Monday, August 29, 2016

WORN: Surprise Pants & DIY Ballet Flats

 photo Orchid Grey August 29 2016 -5_zpsovftit8r.jpg
 photo Orchid Grey August 29 2016 -3_zpsslrj4tpr.jpg
 photo Orchid Grey August 29 2016 -4_zpsdnhwexdk.jpg
 photo Orchid Grey August 29 2016 -7_zpsxgq4facp.jpg
 photo Orchid Grey August 29 2016 -1_zpsxclnyztu.jpg
 photo Orchid Grey August 29 2016 -9_zps6ihfjb1d.jpg
 photo Orchid Grey August 29 2016 -6_zpstgkjt2ih.jpg
 photo Orchid Grey August 29 2016 -8_zpsx3gsx06q.jpg
 photo Orchid Grey August 29 2016 -2_zpsmfp1j7d8.jpg

- I love that these black linen culottes from Moorea Seal trick nearly everyone into thinking they're a skirt. What's more fun than surprise pants? Lots of things, but it's still pretty fun to do a karate kick while yelling "THEY'RE PANTS!!!"

- When I first saw these ballet flats pop up in my feed, three things crossed my mind: I love them, there's no way in hell I'm paying $600 for them, and I can make them. And so I did. I already had the flats in my wardrobe (from ThredUp, I feel I should mention), and after a quick trip to M&J Trim for ribbon they were, essentially, mine. For $11. Sure, they're missing the little straps... but I'm working on it. A note for those who want to do the same - I recommend getting two yards for ultimate wrapping possibilities.

- The weather this month has been brutal, but the heat has been great motivation for watching a million YourTube tutorials for braids. I taught myself (liar... a teenage girl on YouTube taught me) how to do these braids at the beginning of the month and they've pretty much been my savior ever since.

Get the look:
Black culottes from Moorea Seal
Thrifted silk tank
Vintage Coach bag with DIY tassels
Repetto ballet flats with DIY ribbon
Free People sunglasses

Edit: As requested here is the link to the hair tutorial that actually worked for me: 

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Here & There 8.28

 photo IMG_5534_zps75ezninz.jpg
This week was full of big decisions and car trouble, per usual. The bright side being that the mechanic's work won't be as much as expected (I stand by my strategy of always expecting the worst when it comes to car problems - that way you'll either be surprised or prepared... or both) and our big decision has to do with a new apartment with more space in the same building as the one we're currently in. With September on the horizon, life doesn't appear to be slowing down in the least BUT we have some fun trips planned on the horizon. Hope your weekend was a good one!

PS - I'm watching The Get Down right now... so good!

Love this cute leather bag for fall

16 things you never knew about Stranger Things (what happened to Barb?)

Would love to drink coffee from this

An interesting podcast about Organic vs. Conventional food

I bet this candle smells good!

A fresh take on making new friends - what do you think?

This reminds me of Maine

Meet Melody - the newest American Girl doll

Just ordered these simple, chic shoes (this pair is great too!)

Style across America

A dress to wear with everything this fall

Love these prints

How to freeze your summer produce

Those sleeves!

A pretty accessory for fall (when you can finally wear your hair down again)

Made me laugh

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

5 for August: The wear now, wear later pieces I love

 photo IMG_5523_zpsetmhpzwx.jpg

I know. It's still summer. It's currently 85 95 degrees outside with about the same amount of humidity (edit: OK, so I wrote this a week ago and the weather is currently actually perfect... but still. Enough.) But there inevitably comes a point in the season when I just can't do summer anymore and I and many others begin muttering about what's to come. Blame impatience. Blame the nature of living in the Northeast, where four distinct seasons give you something to always look forward to. Blame the weather we've been having. Yeah, I blame the weather... for my new-outfit-cravings and thoughts of cooler air. When my gaze drifts from the gauzy dress and sandals on the floor to the leather jacket and jeans in the closet. In my mind at least, I've begun the task of defining the pieces I'd like to add to my closet come... dare I say it?... Fall...

Ahh, I said it! Don't hate me!

August is a funny month. Seasonally, we're still in the throes of summer - in many places, it's the hottest part of summer. But in our minds, maybe we're thinking back to school, or fashion week, or just wishing we'd stop sweating for at least 5 minutes. I'm of the latter camp, sick of a too-hot house and a too-hot city. And while I'm trying not to wish away these days, I can't help but anticipate a little relief. I've started mixing in a few autumn-inspired pieces with my summer wardrobe, perfect for right now and even more so in a few weeks. A silky bomber jacket at night (because the temperature has been glorious at night), a suede mini dress with sneakers for a day when air conditioning is readily available (read: a day at the office), cropped jeans paired with a simple tank. These have been my go-to's lately, easy to move around in, to throw on for a workday or a weekend day, and not quite as casual as a pair of shorts (of everything, I think I'm over shorts the most). When you just can't with summer, these are the pieces to mix in to make everything feel fresh. Because you know the temp's gonna spike again in September!
 photo 8903b18d9d31e16b2bd79ed602db6027_zpsk1n40mfw.jpg

There is a time, however brief, when the weather allows for the pairing of sweaters and sweatshirts with shorts. This is a perfect time, a time when I'll gladly don my shorts once or twice more, for the feeling of a cozy sweater with the freedom of bare legs. Once that time is over, it's over, but let's celebrate while we can, eh?

Wear it now... when the sun goes down with relaxed cut-offs or a miniskirt. Pair with classic sneakers for best results.

Wear it later... with the jeans and boots you see below.

 photo 2b9875706a50f66d3c03393751c48586_zpsaovewqwi.jpg

I have this dress in brown, and I love it enough to covet it in black and red, too. Adorable as-is, with nothing underneath and accessorized with a bandana and Converse Chuck Taylors, it's also the ideal dress for fall.

Wear it now... like I said: bandana, Converse, done.

Wear it later... with a lace turtleneck underneath and thigh high boots.

 photo 14c3cd5c05585929d11e5296d5210d4b_zps6wsvfoid.jpg

I love that comfortable jeans and walkable shoes are an actual thing in fashion these days. I mean, I think I've reached the age where I generally won't wear something that doesn't feel good, but the fact that these two things are trends means the options are seemingly endless. We all need a great pair of jeans in our lives. Point for a button fly.

Wear them now... with a silky camisole and chunky-sole sandals. Also, tee shirts.

Wear them later... with literally everything.

 photo 8a0240385cd108bdb826eea2e54aabac_zpssmapqxnf.jpg

I got these boots in brown last fall, so I can now confidently say they've served me well in all four seasons. They're the kind of boots I regretted not also getting in black, so you can bet they're right back in my shopping cart this time around.

Wear them now... to toughen up all your summer dresses, especially white gauzy numbers and breezy shirtdresses.

Wear them later... with jeans and a cozy sweater, like the one above.

 photo 653a15d5f51ca41bbc4b3a6d779d9c4e_zpsys2arjvo.jpg

After months of lugging around giant beach totes and backpacks filled with all manner of picnic-in-the-park supplies, a small cross-body bag feels downright liberating. This one is perfectly sized to fitt the essentials and just the essentials.

Wear it now... with that cute dress above and a pair of sandals or espadrilles.

Wear it later... with the sweater, jeans, and chelsea boots. But, it's a bag, so you can pretty much pait it with anything. Godspeed.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Here & There 8.20

 photo IMG_5373_zpstkrjetf4.jpg
Happy weekend! What are you up to? Chris and I are celebrating our 5-year wedding anniversary today (!!!), which blows my mind. 5 years feels so short considering all that we've managed to do in this time - new states, new jobs - it's wild. We're planning on spending the afternoon in the city and grabbing dinner tonight. Nothing crazy, but a perfect way to spend a special Saturday afternoon. Hope your weekend is a good one! xo

How to help the victims of the Louisiana floods

This vintage tulle skirt is pretty much the prettiest ever - wouldn't it look great layered over high-waisted underwear and paired with a big chunky sweater?

Fu Yuanhui, Olympic and feminist hero

Because we all need pretty underthings - love these lacy lingerie pieces and these everyday basics

So in love with this gorgeous home decor

Save 25% off select styles at Madewell - Love this easy boho dress

Did you see Sarah Robles lift in the Olympics? So incredible. I just read this interesting -- and heart breaking -- article about her.

Save up 70% off at Asos! This dress would be great for a wedding

What were your #firstsevenjobs? Mine were: retail at a Polo Ralph Lauren outlet (14-16), counselor in training at a summer camp (16), grocery store clerk (16-20), retail at Eastern Boarder (a skate/snowboard shop) (18-22), campus admissions assistant (18-20), campus building maintenance (18-20), and campus reception (20-22).

Really want to read this book

Amber Heard is donating her 7 million divorce settlement in the ultimate power move

A pretty, classic striped top for fall

Love this pretty handmade necklace (this one too)

Loved this story on Winona Ryder

The wide world of sexism!

Revolve is having a big sale - love these boyfriend jeans

Because I need to take better care of myself: On mindfulness and self-care

Would love to hang this pretty moon in my window

Why don't more homeless shelters accept pets?

This would make a gorgeous fall wedding dress

And because I think we all need this: Vin Diesel singing Rihanna's 'Stay'

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

What To Wear To A Summer Wedding

 photo Orchid Grey August 14 2016 - 8_zpsgzhygneg.jpg
 photo Orchid Grey August 14 2016 - 5_zpsakfzhelv.jpg
 photo Orchid Grey August 14 2016 - 1_zpsdxbvvy28.jpg
 photo Orchid Grey August 14 2016 - 2_zpsyrbfkgtd.jpg
 photo Orchid Grey August 14 2016 - 6_zpshhmtx6jo.jpg
 photo Orchid Grey August 14 2016 - 7_zpskjxv1wcq.jpg
 photo Orchid Grey August 14 2016 - 4_zpsggcs0hzr.jpg
 photo Orchid Grey August 14 2016 - 3_zpsla4kj6d7.jpg

Get the look:
Free People 'Faye' dress (more options here)
Sole Society heels (similar styles here)
Similar round sunglasses
Self-made necklace (similar)

This summer has been one for the books in terms of sheer business. Between my new work schedule and jam-packed weekends, it's been hard to take a break or even catch a breath, it feels like we're always moving. We've had obligations every weekend since late May, and this past weekend was no different, except our obligation was to witness the marriage of Chris's best friend in Maine. Soooo... "obligation" isn't quite the right word for it... "joy", "excitement", you get the gist. We were more than thrilled to have an excuse to travel home, if only for a short amount of time. Best Man that he was, Chris flew up before me for the bachelor party and I was to follow with the car. Except the car wasn't having any of it.

But even a busted transmission line couldn't keep me away, and after an Uber ride, two excruciatingly long and uncomfortable bus rides, a lift from my father-in-law to New Hampshire, and a borrowed car from my father to drive to Maine, I was there. Tired, but there.

The opportunities to dress up these days are pretty few and far between for Chris and I, so any chance we get, we take. I bought this dress shortly before leaving Free People expressly for this particular wedding, and it's been burning a hole in my proverbial pocket ever since. It's light, airy, and perfect for the blazing hot days we've been having, but easily transitioned to fall layered under a denim or leather jacket (I'm counting down the days until leather jacket weather), but even then, I was tempted to jump in the water at Two Lights, where the ceremony took place.

PS - Thank you so much to everyone who commented on my recent post about my new job. I truly appreciate your words of encouragement -- and luggage recommendations! xo

Monday, August 8, 2016

Philadelphia > NYC

 photo image 10_zpsthtuslv8.jpeg

In case you missed it -- and you probably did because other than on Instagram, I haven't mentioned much -- I have a new job, and a sorta-not-really new city. (!!!) I started my new chapter a few weeks ago when I joined the brand marketing team at Etsy. A huge decision, but one I'm so excited about, for so many reasons. A big one being that I'll eventually be a remote employee working from home, wherever home may be. As someone who has relocated for every step of my career thus far, from Maine to Massachusetts to Pittsburgh to Philadelphia, that's huge. But, the operative word back there is eventually. For the next month or so, I'm commuting a few days at a time from Philly to NYC, and living out of a hotel room while I get settled with my new team and new company (the whole thing reminds me so much of my days as an admissions counselor, minus the embarrassing amount of Panera and car karaoke).

 photo image 12_zpsdqyhwuo0.jpeg
Allbirds sneakers
Grafea leather backpack (more colors here)
Free People sunglasses
Blackhorne crescent keychain

As you might imagine, the shakeup in my schedule has been a whirlwind, one part awesome, one part exhausting. I love the fact that my days are unpredictable, that I've shaken off the home-car-office-gym-home schedule, what I don't love so much is dragging a roller case through the NYC subway system (but man, I think I may have found a great substitute for the gym!). But when I find myself cursing that suitcase and missing home (and I do miss home and the husband and cat therein... a lot), I have to remind myself what unique experience this is. Like a lot of kids who grew up in the country, when I was younger I imagined myself running off to New York as soon as I was old enough. Before I discovered photography, I had dreams of being a fashion designer, and that's just where you went. To New York. Right? Of course -- and obviously -- priorities changed, and as I got older, my desire to live in the city lessened and lessened, but I love that I get to experience it now on a more regular basis and in more digestible amounts of time... and then come home to Philly, a city that now seems so much quieter and spacious compared to the fray and frenetics of NYC. Until I make the jump to being full-time remote, I'm taking advantage. Seeing as many friends as I can, and exploring as much as possible in the hours before and after work, and trying to figure out the best commuter situation in the process. Two hours, three states, two trains and an Uber... sneakers and a backpack (and a good book) are necessary not-so-evils. I've been living in my Allbirds, quite possibly the world's most comfortable sneakers that go with pretty much everything, and picked up a simple leather backpack when I learned I got the job. Next up? A hard-case roller suitcase, or at least some kind of quality luggage. My Wal-Mart bargain of 10 years ago is not holding up (15???? oh my god it was 15 years ago....).

Do you have a crazy long commute? Any recommendations? Have a suitcase you like? Help!

PS - You'll still be able to find me on the Free People blog and The Style Line, where I'll be staying on as a contributing writer :)

 photo image 11_zps6s65p9lq.jpeg
 photo image 9_zpsceqy9ptp.jpeg

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Here & There 7.30

 photo image 8_zps2avpvp24.jpeg

Happy weekend! What are you up to? This is our last zero travel, zero obligation weekend for the next month, so I'm looking forward to not doing much of anything. Mostly, I want to sleep. And that's it! August will be full of visits from friends, weddings, anniversaries (five years!), and family and I can't wait. Hope your weekend's a good one!

This sheer vintage '70s dress would look awesome layered over a black bra and cutoffs

Save 35% off your purchase from Gap, just got this pretty Victorian-inspired top. Love this varsity jacket too!

How pretty is this simple wall hanging?

"I'm Hillary Fucking Clinton"

Really want to read this book

Thick thighs save lives

This squash blossom-inspired necklace is gorgeous

My new favorite Instagram

Love this cute cactus bag

The story of a 'Fuck Off Fund'

I'd love to travel with one of these bags

The shade of it all (this is amazing, even if it maybe wasn't intentional... but let's pretend it was)

These pants go with everything

Beautiful portraits of immigrants from the 1900s

This would be a great dress to wear to a wedding

Yum - these cookies sound so good! (also, these brownies!)

How gorgeous is this backpack?