Sunday, May 24, 2020

Weekend Reading 5.24.2020

Well hi! I think this has officially been the longest I've gone without updating this blog in the ten years I've been running it – wedding week included. I've been working on something new behind the scenes, which I'm hoping to launch this week, and I've been enjoying the start of nice weather in Maine and trying to motivate myself into job hunting more seriously. With the return of the sun to our state, I've felt as though I've fallen into a semblance of a rhythm, enjoying the outdoors and focusing on my health again, and feeling, dare I say, a little normal? I've even been getting dressed, and not just in loungewear! Sure, on most days it's a tee and leggings, dressed up with simple jewelry, like a pretty, understated ear cuff or gold necklace – I'm all about dressing up a basic outfit with more refined jewelry. But as the weather warms I've been breaking out my dresses and other summer staples – and I can't wait until it's dress weather every day. I'm still loving the dainty jewelry of last summer, but have been adding big hoops and other statement pieces, too.

Not every day is perfect, but I've found that it helps to pencil in some days when I'm not focused on computer work, especially on Wednesdays, which everyone seems to agree is the new Monday. I've also finally started some projects UNRELATED to work of any kind. This is news. BIG news. Because my work and my life are constantly flowing into one another and it has to stop. For my own sanity. How good did it feel to just make something for myself? So good, let me tell you. 10/10 recommend. Five stars.

OK, on to the links. Stay tuned for the aforementioned NEW PROJECT. Because I need to get this done goddammit.

United By Blue is having a major warehouse sale! Reminder that you can save 15% off your order with the code 'orchidgrey15'

The styling in this music video is truly excellent. Let it inspire you. Soak it up. Order a pair of super bright sunglasses.

This tinted serum has been my go-to "no-makeup" look while staying at home. it's light and beneficial for skin, while making me feel a little more put together for those moments I catch myself in the mirror

The joy of... (currently enjoying the Joy Of The Two Mile Run (achievable!))

OGEE just launched a CBD lip oil and it's amazing, I can tell you from experience. Save 15% off your order w/code 'Julie4' (I also swear by this cleansing oil. It removes makeup like nothing else)

A podcast episode on quarantining with your ghost

Just a reminder you can save $10 off your first Thinx order by shopping through my profile! This includes saver sets so you can save even more. They've been a godsend during this whole thing

One of my absolute favorite Etsy shops for beading/DIY supplies – I just placed a huge order (my team at Etsy HQ used to order from her all the time!) This necklace DIY is next on my list of things to make

Dermstore is having a huge summer beauty sale - 20% off with code 'SUMMER'! I'm grabbing this excellent dry shampoo, and restocking this vitamin C serum and

Save 15% off from Brooklinen! We have this linen duvet cover and love it.

These spicy peanut noodles sound so good – and easy enough to make with spaghetti squash if that's your jam (it's mine)