Sunday, January 15, 2017

Here & There 1.15

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Happy Sunday night! (confession: this is the third time I've had to re-write this paragraph since Friday because I keep procrastinating) After last week, these past few days off were needed. I'm not sure about you, but I've been feeling hyper-emotional in the lead-up to this Friday and the inauguration. I'm so furious about everything that's happening -- especially with the Affordable Care Act, which some of my family member's rely on -- it's the post-election blues all over again. But it's a new week, and one that's culminating with the Women's Marches! Will you be participating? A friend and I are headed to the march in DC. I'll be honest and say I'm a little nervous about it but I figured why not make the trip - we're so close. Have a good one friends and keep you chin up :)

How incredible is this vintage tapestry cape?

What an inspiring story

The absolute coziest winter sweaters (love these too)

Yum! This has been my go-to easy breakfast lately

Save an extra 20% off sale items from Moorea Seal! Digging this gold clutch, this double-layer choker, and these pretty earrings

Why Shepard Fairey's inauguration protest posters won't have Trump on them

Def need to add this patch to my collection

On my reading list

Love these western-inspired boots (perfect with this gorgeous jewelry collection)

Goodbye American Apparel

Because everyone needs a leopard-print coat

How cute are these cat-eye sunglasses? Loooooove

A favorite beauty oil of late and how to use it

These shoes! (the whole collection is pretty rad)

Pretty bags for winter to spring

Would you eat eggplant French toast?

Save up to 75% off from ModCloth!

A new (to me) podcast to add to my must-listen list

Gorgeous crystals (these too!)

21 simple changes to make life a little better

Pretty notecards to send (and a funny book)

Nice view

Listen to the Obama's last speeches if you haven't already

Thursday, January 12, 2017

WORN: Silk Jacket & Black Denim

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 photo IMG_8538_zpsshyvhfqu.jpg
 photo IMG_8536_zpsjtmnfa94.jpg
 photo IMG_8540_zpsfvosvsku.jpg
 photo IMG_8542_zpsz88ko602.jpg
 photo IMG_8539_zps3fejbhsy.jpg
 photo IMG_8537_zpsje00jkmp.jpg
Well 2017 came in like a lion, knocking both Chris and I down with a pretty terrible cold/flu just a day or so after these pics were taken on New Year's Day. We're just now finally bouncing back. Philly takes NYD about as seriously, if not more so, than NYE itself, so at the time we were steeling ourselves for the huge Mummers party that takes place in our neighborhood. It's no surprise that we both got sick. This is pretty standard outfit fare for me these days. I'm either working form home or running around Philly and NYC, so jeans and walkable shoes are an absolute must. I found the vintage jacket on South St., the perfect layering piece beneath jackets for those extra cold days and a nice way to break up an all black everything look.

Vintage bed jacket (similar styles here)
J.Crew coat (similar camel coats)
J.Brand Jeans (more options here)
Loeffler Randall boots (more here)
Black Spring Folk Art coffin ring
Vintage hat (similar)

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Here & There 1.7

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Well, this week didn't go exactly to plan. After a super productive Monday, I woke up feeling not so great on Tuesday and have been super sick ever since. I guess I deserved it after being so cocky last week while Chris was sick about having gotten a flu shot. Whoops. I've been doing a lot of reading and watching a lot of Netflix. I'm slogging through JK Rowling's The Casual Vacancy, which is really good but perhaps a little too much information for my poor sick brain right now. I just finished up The Girls by Emma Cline, which was excellent. (Next on my list is Sweetbitter) Along with all of Drag Race season 2 (yasssss), I also burned my way through The OA. You guys. So damn good! (Although I do hope they make a second season) I love the quiet complexity of the characters, how they're tied together yet come from completely different worlds and I find the setting -- in a development neighborhood -- fascinating and so fitting. (this was a great article about the characters). I'm feeling a little better today, just in time to watch the snow come down outside. It's gorgeous and a nice excuse to continue to take it easy. Tomorrow, we're hoping to get out to catch the final day of Paint the Revolution at the Philadelphia Art Museum.

The most gorgeous vintage wedding dress

If women wrote men the way men write women (see also: women facts)

My favorite perfumes have new scents- really want to try this one

This dress looks like the comfiest ever

Pretty winter pieces that speak to spring <3 div="">

YUM... 35 comfort foods for snowy days

Love these easy jeans (love these too)

Not wanting kids is entirely normal

I bet this candle smells amazing (this one is still my favorite though)

Have you watched Michelle Obama's inspiring final speech?

These sunglasses are super rad

The rise of Healthy-ish

Beautiful handmade bags

Interested in reading this one

Love these fun earrings (also these)

Kind of in love with this boob mug. Also... pizza earrings.

How to use crystals every damn day

Gorgeous luxe pieces for winter

Love this fun skirt

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Here & There 12.31

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Happy New Year's Eve! Chris and I are laying low this year. As much as I'm excited for the new year, I've never been much of a fan of the holiday itself. Instead, I like to start out New Year's Day bright and early, go for a run, and work on setting my intentions for the upcoming year. That rosy scene didn't exactly happen last year... so this time around I'm taking control and not going out. Plus, we live at ground zero for Philly's New Year's Day shenanigans, so it's a good idea to stay put until the madness is over (if you've never experienced the Mummers or living in their vicinity, it's hard to explain just how bananas things get). We're renting a movie and getting Indian takeout and I'm wearing leggings, so all in all a pretty ace evening in my boring little book! This weekend I'm hoping to work on a little recap of the past year, a post about my resolutions/intentions for 2017, and finishing up some freelance work, too. This past year, as much as 2016 been easy to complain about, really did bring some amazing things our way between all the ridiculousness, but I'm so, SO excited for what 2017 has in store. See ya next year!

How rad are these vintage studded jeans?

Would love to add this patch to my jacket (this pin too)

George Michael's life must not be sanitized

Asos is having a huge sale - love this cute pink dress, these gorgeous over the knee boots, and this cozy scarf

Save up to 50% off from Moorea Seal! Digging this handmade clutch and this great hat

The invisible workload that drags women down

This planchette necklace is gorgeous

Save an extra 30% off sale items from ModCloth - including this great lace-up sweatshirt and this gorgeous wedding-ready dress

13 things to give up if you want to be successful

Making room for hygge

This day planner sounds awesome

These handmade yoga leggings would be so fun for the gym

Is giving the secret to getting ahead?

Monday, December 26, 2016

WORN: Floral Dress + Leather Jacket for the Holidays

 photo IMG_8289_zpsgqocmnmv.jpg
 photo IMG_8286_zpsk43gei0p.jpg
 photo IMG_8288_zpskpp2xw5g.jpg
 photo IMG_8287_zpsvt6mlamy.jpg
 photo IMG_8290_zps5eqvhlkt.jpg
 photo IMG_8285_zpsijo7dox2.jpg

Free People dress
Free People boots
Schott jacket
Blacksprings Folk Art coffin ring

Just a quick note to say 'hello'. We're in holiday recovery mode today, because apparently too much relaxing can be exhausting. This past weekend was exactly what I wanted it to be, a chance to recoup from the past few months, and, unexpectedly, a chance to celebrate Chris' new job! We already had a nice dinner out planned for Christmas Eve, but his good news made the occasion all the more festive. Not only will he be in an environment that more aligns with what he wants to be doing, but he'll have weekends off now. We've never had weekends off together. NEVER. After 13 years, this is pretty life-altering.

Anyway, this is what I wore for our Christmas Eve dinner out, which I believe will be a new tradition for us. Christmas Eve has always held just a little more meaning for me, as my family tended to celebrate on that night, rather than Christmas Day. I've always loved the anticipation in the air, the festive hustle to finish everything up. It was so nice to not have to worry about what we'd cook, since it's just the two of us, and just focus on each other. We went to Talula's Daily here in the city, stopping into Jones beforehand for a couple of pre-dinner drinks. Dinner was amazing, and afterwards we just went home and watched a movie. Pretty perfect in my book. This dress is always a holiday favorite of mine, it's gorgeous and makes an impact, while not being constricting. For my 5'7" frame, the length is perfect to, with low heeled boots, it just misses the ground so my feet can stay comfy too.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Here & There 12.22 & Last Minute Gift Ideas

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Well... it's officially my Friday and the holidays are nearly here. How do they sneak up so quickly every damn year? I went home to Maine this past weekend, completely miscalculating how much time I'd have left to prep when I arrived back in Philly... regardless, it was a much needed break from city life to rest and recharge and spend time with my parents. With the pressure of Christmas off, it turned out to be a great trip. When I returned on Monday, Chris and I went to see 'A Drag Queen Christmas', which was the perfect way to kick off a week filled with final preparations, movie watching, and a considerable amount of work. Now I have a long weekend stretched ahead of me, and I'm looking forward to our low-key Christmas. We accomplished the impossible yesterday and actually sent out (most of) our cards and gifts on time (I love how our postcards from Minted turned out - don't underestimate the power of a decent Instagram pic!). And I only have a few more things to pick up for Chris - along with this being our first Christmas spent with just one another, it's also the first Christmas that we've really given each other gifts. So as much as I get stressed out -- every year -- I'm really excited for the weekend. I'm sharing my links a little early this week, along with some great last minute gift ideas. Read on.... and Happy holidays!

This vintage poncho would be so cozy for a winter night out

Best last minute gift idea: Etsy gift cards!

A few of my favorite Etsy finds of late: The pins in this shop! These insanely gorgeous vintage rugs. Janet and her needle felting (talk about talent). This adorable cat cave.

Loving these minimalist leather bags for the new year (love these too - those stars!)

2016 wasn't all bad (next door grandpa! my heart...) And here's another round up if you're not already crying

These little frames would make a nice housewarming gifts

The color of this scarf is evvvvvvvrything (+ an extra 30% off select sale styles!)

Pittsburgh is awesome and made this great app for assisting the homeless in accessing services

Inspiring books I'd like to read: This book about inspiring women, this one about difficult conversations, this one about perseverance, and this one...obviously

Why we need the winter solstice

Finally bought myself a proper winter coat and I'm in loooove

What an amazing story

This productivity planner would be a great way to start the year (this calendar too)

Love these low-key dresses for new years (these too)

These printable gift tags are so cute

There's a whole lot of shade in this article about paint colors

Save 30% off sale styles from ModCloth - obsessed with this faux fur coat!

A history of feminist punk in 33 songs - SO GOOD

These handmade smudge sticks would make gorgeous stocking stuffers

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

WORN: My Uniform

 photo IMG_7988_zpsol68eear.jpg
 photo IMG_7989_zps9unvtxdh.jpg
 photo IMG_7986_zpsloezryhk.jpg
 photo IMG_7990_zpswys1aydv.jpg
 photo IMG_7987_zpsdonzjems.jpg
 photo IMG_7991_zpsqu5ffsgi.jpg
Get the look:
MinkPink jacket (more options here)
Reformation sweatshirt
Levi's jeans (more here)
Free People boots
Old hat (more winter hats here)
NYX lip color

I never expected my departure from the fashion industry to be quite so... liberating. As much as I loved it, there were so many aspects that I knew were unhealthy for my psyche and over the past several months, I've been sort of swinging back to center. My new schedule lands me in Brooklyn several times per week, which means early mornings, schlepping several bags through several iterations of travel (Uber! Amtrak! Metro! Stairs!), and generally not having the patience to deal with anything that isn't comfortable or requires fussing. And so lately, with the cold air blowing in, these requirements have manifested into jeans, the most fun boots ever, and a cadre of "artfully dishevelled" sweatshirts. Yes, literally jeans and a sweatshirt. I'm basically just a somewhat fancier version of my high school self. And you know what? It's fucking awesome. Yes, there are days when I miss the ease of dressing up, hopping in my car, and being behind my desk in 5 minutes. And there are certainly days when I still do dress up, but I'm no longer putting that unnecessary pressure on myself. And I feel all the more confident for the choice.

I wore this outfit to go to the grocery store in Sunday with Chris. Exciting stuff, right? For us it is. We stopped by our neighborhood coffee shop before heading out, thinking that maybe we'd do some Christmas shopping too (we didn't). Our schedules rarely align these days, so even the simple stuff is celebrated, like actually making a normal run for groceries instead of grabbing things here and there. I just got this Reformation sweatshirt a few weeks ago during their black Friday sale, enticed by how cozy it looked and the text on the front that reminds me of the Suicidal Tendencies font. It has not disappointed, and I've been experimenting with pairing it with dresses and skirts, though I've yet to find a dressier combination that doesn't make me look like an oversized teenager.