Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Vintage Cropped Jeans + A Giant Crystal Necklace

 photo Photo Aug 23 4 32 01 PM_zpsojdpyior.jpg
 photo Photo Aug 23 4 32 57 PM_zpsixtgqg6y.jpg
 photo Photo Aug 23 4 29 30 PM_zpsyns5ruaq.jpg
 photo Photo Aug 23 4 28 08 PM_zpsytw1yjyg.jpg
 photo Photo Aug 23 4 30 20 PM_zpsqokwmtwg.jpg
 photo Photo Aug 23 4 29 23 PM_zpskeet2isz.jpg
 photo Photo Aug 23 4 27 23 PM_zpst7uphabp.jpg
 photo Photo Aug 23 4 32 21 PM_zpsivr88dwd.jpg
 photo Photo Aug 23 4 33 50 PM_zpsjeommy18.jpg
 photo Photo Aug 23 4 34 51 PM_zpsk5hnwszw.jpg
And suddenly it's summer. That's how it always is, eh? Fifty degrees on Saturday, eighty today. Ninety tomorrow. It's here, and I'm getting in as much time with my beloved denim as I can, because from here on out it's skirts, shorts, and dresses. Anything that will keep me cool and from wanting to jump in the Schuylkill. These cropped Levi's have been on heavy rotation lately, usually paired with a button-up of some sort and a big piece of jewelry, like this incredible Leia Beila piece from Moorea Seal. While they might look like a modern pair, I found these jeans in a Western Pennsylvania Salvation Army, having clearly once belonged to someone much shorter than myself. Originally bought with the intention of turning them into cut-offs, it was Chris who saw their potential as-is. The perfect bleached out lines once I let out the hem, perfect length, and though they were outside of my comfort zone at the time, I'm glad I listened and didn't make the cut. Long live thrift shopping.

Get the look:
Vintage jeans (similar)
Jeffrey Campbell heels from a sample sale (similar)
Vintage jacket (similar)
Sample sale shirt (similar)
 photo Photo20Aug20162012018201120AM_zpsvpuhzyt3.jpg

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Here & There 5.21

 photo JulieOBoyle_OrchidGrey_May21_zpsphv60ruw.jpeg
Happy weekend! How was your week? I'm celebrating the end of one of those weeks that just takes it out of you (I woke up on Tuesday thinking it was Saturday. I was disappointed to find out this was sadly not that case) and seemed to go on forever. It wasn't all bad though, on Thursday Chris and I dropped by the Oil + Ink show at The Selvedge Yard out in New Hope (where I grabbed that rad tee you see above) and last night we took advantage of the sun coming out (!!!) and had drinks with a friend. It's supposed to rain today and tomorrow, so I'm planning to work on some indoor projects and get the house in order before Memorial Day weekend next week. This has been a busy month... I haven't been blogging as much as I'd like to and while I don't believe in apologizing for not getting posts up, I've been a bit frustrated with myself.

Can you believe it's almost June already? Wild. My big task for the weekend is to do the old seasonal-clothing-switcheroo and figure out what it is I actually need for my summer wardrobe. I've been eyeing some cute jean shorts and definitely want to grab a pair of lace-up sandals. Oh, and a bathing suit. What fun. I want something simple and black, but just haven't found the perfect one yet.

What are you up to this weekend? Hope it's a good one!

This would be a really fun alternative prom dress (this one too if you're more into Stevie Nicks)

A pretty way to celebrate nature

Free People sale! 50% off new summer styles. I'm grabbing these wrap sandals and this cute suede jumper

Why millennial women should be watching Grace & Frankie (have you seen it? I like it!)

Loving these pretty embroidered tops for summer

Obsessed with this Etsy shop and this kitty mug

Definitely making this granola this weekend

Cute, comfy, and classic sneakers

May we all be so lucky to discover our own Chewbacca mask in life (seriously, how do I get this happy? I WANT TO BE THIS HAPPY)

How pretty are these sun and moon-inspired pieces?

I need this print in my life

Really want to try this cookbook

Another reason to love Boston

Love these simple and affordable Nikes (can't go wrong with a gold swoosh)

Seattle like a local

Would love to tote this backpack around in the summer months - then pair it with dark colors later on!

Love this outfit of Nicole's - bandanas make everything perfect

Give me all the crystals. Thanks

What I'm reading right now

Ways for introverts to get their energy back 

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Here & There 5.14

 photo checkeredvansjuliesharp_zps41cffykk.jpeg
Happy weekend, friends. What are you up to? After being away last weekend, I'm feeling reinvigorated and actually excited to be in the city again. I spent today prepping for a potluck we went to at a friend;'s house tonight, and Sunday I'm off on a hike. xo

How gorgeous are these nature-inspired earrings?

This vintage tapestry coat is so rad!

This video pretty much sums up life with Zephyr

It's almost beach season! Excited to pick up some cute pool accessories

Beautiful homemade wall hangings

A playlist for your summer

Cherry rose and mint, oh my!

13 pieces of 'fitspo' that are actually inspirational

A card for cat lovers

How gorgeous are these bags for summer?

We need more parties

Speaking of which... Party pins!

Oh this skirt!

I'd love to add this moon phase poster to our walls (love this one too)

Well, this looks delicious.

This looks like the coziest chair

I bet these candles smell amazing

Next on my book list

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Vintage-Inspired Maxi Dress + Coffee

 photo Orchid Grey Julie OBoyle May 1303_zpsovap4nwz.jpg
 photo Orchid Grey Julie OBoyle May 1301_zps8bs5qggu.jpg
 photo Orchid Grey Julie OBoyle May 1307_zpskvgqjzqo.jpg
 photo Orchid Grey Julie OBoyle May 1305_zpsz9ez0ehf.jpg
 photo Orchid Grey Julie OBoyle May 1306_zpskklbigbi.jpg
 photo Orchid Grey Julie OBoyle May 1302_zpsvsgnpco1.jpg
 photo Orchid Grey Julie OBoyle May 1304_zpsg0hdbozd.jpg
 photo Orchid Grey Julie OBoyle May 1308_zpskefh4zkb.jpg
 photo Orchid Grey Julie OBoyle May 1311_zpsrqeilayo.jpg
 photo Orchid Grey Julie OBoyle May 1310_zpsqmbr3vzy.jpg
 photo Orchid Grey Julie OBoyle May 1309_zpsdwerqvb5.jpg
It's been a while since I've worn anything other than jeans and a tee shirt or gym clothes. These days, my schedule often dictates my wardrobe, and when my schedule is as crazy as it's been lately, my outfits are far from it. I'm often running between the office, the gym, running out for supplies and shooting photos, so dressing up is the last thing on my mind. Not for lack of wanting to though! I miss the days of spending time on my outfit -- and often wonder how I even did it during the work week -- so when the opportunity arises, I take it. Chris and I were invited to a preview event at la Colombe here in Philly this week to try out the new late night menu, so we took the opportunity to make a date out of it and went out for sushi afterwards.

Late spring and summer is maxi dress season for me, when dressing up -- and getting dressed in general -- becomes just a little easier. I love the simplicity of throwing on a dress, adding a few accessories, and going on my way (though I think it's funny that i felt way dressed up in this outfit, one that wouldn't have cause me to blink a few years ago). I picked up this dress and necklace on sale from work a few months ago, and both have quickly become favorites in my wardrobe. I love the vintage feel of this maxi, one part '30s, one part '90s, and it's quite possibly one of the most comfortable things I own right now. The next best thing to jeans and a tee, but much prettier.

Get the look:
Free People dress (similar / similar)
Vintage hat (similar more black brim hats here)
Jeffrey Campbell boots
Vintage Lee denim jacket (more denim jackets here)
Vintage Coach purse
Rose lapel pins

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Maine in Spring in Pictures

 photo Orchid Grey Julie OBoyle Maine10_zpsp3pjapdw.jpg
 photo Orchid Grey Julie OBoyle Maine05_zpsnbmvsdvx.jpg
 photo Orchid Grey Julie OBoyle Maine06_zpsp6sjvqwd.jpg
 photo Orchid Grey Julie OBoyle Maine08_zpskiqhgsce.jpg
 photo Orchid Grey Julie OBoyle Maine07_zps49vpoyox.jpg
 photo Orchid Grey Julie OBoyle Maine02_zpsvzc6x5g2.jpg
 photo Orchid Grey Julie OBoyle Maine04_zpsvl4gpxdx.jpg
 photo Orchid Grey Julie OBoyle Maine09_zpsfams0np0.jpg
 photo Orchid Grey Julie OBoyle Maine16_zps53rcukj1.jpg
 photo Orchid Grey Julie OBoyle Maine11_zpsliq732hc.jpg
 photo Orchid Grey Julie OBoyle Maine03_zpsbwklun93.jpg
 photo Orchid Grey Julie OBoyle Maine13_zps8pktnvxa.jpg
 photo Orchid Grey Julie OBoyle Maine14_zpswmirbxhg.jpg
 photo Orchid Grey Julie OBoyle Maine15_zpsjh5j1lap.jpg
When city life gets to be too much, north is where I go. I left last Thursday, made a stop in Worcester to see some good friends, then finished the trip on Friday and spent the weekend with my mom and sister and ZEB! It's always hard to leave when the time comes, but nothing centers me more than a few days surrounded by nature and relatively cut off from technology. 

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Here & There 5.8

 photo MothersDay1A_zpsed0nn39u.jpg
Happy weekend, friends, and happy Mother's Day! I'm keeping this short and sweet this week, I'm in Maine this weekend, visiting my own mother and getting some distance from life in the city. This past week was one of the most stressful of the year thus far, so I'm happy for a little quiet and time among the trees. xo

Jess Amity is having a 48 hour sale! I'd definitely nab this awesome vintage concho belt.

Such gorgeous pieces for early summer - love that pink off the shoulder number

Real life

The perfect beachy dress

A really cool film (also sad) about Pittsburgh's neighborhoods and what's happening there

Really wanting to add some cute clogs to my closet this season, love these options

How sprinkles are made (you know you were wondering)

Etsy faves: these gorgeous shoes, these pretty moon phase earrings, this rad hanging chair, this pretty coffee scoop, this gorgeous jacket

This dress would be beautiful to wear to a casual wedding (this one too)

Surviving Mother's Day without a mother

Love this gorgeous necklace

Made me laugh

One of my favorite fragrances

Gloria Steinem has a new TV series

The perfect picnic dress

This looks so lovely and relaxing

The Perfect Cocktail for Mother's Day Brunch

 photo FloraGin14A_zpsmgjbgir1.jpg
Sure, you could give your mom flowers today, to honor her and all that she’s done for you on Mother’s Day… or you could whip up an incredible brunch while she leisurely sips a really good cocktail. Your choice. Tamworth Garden Flora Gin, the latest offering from my friends at Tamworth Distilling, is like the macaroni necklace of your youth, but way better… or perhaps it’s closer akin to the flowers you planned to have delivered, but just couldn’t decide on a bouquet? Either way, this floral-infused spirit will make the perfect centerpiece for your Mother’s Day plans. Imbued with last summer’s wildflowers, Flora gives off the aroma of lemon verbena, geranium and grapefruit, making it the perfect base for a crisp and refreshing greyhound cocktail, and the ideal drink to enjoy with the woman who gave you life while you pry family secrets from her (just kidding… but really). Combined with rosemary-infused simple syrup — which makes a gorgeous gift all its own — this beautiful cocktail is spring in a glass, no April showers in sight. Happy Mother's Day to all the mama's out there, and to everyone else, happy Sunday!
 photo FloraGin3A_zpsofqbehc6.jpg
 photo FloraGin4A_zpsjw9cfyx1.jpg
Rosemary Simple Syrup


3 sprigs fresh rosemary, rinsed
1 cup sugar
1 cup filtered water

Place rosemary sprigs in a resealable jar of bottle. In a small sauce pan, combine the sugar and water and heat on low the sugar is dissolved. Pour the sugar water over the rosemary sprigs and allow to cool.
 photo FloraGin2A_zpsj3qchrce.jpg
 photo FloraGin6A_zpsle8oyw4z.jpg
Rosemary Flora Greyhound 
Makes 1


4 oz grapefruit juice
1 oz rosemary syrup
2 oz Tamworth Garden Flora Gin
Club soda

Fill a small glass with ice. Add grapefruit juice, rosemary syrup, and Flora Gin. Top off with club soda and garnish with grapefruit and rosemary. Enjoy!
 photo FloraGin13A_zpsnmzjjumw.jpg
This post was originally published here as part of my work for the Free People Blog

Friday, April 29, 2016

Here & There 4.29

 photo OrchidGreyApril29_zpswvyyyhml.jpeg
Happy Friday, folks. After a slow couple of weeks, I'm feeling inspired again, which feels pretty damn good. It's funny how much of a role momentum plays in blogging, it's sort of like working out, you stop for a bit and suddenly it becomes harder and harder to start back up again. Anyway, what are you up to this weekend? As much as I don't want to, I absolutely need to do some spring cleaning tomorrow. Then Chris and I were hoping to go hiking on Sunday, but guess what? RAIN. Every time we have a day off together -- it rains! So we're thinking we might check out some antique places or something. I'm heading up to Maine next weekend, so I'll be preparing for my trip a bit, too. I can't wait. Have a good one!

Ugh, this vintage suede cape is the coolest

Pretty mother's day cards

12 kinds of kindness

Have you heard of Meowbox?!

Etsy faves: These pretty gold sandals, these rad flares, these cute travel-inspired pins, papaya boobs! aaaaand this butt patch
<3 p="">
This would make a beautiful simple bridesmaid dress

How to get beachy hair (without the beach)

So inspired by this woman

Love this easy, breezy casual dress (wouldn't it look cute with a denim jacket and these sneaks?)

What a pretty spring dress

Georgia O'Keefe quotes to inspire you

The future of Polaroid cameras (& it looks awesome)

The Stevie Nicks weather forecast 

Wouldn't you love to serve drinks in these cute pineapple glasses? (here's the tumbler to go with them)

How cute are these flats? They'd look rad with torn white jeans, a white top and a moto jacket

Have you heard of the November Project? So excited to see there's a Philly tribe!

What a pretty mood ring (really!)

My favorite person on the internet right now