhere else, but it's mud season in Maine, which means the temperature is still hovering in the 30's (oh what I wouldn't give to wear a breezy dress on my patio right now!). And I'm beginning to crave a few new items to add to my very limited rotation because the same black leggings are beginning to feel a little worn out. So I'm looking for a couple of oversized sweatshirts, maybe some slim joggers or sweatpants, and some yoga pieces to maybe motivate myself into moving from my couch (baby steps). Staying inside and within our own homes is more important than ever right now – we might as well be cozy, right?

What are you wearing these days? Are you getting dressed every morning or spending most days in your pajamas?