Friday, April 3, 2020

Weekend Reading 4.3.20

Hello Friday and hello friends. How was your week? Mine was... weird, as I'm sure yours was too. I woke up this morning thinking about how I used to feel on Fridays, the wave of relief that in just a few hours, I'd be released for the weekend, a long and oftentimes overwhelming list of to-dos in front of me. Now that I'm living the exact opposite of that, I'm not sure which is the more compelling option (I hesitate to say "worse" option or "better" option because I'm very grateful to be healthy and sheltered right now – but I'd prefer the outlook to be a sunnier one). I struggled a bit this week, with loneliness, frustration, with having a difficult time controlling things and myself in the midst of all this. While my mind logically understands that what we're experiencing as a world is traumatic and there's no playbook, I'm really mourning where I was personally before everything really hit. This weekend I'm going to try to find something to work on that's more tactile. We brought our sewing machine home last weekend, so I might sew, or I might dig my watercolors out of the closet. Chris and I have both been baking a lot, too. Trying to stay busy and fill some hours not in front of Netflix or Hulu (but let me be clear, we've been watching a lot of TV, too). Hope you're doing ok and staying healthy, xoxo.

ICYMI: Cozy loungewear I'm loving (just ordered this sweatshirt, these leggings and these pants... wishing I had ordered this top too)

If you're looking for some fun DIY projects, this site has always been my go-to (we're not big on celebrating Easter, but these naturally-dyed robin's eggs might be on my list)

I finished this book last week (it was fine, readable, a little too heavy on describing every little thing) and started this book (so far I really like it, though it's a little hard to keep track of the years when everything takes place)

Now is the perfect time to try out Thinx if you've been thinking about it! Remember you can save 10% off your first order if you shop through my profile

Speaking of baking things - these homemade Samoa cookies look like a must-make

One of my favorite dresses from last summer is back in a bold new print. Very tempted. I'm all about shapeless things right now. Also please get here soon, spring.

Have you been seeing fluffy coffee everywhere? Me too. And I want to make it! (this is my favorite healthy instant coffee)

How pretty is voluminous puffy sleeve top? Love this navy dress too - both so perfect for summer (I'm dreaming of warmer days)

Are your dreams super weird and vivid right now? Mine are. Here's a theory why.

If you've been thinking of going more sustainable, maybe check out United By Blue's sustainability shop. Save 15% with the code 'orchidgrey15'