Friday, April 10, 2020

Weekend Reading 4.10.20

How was your week? Mine was… long, a little fraught, with some nice sunny weather in between. True to Maine springtime weather, we got a snowstorm on Thursday night, nearly to the day that we got a storm this time last year. I’m just thankful the snow didn’t stick in Portland, we don’t need to add more of a mess on top of the mess we’re already in. I’ve been struggling to focus this week, but have been trying to remind myself that when it becomes difficult to pay attention to one thing, i can just switch to another, or you know, rest. I spent much of this week trying to finish up this blog transition, editing old photos, and figuring out next steps for putting together some kind of online portfolio for my job search. That makes me sound more productive than I’ve actually been, trust me when I tell you this: every day has been a struggle. A struggle to wake up before 8:30am, a struggle to put on pants, a struggle to figure out when I can reasonably switch from coffee to wine. I feel like I’ve been doing ok, but also, I really, really miss life “before”.
Hope you’re hanging in there. Here’s a few things for your weekend. XOXO

Relatable: Stop trying to be productive (NYT)

My Thinx saved me this week. Seriously with having to use plastic bags again at the grocery store and so many of the planet-friendly swaps we’d made out the window, I love that I can still use Thinx and save money and reduce waste. Shop through my profile to save $10!

If no more movies came out this year, who would win the Oscars?

I’ve been stocking up on loungewear and love this pretty washed sweatshirt. 50% off w/ code ‘REFRESH’

Amazing news: Ogee now offers bundles! Love these sets for trying new products and saving some serious money. Plus, save 15% off with my code ‘Julie2’

How to help frontline workers during the coronavirus crisis

I baked the gluten free chocolate chip cookies from this cookbook last night and they’re SO GOOD. They remind me of the ones my mom used to make!

A DIY I want to make: DIY patchwork jeans

The back of this dress is so stunning - and I love the sleeves. So perfect for spring – and comfy!

Just bought these cute pajamas and they’re so soft! Eyeing this cozy robe to match.