Tuesday, October 18, 2016

WORN: Suede Mini Dress + Ankle Boots

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I can't believe St. Louis was nearly a month ago already - time flies! This outfit was a stretch in STL's summery late-September heat, but also seems appropriate now as Philly is once again experiencing a heatwave (ugh)...

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Here & There 10.15

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Oh weekend, you're finally here. What was it about this week? It felt about five months long. Work was crazy busy this past week, so this weekend I'm looking forward to basically doing everything I wasn't able to do in the past few days. Grocery shopping... cleaning... organizing. You know,  fun stuff. We have a friend staying with us from out of town with his cat, too, so I'll also be working on making some kitty introductions (more fun). Hope you have a good one, friends!

Love this cute pair of vintage overalls!

New York - city of women

Keiko's halloween costumes are always amazing

Gorgeous things for the home (this too)

"When they go low, we go high"

Funny cuz it's true

A quick lesson in making friends

The perfect coffee mug

More inspiring women to read about 

Revolve is having a huge sale - this dress would look so cute with black boots and a biker jacket

16 women rewriting the rules of work

Just ordered these classic sneakers

Sexual assault is not locker room banter

The perfect dress to wear to a fall wedding

What a gorgeous rug

Made me laugh

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Shopbop Main Event Sale!

Fall is here and with it, the invitation to bundle up. I haven't quite done the whole seasonal closet switcheroo yet, but my mind has officially been set to 'autumn' for the past couple of weeks, which means I've been looking for a few special pieces to liven up my wardrobe and make things feel fresh. Lucky for me (and YOU), Shopbop's 3-day sale is here! Now is the perfect time to splurge on that perfect pair of boots you've been drooling over (helloooo Stuart Weitzman otk boots!), stock up on necessities, or pair up with family, friends and coworkers to take advantage of the savings.

With my new schedule this season, I'll definitely be grabbing a pair of city-friendly Chelsea boots (love these!) and am on the hunt for the perfect fall jacket. I've also been thinking ahead to cold winter days, and think I might need a new pair of cute winter boots. Sorel has always been a favorite of mine (and almost everyone else in New England), and paired with a cute winter hat they'll keep me warm all winter long. Also on my list? Some cute and comfy lingerie (love everything here), a great bomber jacket, and a new pair of Levi's jeans (because you can never go wrong with Levi's).

From now through midnight PST on October 14th, spend up to $500 and get 25% off your order or spend over $500 and receive 30% off your order with the code MAINEVENT16. (some exclusions apply)
 photo XE2tjpQLrTTJ7Rh61N-0slR1WZDnO_tCE7fKQAkBS_n-f8aYJOJoIU-HVb156WwuFaLapvqfbdQefLHhIMxuYX1VRz6Y2hYWoHsjIDBYqg_E9pHSkRtwFg_mMaM1_zpsk1b2kxj6.jpg

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Here & There 10.8

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This week was a rough one, friends. The kind of week that made us wish we could pack our bags and run. Even though we live within a day's drive of our parents, there are times when the reality of not having a close network around us is stark. This has been one of those times. So this weekend is all about taking some time for ourselves. Chris and I have the day off together tomorrow, and while the responsible thing to do would be to spend the day unpacking from our move, I have a feeling we're going to play hooky to go hiking instead. I want to see some foliage, and if an apple orchard happens to present itself along the way? Well, we'll stop there too. Also, there might be plans to visit an animal shelter to look at adoptable dogs... I hope you have a healthy, happy weekend <3 p="">
This top has the best sleeves

Jumping up and down to have finally found this tee online! So happy in fact that I bought this one too.

Body image lessons from a teenager

Sale on sale at UO! Love this gorgeous top

Love this cute, cozy kitty hat. Speaking of cats... loving all of this cute kitty stuff!

YUM definitely going to make this soon

Gorgeous natural skincare - this soak sounds dreamy

Digging this insanely cute outfit

On my fall wishlist? A pair of comfortable sneakers - love these

Can't wait to read more from this girl

Really digging the color of this satin bomber jacket

The sleaziness of Donald Trump

Can't wait to try this rainbow highlighter

Cute phone accessories

Ugh these bat balloons would be so perfect for a halloween party! Love this garland too

I'm kind of in love with these boots?

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

WORN: Suede Jumper & Mesh Top

 photo Orchid Grey October 5 2016 - 1_zpslgucodmu.jpg
Visiting a hot place when all you want is cool weather? Not the easiest packing situation...

Monday, October 3, 2016

Exploring St. Louis with Explore St. Louis

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I'm a firm believer in the power of exploration. Years ago, when I was an admissions counselor for a small fine arts college, my assigned territory would land me in cities and towns scattered around the US, cities and towns that just weren't on my radar until I was driving past a "Welcome To..." sign. Along with hundreds of small towns, I had the opportunity to visit and subsequently fall in love with: Detroit, Memphis, Nashville, Austin, Seattle, Milwaukee, Dallas... and all the others I'm surely drawing a blank on. Not to mention the places I discovered while getting lost along the way! (So, so lost) The experience made its mark on me and all these years later, I jump at pretty much any opportunity to explore someplace new. So when the chance arose to explore St. Louis with Explore St. Louis and the Alive Influencer Network, of course I jumped...

Friday, September 30, 2016

Here & There 9.30

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How pretty is this ring from Moorea Seal? Perfect for tonight's black moon. It hasn't left my hand since I got it in early September and reminds me of the big full moon that we saw on our camping trip  up north earlier in the month. I can't believe that September is over - it flew by so fast, with so much travel! I'm not sure I've ever anticipated October more in my life though, we just finished moving and my calendar is free and clear. I'm looking forward to getting settled into our new place and reconnecting with friends after a crazy couple of months. Happy weekend!

It's coat season! Loving this vintage swing coat

Every weekend should be a three day weekend

I'm obsessed with this Google Chrome extension (cats!)

Girls to the front!

How gorgeous is this vegan nail polish?

Fashion's cultural appropriation problem

Cute shades

Excited to watch this Netflix show

A pretty dress for a fall wedding

This Etsy shop is perfection - look at this tape dispenser!

Really interested in this podcast

Can you say Love Story? This fall trench is a classic.

"Feminism isn't a trend to be enjoyed for fall 2016" - WORD.

The most perfect iPhone case

Listen to Solange's new album A Seat at the Table

Fun boots for fall