Tuesday, August 25, 2015

5 Tips for a Successful Closet Cleanout + Shop My Closet

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It’s hard to believe that we’re already on the cusp of fall. I’ve had my coffee table stacked high with various September issues for a couple of weeks now, and while I’m trying my best not to wish summer away, I can’t wait for the shift in style that a new season offers, especially autumn. Layers, boots, and plenty of texture -- after a long, epically hot summer of one-piece dressing and sandals, fall makes the act of getting dressed feel fun again. If you’re like me and pack away your off-season clothes (a smart decision if you’re also dealing with a too-tiny closet), the cooling days of late August mean it’s almost time for the Great Closet Switchover; I’ll soon be rummaging through bins and boxes in search of the sweaters, jackets, flannels and boots I boxed up months ago, and making a list of the must-haves I hope to buy new or used for the months ahead. The transition into a new time of year also happens to be the perfect time to plan a major closet cleanout.

Over the past several months I've been working to streamline my closet (really hesitant to use to work "curate" here), doing my best to pare down to the pieces I truly love and that speak to where my style is at this point in my life. With autumn almost here, it's time to detox my closet once again. If you've been wondering how to successfully clean out your own closet, today I'm sharing my process and 5 tips for a successful closet cleanout over on the Poshmark blog.

I'm also excited to announce that I'm hosting a Posh Party tonight at 7 pm PST where you can shop my closet as well as my Poshmark favorites. Simply sign on and join the fun at 7 PM. Hope to see you there!
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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Here & There 8.23

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Can you believe it's already the end of August? It blows my mind that this summer is nearly over. This past week was a crazy one (aren't they all?) and for the first time in awhile I couldn't find the time to get a post up. We celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary, there were a number of Free peeps in from the west coast offices, we took an impromptu work jaunt to NYC, a recovery day was needed on Saturday, and honestly, sometimes it's nice to just live life and forget about the internet. A few people have asked about pics from my Paris/Stockholm trip last month (last month!), and I know it sounds crazy, but I've barely looked at them. It's almost too overwhelming. But that's on my goal list for this week. The heat has been gradually subsiding over the past week or so, making getting outside a bit easier and making me feel just a bit more motivated. How have you been doing?

How gorgeous is this sky blue vintage fringed jacket? So perfect over a white sundress.

Pretty bags for fall -- love those fringed backpacks

Just placed my first order from Thrive Market! Click through to get 25% off and a free trial

Advice for growing older

Etsy faves: this kitty planter, these gorgeous earrings, this cozy candle, and this cute-sounding perfume,

Would you try watercolor nail polish? Sounds gorgeous...

This might be the cutest thing. Possibly ever.

Love these pretty lace up flats. And these too. Oh, and these.

Funny 'cause it's true

Wow - these boots are so gorgeous!

Need this blanket for fall - so cozy!

I'd love to throw one of these on after a day at the beach

Holy crap this coat is amazing

Do you need a pep talk?

What to wear to a late summer wedding

NASA's guide to air-filtering houseplants

Officially in need of a rad phone case

The boots I can't stop buying for fall - a classic closet staple for sure

These embroideries are so incredible!

this would look pretty on a desk

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Here & There 8.16

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Happy (lazy) Sunday, guys. What are you up to today? Chris and I got back late last night from a quick road trip up to Beverly for a friend's wedding, and I have a feeling we'll be spending most of today in recovery mode. We stayed with two of our good friends that we don't get to see too often, and it turned into a bit of a... party. We are not 25 anymore, and our bodies are letting us know it.

Can you believe it's already mid-August? So crazy. I have such a long list of things to do before summer ends. Like have a campfire. There aren't enough campfires in my life. Too much partying, not enough campfires. Anyway, hope your day is a good one!

How gorgeous is this handmade clutch from Jess? Perfect for fall (are we already talking about fall?)

I've been on the hunt for some new denim for fall - that patchwork pair is at the top of my list.

Love this post of Megan's - and her outfit!

How rad is this throw pillow? Would love to add to our living room!

OMG - have your heard of Thrive Market? I'm freshly obsessed. Like Whole Foods but with discounts. Click through to get 25% off your first order!

Pretty, boho pieces to add to your wardrobe (that Indian gauze dress!)

This was interesting and made me laugh. Are your parents Costco shoppers? my dad and step mom are, and my brother and I are always referencing the Kirkland jeans episode of Workaholics (lookin' like a boss though in head to toe Costco)

Moorea wrote a freakin' book! I just received my copy and can't wait to dive in. You can pre-order and you might just receive a signed copy :)

Suede skirts are clearly an essential for fall - love this option, and these are super cute and affordable, too (how cute is this?)

Um... rose lemonade anyone? Yes. Please.

A cute alternative to fall's ubiquitous button-up skirt

Mindy Kaling's guide to confidence - love her

Curious about this candle - I think it need it!

My life.

50 if the greatest outfits worn on Friends. Which one is your favorite? (#9! and 14 definitely)

The stylists at work swear by this texturizing spray - have you tried it?

The perfect late-summer date night dress. I'd love to wear this to a beach-side bar after a day of swimming.

Have you checked out ModCloth's sale section lately? Because it's off the charts. These and this are in my cart.

Two-ingredient doughnuts! Genius.
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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Summer Island: Maine in Photos

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 photo Orchid Grey AUgust 11 2015 - 1_zpshn4ghxre.jpg
 photo Orchid Grey AUgust 11 2015 - 12_zpsvvc5jpra.jpg
 photo Orchid Grey AUgust 11 2015 - 11_zpsa2zcoocf.jpg
 photo Orchid Grey AUgust 11 2015 - 7_zpsjc92r4ow.jpg
 photo Orchid Grey AUgust 11 2015 - 8_zpscuf1oquh.jpg
 photo Orchid Grey AUgust 11 2015 - 10_zps0cybiwbg.jpg
 photo Orchid Grey AUgust 11 2015 - 15_zpsu58xgq0i.jpg
 photo Orchid Grey AUgust 11 2015 - 14_zps1quginyh.jpg
 photo Orchid Grey AUgust 11 2015 - 6_zpsj2bsjlma.jpg
 photo Orchid Grey AUgust 11 2015 - 5_zpsajzrz2t8.jpg
 photo Orchid Grey AUgust 11 2015 - 2_zps8hjdyfh3.jpg
 photo Orchid Grey AUgust 11 2015 - 4_zpse4dkppp1.jpg
 photo Orchid Grey AUgust 11 2015 - 3_zpsmni4fnqh.jpg
 photo Orchid Grey AUgust 11 2015 - 13_zpsxj3ygwjg.jpg
Back in early July I made a solo trip home for a few days to hang out with my mom, gather content for work, and otherwise take advantage of a few days off. Since Chris and I hail from the same 25 mile radius, our vacations home tend to be rather harried affairs, jumping from family home to family home in an (often failed) attempt to see everyone. So, going it solo was a nice chance to be on my own schedule and just kick around and visit the places I haven't seen in years.

If you want to fall in love with Maine, visit in June or July (or September, October, November, or December for that matter). It's bittersweet, really. To me, it's the most gorgeous time of year, which also makes it that much harder to leave.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Here & There 8.9

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How was your week? Mine was... long, and I'm happy (oh, so happy) it's the weekend. After a chill day yesterday, Chris and I are headed out for a hike today in an attempt to shake off a little stress. Hope your Sunday is beautiful!

How pretty is this vintage crochet shawl?

Seriously pretty hair inspiration

Really digging classic white and black shoes for late summer, love these options

What to do with all those summer tomatoes

This little moon-shaped planter is so cute!

#ILookLikeanEngineer - loved this story

I'd love to hang this light over our bed

Yum - I want to make these tahini cookies

The perfect booties for fall

This made me laugh... like, really hard

How cozy is this summer-weight sweater? So good for an evening at the beach.

Another recipe, because why not. But yum.

The perfect dress for a late summer wedding guest

UO's bath & body section is NEXT. LEVEL.

It's official... all of my links are food related.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Still Summer

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 photo Orchid Grey August 06 08_zpsd6t9ljop.jpg
 photo Orchid Grey August 06 04_zpsdnowfkwv.jpg
 photo Orchid Grey August 06 03_zpsauz9km9k.jpg
 photo Orchid Grey August 06 02_zps8l7w4jwm.jpg
 photo Orchid Grey August 06 14_zpseljumb7q.jpg
 photo Orchid Grey August 06 06_zpsviard6tg.jpg
 photo Orchid Grey August 06 09_zpstsrtpqee.jpg
 photo Orchid Grey August 06 10_zpspihtsusw.jpg
 photo Orchid Grey August 06 12_zpsxc9fmrvj.jpg
 photo Orchid Grey August 06 07_zpsygpjyicj.jpg
 photo Orchid Grey August 06 13_zpspvk4fjv0.jpg
Guys, it's still summer. Hot, humid, sweaty, glorious summer. I'm trying my best to bask in this 90+ degree heat, because I know seven or eight months from now I'll be shivering and cursing the fact that I remain rooted in such a fickle climate. I'm beginning to see the appeal of LA. But let's be real, I'm a born and bred New Englander and as such, complaint is in my blood.

While the temperature sits firmly planted near the triple digits, I've been turning to outfits like this one in an attempt to keep my body at an agreeable level of comfort while also maybe looking cute. Also helpful: the green leafyness (not a word, let's pretend) of West Philly. Chris and I looked at this neighborhood during our relocation and really fell in love, especially with the way it reminded us both of Beverly and our neighborhood in Pittsburgh. The big old houses, wildflowers spilling from the sidewalks, and big, expansive porches. Ultimately we landed in South Philly, but when a friend's yard sale beckoned us close to Clark Park, we took the opportunity to explore a bit. Just long enough to stop sweating before heading back to the frying pan that is the rest of urban Philadelphia at the height of summer. Happy August, friends.

Get the look: Asos dress (c/o) // Lack of Color Hat // Free People sunglasses (find them here) // Free People sandals (options here) // Vintage bag (similar) // Vintage bracelet // Self-made necklace (similar)

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Here & There 8.1

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Happy Sunday! How are you spending your weekend? We went to see Trainwreck on Friday evening, had a wine and cheese on the stoop date last night, and are headed out for a hike this afternoon. The heat has been unreal, I know - heat? In summer? - but really. We've both been taking any and every opportunity to escape it, and we're counting down the days until we head to the ocean for a friend's wedding. Stay cool, friends. Also - can you believe it's AUGUST?

All the hair inspiration you could ask for - in one place

The most perfect vintage summer dress

Are you on PoshMark? I just joined so I can seriously clean things out around here.

Classic cross body bags for fall - I've got my eye on that push lock number

Made this for dinner the other night and it was SO. GOOD.

Have you checked out ModCloth's new namesake line yet? Super cute, especially for an office.

How to repot your houseplants (I need to do this)

How pretty are these boots? I can see them with distressed denim and a tee for now or a big, chunky sweater for later.

How to meditate

My kind of wedding accessory (love this dress to wear with it, too). Just kidding... kind of.

My favorite write up I've worked on to date - such a wonderful soul

Everyone at the office is obsessed with this skirt - so cute!

Who else is excited about the return of clogs this year?

Really want to try this DIY hair repair mask

Really want to try this all natural deodorant. And I'm freshly obsessed with this French face cream