Sunday, July 17, 2016

Here & There 7.17

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Happy Sunday night, friends. How was your weekend? Chris and I just got back from a weekend spent celebrating the upcoming wedding of a couple of our closest friends and I think it might have been one of the greatest weekends of my life thus far (really!). We spent two days on a boat surrounded by some of our favorite people, swimming, drinking, making food, and catching up. After how busy and stressful the past couple of months have been, it was what my heart needed. Hope yours was just as great, here are some links to start your week off right.

Love this pretty vintage Indian gauze top

Cute jackets for late summer

Damn... homemade vegan milkyway

Love this pretty crop top... perfect with these crop trousers!

A peek inside Amazon's warehouse (whoa)

This dress would be beautiful to wear to a summer wedding

How to be a better traveler

Perfect pins for days

A really easy dinner

Love this pretty flower garland

How gorgeous is this vintage bag?

Next on my must-read list

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

WORN: Red, White & Gingham Off The Shoulder

 photo OrchidGrey_July122016-6_zpsjpi49yco.jpeg
 photo OrchidGrey_July122016-4_zpsy982gcq2.jpeg
 photo image 2_zpsrsjpr6fe.jpeg
 photo OrchidGrey_July122016-3_zpsc59mdrqw.jpeg
 photo OrchidGrey_July122016-7_zpsltcr8lfk.jpeg
 photo OrchidGrey_July122016-1_zpskzvc2ohb.jpeg
 photo OrchidGrey_July122016-2_zpsz2apjcqs.jpeg
Get the look:
Urban Outfitters dress (similar one, two, three)
Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars
Vintage Lee denim jacket (similar)
Moorea Seal enamel pins (also here)
Vintage Coach bag (similar)
Vintage bandana

A simple summer outfit for a sweltering summer afternoon. The heat lately has been truly unbelievable, so I've been turning to breezy pieces like this off the shoulder gingham dress. The best part? It barely touches my body, so when the humidity tops out at 90% I still feel cool (or, at least as cool as possible). 

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Perfume Obsessed

 photo Orchid Grey Perfume 2_zpsczpsyb77.jpeg
I never thought of myself as too much of a perfume person, yet somehow I've amassed a small collection. Truth be told, I love the ritual of fragrance. How, no matter how much I may feel like a total mess on a daily basis, adding a scent never fails to make me feel at least somewhat put together. While I love the idea of a 'signature scent', my mood shifts so dramatically from day to day that I love having a small arsenal at my disposal to suit how I'm feeling. While I used to gravitate towards more traditional designer fragrances (you might spy Marc Jacobs' 'Daisy' back there, purely for looks at this point), more recently I've changed course, collecting mostly small-batch scents that you might not find every day. Today I'm sharing my favorites...
 photo Orchid Grey Perfume 7_zpsyhmgmoqu.jpeg
Mystic Pearl from Raw Spirit... This might just be my scent for the summer. Mystic Pearl smells bright and ocean-y, a hint of the sea with jasmine and white flowers that manages to smell earthy and fresh at the same time without crossing into musky territory.
 photo Orchid Grey Perfume 6_zpsnimn0ybf.jpeg
Moonshine from Sisters of the Black Moon... I picked up Moonshine a couple of years ago while in Texas for SXSW, so I always associate this scent with one of my favorite US cities and one of my favorite events that  was involved in with Free People. It was incredibly rainy, and this was one of my first experiences running events with Free People, and as much as I was having fun, I was also stressed out and feeling a little lonely. I had popped over to Feathers to work on a feature before a photo session with Nikki Lane, and I picked up this sexy, moody scent along with a pair of earrings. I like to wear them both to remember that crazy, whirlwind time of life.
 photo Orchid Grey Perfume 3_zpsznsses1r.jpeg
Dark Wave & Violet/Leather from OLO Fragrance... Dark wave was my first introduction to the world of small batch fragrance and it's still one of my favorites. It's dark, as expected, and smokey, reminiscent of rainy days in a green place. Violet/Leather smells exactly how it sounds, sophisticated with a masculine twist. I also love Lightning Paw, which reminds me of the ocean.
 photo Orchid Grey Perfume 1_zps1nazubmw.jpeg
Gilded Fox & Moonlight Gypsy from Pinrose Fragrance... I have a feeling Gilded Fox will be my go-to come December. It's slightly sweet, with vanilla and rum, but not overly so. It's sexy, something i'd wear with dark velvet. Moonlight Gypsy is a bit brighter, with notes of cardamom and orange blossom. Summery and perfect for a hot day. (I also really want to try Campfire Rebel, which sounds amazing).
 photo Orchid Grey Perfume 5_zpsrlncuqvv.jpeg
Oud Sahara from Gourmand... OK, so definitely neither 'small batch' in any sense of the word, but Oud Sahara smells so damn good. After missing it during the holidays, I finally found it in the King of Prussia UO a couple of months back. All the scents in this line smell great though, next on my list is Lait de Coco.
 photo Orchid Grey Perfume 4_zpsmo4cwpp8.jpeg
Tiger's Eye... Tiger's Eye was a gift from Chris over the holidays, so it always conjures good memories. The scent is is the masculine side, something I actually prefer, and I wear it on days I'm feeling particularly put together or in need of a little encouragement.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Here & There 7.9

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What a week it's been. After the deeply saddening news that's filled the past few days, I'm planning on spending my weekend decompressing and taking some time to reflect and recharge.

History, despite its wrenching pain, Cannot be unlived, but if faced with courage, need not be lived again. - Maya Angelou

'Traffic Stop' - I listened to this story from Story Corps awhile back, and it's especially relevant now

"He was a real guy, he made a real contribution" 

'What White People Can Do To Support #BlackLivesMatter' (thank you, Bianca, for posting this)

Love this geometric leather purse, so pretty for festival season

Meet the painter who inspired Kanye's latest video

This floral dress would make a gorgeous bridesmaid dress

Holy damn these ice cream sandwiches look good

How insanely cute are these cactus soaps?

I'd love to hang this moon phase piece above my bed

The best travel photos of the year

Cute & casual pieces for lazy summer weekend

Oh I think I definitely need this cute kitty notebook

8 DIYs for your weekend

Love this denim jumpsuit

Pretty much want everything in this Etsy shop (Luke's diner pin??)

So many new things from Moorea Seal! Love this pretty bracelet.

How sweet are these unique purses? Love the cheese!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Standing On The Cliff Of Change

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Life has been one big bowl of cherries lately, only the real life kind of cherries where about 70% of them are ripe and juicy and divine, and the other 30% are a little bit of everything. Some are bitter(sweet), some a little rotten, some just downright shrivvly and gross. And they all have pits! And that's OK. If there's anything I've come to learn since stepping out into the big world of being a (semi) responsible adult, it's that life is a mixed bag. Sometimes it's great! Sometimes you get mugged four times in one year (thanks, 2014). In the end you have to roll with it and hope you make the right decisions along the way.

There's been a lot of decision making in our house over the past couple of months. Opportunities have come up that are somewhat terrifying while being so incredibly exciting at the same time. Lots of soul-searching between bouts of watching too much Drag Race, attempting to keep cool in front of our AC, and lots of salads for dinner (it's hot here). Sometimes I think I crave and welcome change because I know I'm innately averse to it. I get comfy. When plans change at the last minute I get sweaty and panicked. I'm obsessed with schedules, mostly my own, mostly obsessed with controlling it. So when the opportunity for big, drastic change comes about, I'm like why the hell not? Let's get uncomfortable! In the end, I think I just want to be able to look back and know that I took risks, that I didn't shrink in the face of something different and new. If there's anything I've learned over the past several years, it's that life is wild. It will take you in so many unexpected directions if you let it, but it's also important to be there at the helm, steering the way. Chris and I celebrated our 13th year of togetherness this past April -- our relationship is officially a feisty teenager! -- and it blows my mind to think back on those early years. We had small ideas of where we'd be, certainly zero expectations of where we'd eventually end up. (Frankly, we fought so much in our first couple of years that I think both of us were like, "you're cool for now, but ultimately you're insane." -- we've obviously chilled out a lot) And now, looking back and looking forward, who knows where we'll end up in 13 more years. Like I said, life is a wild, wild thing.

Anyway, all these changes taking place, they've really forced me to question what I want out of life, versus what others perceive I want out of life, if that makes sense. Do I stand still, staying put out of some notion that others think I'm where I'm meant to be? Or do I dare to move and try something new (and maybe perceived as out of left field) and surprise myself and those around me? In the end, I think I've decided that I want the adventure and surprise.

Monday, July 4, 2016

WORN: Boho Blouse + Vintage Denim

 photo OrchidGreyJuly52016-6_zpslkdxmyxm.jpeg
 photo OrchidGreyJuly52016-7_zpsckspju22.jpeg
 photo OrchidGreyJuly52016-9_zpsgtwalsyh.jpeg
 photo OrchidGreyJuly52016-5_zpslri6vdmh.jpeg
 photo OrchidGreyJuly52016-8_zpsz1n60s28.jpeg
 photo OrchidGreyJuly52016-4_zps3fhlzrwp.jpeg
 photo OrchidGreyJuly52016-2_zpsw4hfzuge.jpeg
 photo OrchidGreyJuly52016-3_zps3shpft5n.jpeg
Get the look:
Vintage blouse from Moon + Arrow (similar)
Vintage thrifted Levi's Jeans (similar)
Bali ELF bag
Vintage earrings (similar)
Kork Ease x Free People wedges
Vintage ring

I've had a long-standing obsession with Indian block-printed cotton anything. I blame my mother, who used to sport it in the late '80s, early '90s when I was a kid (or at least that's what I remember - who knows). But despite my obsession, I didn't own a single piece until recently. I'd been looking for the perfect dress or blouse, and lo and behold, one of my local favorites, Moon + Arrow, pulled through for me with this gorgeous top. It has everything: volume, color, and jingly bells on the ties at the neck. I bought it as a sort of 'congratulations' gift for myself after a recent accomplishment, and pretty much haven't taken it off since.

I'm still on the hunt for a dress, but I love that a blouse is practically seasonless. With boots and an extra layer, this look can take me right into fall and winter, but for now, let's just pretend those seasons don't exist... also, shout out to big shoes that don't hurt my feet! Lately I'm all about big flatforms that keep my feet as a comfortable angle while making me at least 6-inches taller. Practically everything hurts my feet, so it's a small miracle when I find a pair of shoes that aren't Birks or sneakers that I can spend all day in.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Here + There + Best Independence Day Sales

 photo OrchidgreyJuly1_zpswdeyli5o.jpeg
Happy almost 4th of July! What are your plans this holiday weekend? I'm off to the beach tomorrow and then planning on exploring the city. I wasn't in town last year for the 4th, so I'm excited to see how crazy things get. Have an amazing weekend! XO

Uhhh.... I know it's not sweater season, but how gorgeous is this cardigan? Perfect for summer bonfire nights!

My latest piece for The Style Line is up - read it here

Speaking of vintage-style, these vintage-inspired sunnies are calling my name (+ all of them are on sale!)

Everything you've ever wanted to know about pumpkin seeds

Love this sweet little dreamcatcher

Yes, I would definitely live here

This handmade pourover set would be the perfect thing to wake up to

Sale! Save an extra 20% off sale items from ModCloth - digging this rad embossed bag

BRB currently sobbing

How cute is Grace Coddington's new perfume?

Sale! Save an extra 40% off sale items from J.Crew - like the perfect denim jacket

I'm not a big jello shot person, but all of these look pretty amazing

Just got these new Birkenstocks and I'm in loooooove

Sale! Take an extra 40% off sale items from Nasty Gal - I'd grab this fringed suede jacket and this bohemian dress

What to eat this summer to avoid bloat and feel great

This would make a gorgeous summer wedding dress

Sale! Take an extra 30% off sale items from Urban Outfitters - Love these vintage-style Nikes, this cute mini dress, and this gingham midi dress

One majorly inspiring lady

Zephyr would love to cozy up in this cute kitty bed

Excited for this new cookbook!

Hilary Clinton wrote a piece for the Toast and it's pretty great