Thursday, February 23, 2017

WORN: Vintage Levi's & Velvet

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 photo IMG_9191_zpsx4rfjyqs.jpg
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I've been hanging on to this velvet tank for years. At least 10, possibly 15. I think I may even have acquired it in high school. If memory serves, it's a hand-me-down from a family friend, and until recently I just didn't know how to wear it. It's a funny length, not long enough to be tucked in or to drape casually over skinny jeans, but too long to be a crop top. Deep down, I knew I'd figure it out someday and it was just too nice and too basic to ever get rid of. I know, I'm ridiculous. it's a goddamn black tank top - what's the problem? But I'd wager everyone has their own version of this -- something nice, but slightly awkward -- hiding in their closet. Well, enter vintage Levi's. You guys, I figured it out. I figured out how to wear a shirt. Groundbreaking. But I really love how nicely it layered beneath this vintage embroidered jacket, and it was blissfully warm enough this past weekend to even go out without a heavy coat.

We're getting a little taste of spring this week, and I'm not mad about it. Global warming, yes, but what a difference a little vitamin D makes. They're calling for temps nearing 70 today -- perhaps a little too warm, but I'll take it, if only for a day or two. C'mon spring!

Vintage Levi's -- same or similar vintage-inspired options here
Vintage bed jacket -- similar
Vintage velvet tank -- similar 
Madewell boots -- similar options here
Vintage jewelry
Free People Sunglasses

Monday, February 20, 2017

In My Bag

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My schedule has changed pretty dramatically over the past year. Going from a solid 9-6 (usually much later than 6, tbh) office routine to splitting my time between working from home and commuting to Dumbo, it's been a lot to get used to. Some days I have no commute at all, and some days I spend four hours schlepping myself between Philly and Brooklyn, hopping between Uber, Amtrak and the subway. It's a balancing act for sure and I've found that carrying the right bag with the right things in it can make or break the commute. I don't like a lot of fuss, especially in the winter when I'm also burdened with layers and a coat that immediately becomes too warm the second I step on the train. I wish I could say I've perfected it, but 8 months later I'm still making tweaks and adjustments. Sometimes I carry a backpack, sometimes this tote from Moorea Seal is all I need. Today I'm sharing some of the essentials I've been carrying with me these days, many of which are key to making a two hour train ride bearable. Hint: most of them are books... travel activities aren't just for kids! They're for professional, grown-ass adult women too!

Bag: Julia Canright Block Printed Tote Bag
On the hunt for a decent tote bag that could handle my computer on lighter commuting days, I found this great hand-printed tote on Moorea Seal and fell in love. It's roomy enough to hold my laptop and a couple of books, but not too big to also carry as a regular purse on weekends. It's great for weekends at flea markets or wandering the city, when I might pick up a couple of small things and don't want to acquire shopping bags.

A Really Good Pen
Because a really good pen makes all the difference between actually using your planner or journal or whatever and living a life of disorganization. I'm liking Ink Joy pens right now.

Awakening Loving-Kindness - Pema Chödrön
I've been a fan of Chödrön's uncomplicated approach to meditation for a while now, and like how portable the pocket shambhala classics are. I'm working my way up to a daily meditation practice, but for days when it doesn't happen, or I need a break from the storm, I read this.

52 Lists for Happiness - Moorea Seal
My girl Moorea's 2nd book and it's goooood. I think it's simpler in its approach than the first one and I like that it has a focus - happiness. I'm finding the lists surprisingly difficult to fill out sometimes, which is a good thing. It's making me seriously consider how I spend my time and how I can better tune in to what brings me true happiness.

Law of Attraction Planner
Can you tell I'm on a self-improvement tear this year? After ending 2016 on a lower note, I decided to make 2017 the year of being better. This planner is a whopper for sure, but I love that it's A - not dated and B - has sections for seemingly every area of life. Not just to-dos but current goals, inspiration, and long-term goals for where you hope to be.

 photo IMG_9132_zpsbkqpx5s8.jpg

Kindle Paperwhite
So, I clearly like to saddle myself with too many books, this little device is an attempt to at least somewhat break the habit. I was resistant to depending on yet another device, especially one that takes the place of print, but I was having trouble returning my library books on time and I also wanted to be able to spend more time reading during my commute to Brooklyn instead of staring at my laptop screen. Now that I've gotten used to it, I think it'll be great for summer and going back to my mom's, too.

'Coffee' iPhone Case
Because some things just speak your language and my language is coffee, cats and crystals and this case features all three.

Solid Amber Perfume
To me, this smells like pure nostalgia. My mom used to give me these little carved Indian soapstone boxes with solid perfume inside when I was younger and I recently rediscovered them via my favorite metaphysical bookstore here in Philly. This one is 1 note - amber - and I love how simple and warm it is.

Free People Sunglasses
My favorites - I have two pairs because they literally work with every outfit.

Blackhorne Black Crescent Keychain

Glossier Balm Dot Com, NYX Lip Lingerie in Cashmere Milk & Liquid Suede in Cherry Skies

'Yes/No' Pin Set 
I picked this little pin set up on a recent trip to Pittsburgh when we popped into Juju (arguably one of the best shops in PGH and owned by Leslie, rad lady and former OG sponsor!).

Not pictured: Hand sanitizer... because the NYC subway + Amtrak + multiple Uber Pools in one day are no joke.

And always too many metrocards... because that's life
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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Here & There 2.19

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What a beautiful weekend we had! The temperature's been in the 60s the past two days, a nice reminder of what a little sun and warmth can do for the soul (and my mood). I have tomorrow off, so my weekend's not over yet, and I'm looking forward to taking the extra day to get caught up on blogging and sleep and just about everything else in life. xo

Love these classic vintage riding boots

Just your weekly reminder to make your voice heard

Big news from Etsy this week!!

Ridiculously cute kitty sticky notes

Godspeed, young beast

Take an extra 40% off home & tech sale items at Urban Outfitters!

The culture of nastiness

Gorgeous shoes for spring (loving these too)

Bravo, Bill de Blasio

Pretty earrings

Wise words

Love these rainy day mugs

cute way to store your change or headphones

Pretty epic Japanese street style

Floaty pieces for warmer air

pretty dress for spring

Why being busy is BS

This would make a gorgeous spring wedding dress

YUM - these brownies sound AMAZING

What a cute swimsuit (love these bright and bold options too)

funny tee

Save 20% at Asos! This dress would be perfect for right now

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Here & There 2.12

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Well, it's happened. I've reached that special point in winter when all I want is spring. I'm that person now. I'm awful. We were given a tiny glimpse of it last week, with 65 degree weather, which then promptly transformed into a full day of wind and snow. I'm jealous of the winter they're getting up north, feet of snow is a little different when you've got frozen ponds and mountains and snow-covered trails to use! So yes, I'm counting down the days until city life turns fun again, and in the meantime, attempting to break the cycle of yoga pants/sweatshirt/sneakers/sweater/jeans/boots. The lack of inspiration is getting a little old.

We had a little scare with Zephyr last week. He was fine and then all of a sudden acting weird, the way cats act when they're not feeling well (sort of moody and removed). After 24 hours of close observation he's perfectly fine and back to his old self, after thoroughly scaring both Chris and I.

I've been working hard at destressing and getting back to myself lately. I went to my first hot yoga class on Friday night, a Standing Rock benefit held by Philadelphia Hot Yoga, and loved it. The instructor was great, and it was a fun and relaxed class, focusing on love with Valentine's coming up. I was reminded of how much I love yoga and they way it brings me back to inhabiting my body, washing my overcrowded brain clean for just a little while. I set the intention to do more of it, and have been working to bring more mindfulness into my day-to-day as well. I've been feeling great on that front.

This week will be a crazy one. I'll be in NYC for three days, including Valentine's Day, with a whirlwind of work stuff happening. I can't believe we're already halfway through February?! How is that possible?

How pretty is this handmade leather hair stick?

I just ordered this! Now... what should I read first?! Recommendations please!

Pretty shoes for spring

Free People sale is on sale! Extra 30% off sale items... like this perfect top

So in love with these earrings

What can I do?

Cute Valentine's hearts

What a cute pin set

Should you care?

Love these fun accessories

A model on set was reading this recently... now in my cart (also just got this - can't wait to start filling it out!)

Funny cuz' it's true

Pretty, stylish bags

JK Rowling is slaying Twitter these days

Cool yoga accessories

The power of consumer action

Really want to read this book

A handmade mug subscription box!

Melissa McCarthy is the hero we all needed

Letting go of distractions

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Here & There 1.29

 photo IMG_8841_zpsrc0qatcs.jpg
How is it Sunday night already? I'm not ready for this week to start. It's going to be a busy one with several trips to NYC, which always means that the balancing act of life becomes that much more complicated. I hope you have a good week, friends. Stay safe xo

Love this gorgeous vintage top - so cute with high-waisted Levi's

Love the ACLU! This was huge, but it's not permanent... it's time to take action, donate, and make your voice heard

5 Calls... a great resource for standing up to the american president

This handmade bag is evvvvvrything

This makes me so happy

I picked up this gorgeous nail polish

Blue feed, red feed

Booty pin

Just started this book

Holy shit... this vintage jacket!

I bet this smells amazing

How pretty is this moon phase mug?

The forgotten story of muslims who saved jewish people during the holocaust

Pretty minimalist earrings

Yum... this bowl looks sooooo good

Concern, not contempt

Sweet notes to send to your galentines

Mary Tyler Moore's life in pictures

What a beautiful wall hanging

Friday, January 27, 2017

WORN: This is 33

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 photo IMG_8809_zpsmjm6aujv.jpg
 photo IMG_8806_zpsnpgwqerb.jpg
 photo IMG_8802_zpsqjfuuiha.jpg
 photo IMG_8804_zpseazoyrpq.jpg
 photo IMG_8808_zpsrzxh8f6f.jpg
 photo IMG_8803_zpspf43g2k4.jpg

Today I'm 33. I wish I had something profound to say about it... but I don't. Do I feel 33? Sometimes yes and sometimes no. One thing I do know is that I am thoroughly enjoying being in my 30s. I never understood people who say your high school years are the best years of your life... frankly, the older I get, the better the years are. Or perhaps I appreciate them more. I've never been one to do the whole 33 before 34 list thing, or whatever it is, but I'll absolutely be setting some goals tonight. It's the new moon, which is pretty amazing, so tonight I plan to give my goals some structure and to let go of the thoughts, feelings, hang-ups and failures that I don't need... that don't serve me. I plan to make 33 a powerful year, one of action and strength and self-acceptance.... but first, some karaoke and dancing, because I'd like this year to also be more fun than all the rest. Cheers friends, let's go eat some cake.

Also, shoutout to Moorea Seal for carrying a pair of over the knee boots that actually go over my knees, don't squish my bodacious thighs and boast a lower (but still something) heel! Perfection.

Free People dress (similar)

Monday, January 23, 2017

Recipe: Collard breakfast wraps (An easy way to eat more vegetables)

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Though I've yet to write about them (I know), one of my big goals for 2017 is to get back on the health bandwagon. The second half of last year came with its fair share of struggles, and in the face of added stress coming from all angles, my eating habits suffered and working out became a distant memory, so much so that when I finally did get back in the gym everything felt completely foreign. I started out this month thinking I'd create my intentions right away, but as it drew on, it became clear that January is more of a transitional month for me. In the past I've done Whole 30s, or given up alcohol, etc starting January 1st, but this time around it's been crucial for me to take this time to set myself up for the coming year. First thing's first, getting back to the style of eating that makes me feel my best! Which equals tons of vegetables and fresh things and lots of color. I'm gearing up for a strict Whole 30 in February, so to prepare, I've been cutting back on grains and gluten, which make me feel bloated and sluggish in the first place, and on processed foods and white sugar while working to remind myself how much I love all things fresh.

I've found that one of the easiest ways to start the day off right is with breakfast. Breakfast has always been my favorite meal of the day -- coffee literally is what gets me out of bed in the morning -- so on the weekends and when I'm working from home (meaning: when I don't have to wake up at 5) I try to design the meal so it includes lots of fresh veggies and a little fruit. I've found that if I start my day focusing on health, with a lot of water and lots of fresh things, the rest of the day is more likely to follow suit. This has been a go-to lately, so I thought I'd share! Collard greens are my favorite bread, tortilla and wrap replacement, they're sturdy, super crunchy and packed with vitamins and micronutrients (hello vitamin A). Unlike butter lettuce and romaine, collard greens don't disintegrate under heavier fillings, so there's way less mess. I like to cut up a bunch of veggies on Sunday to use as salad fixings and collard wrap fillings throughout the week, which makes assembly super fast and easy.

Collard Green Breakfast Tacos
[makes 2]

1/2 large collard green leaf, washed, with center vein removed and cut into 2 pieces
1-2 eggs (tofu scramble also works!)
Coconut oil or ghee
Purple cabbage (sliced)
Radish (sliced)
Cilantro (sliced)
Green onion (sliced)
Avocado (sliced)
Hot sauce
Nutritional yeast

Scramble eggs in coconut oil until done. Divide in two and place on collard leaf pieces. Top with veggies, hot sauce and nutritional yeast.

 photo IMG_8722_zpsluhbxcfn.jpg