Monday, January 31, 2011

Out here all night

Photos: Chris
Dress: J.Crew (super sale)
Booties: Kate Spade v. TjMaxx ($35 sale & gift card)
Bag: H&M ($17)
Belt: vintage (photoshoot)
tights: American Apparel ($20)
bracelet c/o ModCloth
How was your weekend? Relaxing? Cold? Both? It was both here! More snow in the forecast this week, but for now just very chilly. This is what I wore out on Friday night to my birthday dinner with friends. I've been saving this dress for a long time, waiting for a special occasion, and Friday was the perfect night for it. The color is one of my absolute favorites, and the cut was nice and relaxed.

I had a great two-day birthday celebration. As I said on Thursday, I met my mom in Portsmouth, NH and had lunch at the Friendly Toast, and afterwards I took myself out to spend the gift cards I received for Christmas. This is one of my favorite little rituals, I save all the gift cards I receive for Christmas until my birthday, and then take myself out shopping. Not only does it feel like I'm buying myself birthday gifts, but usually by the end of January, everything is on super sale! I've been eyeing these Kate Spade booties at TjMaxx for a couple of months, but had to wait until the price went down. Lucky for me, they were only $35 on Thursday! I love the little ruffle at the top.

I have to say January has been swell, but I'm ready for February. Are you going to the IFB Conference next week? I am and I can't wait! It's my first year going, but I'm glad I waited. I feel as if it will be very beneficial for me this year. Do you have any Valentines Day plans? Happy January 31st!
Have you checked out ModCloth's Cozy Up Sale yet?

Sunday, January 30, 2011


Cats get a lot of love around here, which isn't to say dogs aren't in our hearts. Chris has been pushing for a bull-dog going on three years. I feel a little bad, like I'm denying him a little, wrinkly puppy-friend. I hope that someday soon we'll be able to afford one, but in the meantime here's just a picture. Click here to see more canine inspiration. Just a funny photo for your Sunday afternoon. Are you having a relaxing weekend?

Friday, January 28, 2011

Have a cozy weekend!

Thank you so much to everyone who left me such thoughtful birthday greetings yesterday! We're just laying low this afternoon, keeping warm inside. Tonight, a big birthday dinner is planned and I can't wait! I have something fabulous to wear and I'm so excited to go out with friends (psst- I'll show you the outfit on Monday!). I hope you all have a warm and cozy weekend!
I think "cat friday" is becoming a regular institution around here, it's hard to resist the cuteness that saturates our apartment. If you ever want an extremely happy cat, I recommend you provide either a heat vent at full blast (left), or a heated blanket (right). Instant cat magnet!

Happy Weekend!

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

HAPPY! (happy)! BIRTHDAY! (birthday)!

Thanks right! it's my birthday! 27 years ago today, I was causing a lot of trouble.
Button-up: J.Crew outlet ($20)
Skirt: LOFT thrifted & altered ($6)
Belt: J.Crew outlet ($10 sale)
Necklace: J.Crew ($15 sale)
Tights: AA super opaque ($25)
Bracelet: Vintage (gift)
Shoes: GAP ($34)
Even though this outfit is from Tuesday, I decided to post it today because I think it's a happy outfit (even though I look a bit glum, it was cold), how can polka-dots not be happy? It's really different from what I've been wearing lately, but I enjoyed changing things up.

I found this skirt on a thrifting expedition over the weekend and I'm so pleased I bought it. I almost didn't, the original fit wasn't that flattering, it is supposed to sit lower on the hips and was too long for my taste. But, I saw potential, nothing a little thread and Stitch Witchery couldn't fix. After taking up the hem and bringing in the waistline to fit my natural waist, I love it! I immediately knew how I would wear it too, with a bright belt and relaxed chambray shirt. I wore this to work on Tuesday, I don't usually have- or make- time to photograph my work outfits, but I made time for this one.

I'm so excited for birthday fun today and tomorrow! Today I'm meeting my mom at the Friendly Toast (my favorite in Portsmouth, NH) and then going to bar trivia tonight (a weekly institution). Tomorrow I'm spending the day with Chris and having a Birthday dinner with friends, yay for birthdays! Like I said, I may not have celebrated much the past few years, but I'm determined to start now! Happy January 27th!

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Noble Town Vintage Giveaway! (closed)

Did you like the earrings I was wearing in yesterday's post? Enter the giveaway today for a chance to win your own pair! Sarah of Noble Town Vintage is offering one lucky winner a pair of her new brass chain draped earrings. Noble Town Vintage is one of my favorite shops, all materials used are vintage (except findings and earring wires), and the pieces I have from the shop are some of my absolute favorite.

To Enter: Visit Noble Town Vintage and leave a comment here telling me what your favorite winter-time activity is! Good luck!

This contest is open to all, be sure to leave me an email address if you do not have a blog where I can easily reach you. Giveaway ends Monday January 31st at 10 pm est. Winner will be chosen at random using a random number generator.
And once again, I forgot to officially announce the winner of the Simple Thrift giveaway! Whoops! Thank you to all who entered, the winner was comment #26, Mandy Paige:

Congrats and thank you for entering!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Wild horses couldn't drag me away

Velvet blazer: BB Dakota/ TjMaxx ($20)
Striped shirt: J.Crew outlet ($10 old)
Jeans: Madewell Hi Riser (sale)
Boots: J.Crew (super sale)
Belt: vintage (photoshoot)
(photos by Chris)
This is what I wore Saturday night out to Worcester for a friend's birthday party. I wanted something classic and comfortable, but most of all I wanted to be warm and show off my new riding boots! It has been so cold the past few days, colder than I remember it being last winter. We've received a good amount of snow too, it's snowing right now, I love it! Last week I took advantage of a promotion through work and ordered myself a new pair of boots, a dress, and a winter jacket, everything came right in time for the negative degree weather, thank goodness or else I would still be freezing! I have never been much of a boot person- mostly because I despise socks- but they're a necessary accessory when you live in New England. I seem to have recently hit the jackpot boot-wise, because I now have them practically coming out my ears! I found another pair at the swap on Thursday that I can't wait to show off.

Anyways, like I said I wanted something classic. I kept my accessories simple with just a gold belt, and brass earrings and necklace. I love these earrings, they were kindly sent over by Noble Town Vintage and I've been wearing them non-stop. I found that once my hair reached a certain length, I stopped wearing earrings as much, because I couldn't really see them. But now I think it's all about the style you wear. These are eye-catching enough to not get lost in my tresses, but don't weigh me down either. Check back tomorrow for a chance to win a pair for yourself!
This week I'm focusing on a shop update, which was supposed to happen last week. I have a ton of stuff to list, but all that stuff needs to be ironed! And guess what?! It's my birthday week!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Over the weekend

It feels like it's been so long since I've had anything to post about my weekend. I guess that's what happens when it's cold out, I'm out and about much less than usual. That's what I love about events in the winter, as much as it's painful to leave the warmth and comfort of home, it's great to get out and see your favorite people while doing something fun! My weekends start on Thursdays these days, and last Thursday was one I had been looking forward to for a long time: National Swap Day! I started the day by meeting up with Jen in the city and doing some browsing. We then headed into Somerville to meet up with the Swapaholics and start sorting clothes at the Armory. I love volunteering for these girls, it's really just an excuse to help out while hanging out with friends.
Sometimes I make awful faces:
After people arrived and dropped off their clothes, they were able to head up to the balcony and watch as their items were sorted into the racks.
Everything looks so calm and orderly in the beginning, like the calm before a storm. Special pieces- like designer items- are hung up, while everyday wares are sorted on the tables:
The actual swapping only lasts about 20 to 30 minutes before the racks are cleared and everyone heads home to add new treasures to their closets. Left over clothes are donated to Goodwill:
The best part of this weekend is that I got to spend almost all of it with Jen, Punky, Adam, Chris and Kev. There was a 30th Birthday party (Adam's), brunch, thrift shopping, and general fun. I can't wait to show off what I got at the swap as the week goes on!

(all photos: Adam Towner)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mini Spotlight: Bearcat Vintage & Spring Smith Studios

I can't believe it's the last full week of January, the first month of 2011 has just flown by! The weather is freezing today, making it a great day to stay indoors and do some online browsing. I love doing these weekend posts, it allows me to see what's new from my fabulous sponsors and share it all with YOU! So as I sit here with a cat on my lap and a mug of coffee in my hand, let's take a look at what's new this week from Bearcat Vintage and Spring Smith Studios:
Have you visited Bearcat Vintage lately? This is the time of year when the end of winter is in sight, but we all know there are still some cold month's ahead of us, good thing Jenny has restocked with some great pieces to keep the winter "blahs" away. I love the sleeves on the 70's striped blouse, don't you think it would look great with high waisted jeans and ankle boots? The Ice Princess coat would make anyone warm, and the Naval Uniform Sweater is a great alternative to the tired fair-isle sweaters cluttering your closet.
The downtime that winter provides has meant one thing to Chris and I: Wedding Planning! I am so excited for this summer, August 20th can't come soon enough, even though we still have so much to do. I can't wait to have Spring shoot our wedding, not only is she a good friend, but she's also an amazing photographer. This week is a big week for Concept Spring Studios, mid-week check back to see the switch to her new name: Spring Smith Studios. In the mean-time, you can check out the new official Facebook page here!

Thank you for taking the time to check out Orchid Grey's sponsors!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

At the swap!

No style post for today, I'm in Boston hanging out with Jen and getting ready for the Swap! I know this is kind of a filler post, which I don't like doing, but it's cute. This is inevitably what happens to every box that enters our house: it turns into a bed, complete with fluffy toys. This picture was taken a week ago, and that ModCloth box is still on our living room floor, because neither of us have the heart to throw it out.

Have a happy Thursday!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Primary Influence

Fur Collar: family heirloom
Wool Cape: AA
Sweater: Madewell (sale)
Jeans: Madewell (sale)
Bracelet: Swapped
Bag: Vintage D&B thrifted ($10)
Boots: my mom's from the 70's
nailpolish: Essie "flawless"
This has been my outfit of the week, comfortable and easy to move around in. The weather has been absolutely miserable: after a 10 degree Monday, we woke up to beautiful snowflakes yesterday morning, which transformed around noon into ugly and huge drops of rain, turning everything into an icy, slushy mess. I don't mind rain in the summer or spring, but rain in the winter is just gloomy. Because of this, I haven't been in much of a mood to get dressed up, jeans and a sweater is what this weather calls for. Boots too, I discovered these fantastic boots of my mother's while on a reconnaissance mission over the summer. I was the only one home with nothing to do, so naturally, I started going through closets and trunks seeing what I could find. Along with turning up her long lost wedding dress (no, not what I'm wearing on August 20th), I found these beauties:
She said she bought them for $75 in the early 1970's in Portland (Maine). They're a little snug, but not uncomfortable. I think they'll stretch too, after all they haven't been worn since at least the late 80's. My mom had amazing style when she was a young person, and I'm so happy when I can turn up something of hers that fits me. I never thought my mom would have a huge influence over my style- she's not into clothes and fashion at all- but I feel like her younger self is my primary influence these days.

I'm glad when I can put this stuff to good use, it makes me sad when I find a beautiful piece of clothing that has deteriorated. Before our house burned in 2004, I never would have guessed all this stuff was boxed up, but because everything had to be removed from the surviving parts of the structure, things like these boots floated to the surface. As a kid, I always wished we had one of those magical attics you see in movies and T.V. that are full of family treasures; it turns out we had all that cool stuff, it was just kept in trunks and boxes throughout the house!

On a totally separate note, who's going to the swap tomorrow? Will I see you? If you see me, come say hi!

EDIT: for everyone saying that the leather on the boots needs attention, thank you and I appreciate the advice. (ps- this is meant sincerely, I understand how it may be construed as snark, but I assure you it's not meant as such)

Monday, January 17, 2011

a couppla' lookers

Please excuse the corny title of this post, and the picture heavy nature of it. It's purely self-indulgent, I assure you. On Saturday, Chris and I found ourselves pining for the days where we lived in the woods, it was such a beautiful Winter day, but no woods to walk through for miles. Instead, we took a walk down to the park and took pictures. Second best, I wish we had gone sledding but there were literally hundreds of children all crowding the little sledding hill. I miss the north. I wanted to take a couple of photos with Chris because he's such a sharp dresser (that's kind of a pun, because his last name is Sharp), and he found this amazing jacket recently when we were at Bobby's. Almost all of what he's wearing is vintage, except for his jeans, gloves, and work boots. Men's style isn't appreciated enough especially around here, people always think I dress him, but the credit is all his. His style is his own. My style for the day was decidedly old country:
Coat: old H&M
Belt: J.Crew Outlet (gift)
Scarf: Thrifted ($5)
Hat: Chris' vintage ($5)
Sweater: Vintage thrifted ($3)
Skirt: Vintage thrifted ($7)
Owl talon necklace: Black Sparrow (gift)
Bracelet: thrifted ($2)
Earlier in the winter I mentioned that I was in need of a new winter coat, I've had this H&M number for four years and while it's held up, I don't really like it. I never ended up finding the right jacket, other than the cape and anorak I always wear (layer, layer, layer!), but for this outfit I needed something longer and closer to the hem of my skirt. I went with the old stand-by once again but found that if I belt it, the silhouette is at least improved. The rest of the outfit came together easily, and was built around my new shoes from ModCloth. At first I wasn't sure about the skinny heel with the big platform, but I love them. They're surprisingly comfortable and easy to walk in (although to get me to this snowy location, Chris had to piggy-back me in, it was quite a spectacle), and of course I love the 70's aspect of them!

After our photo session, we were both freezing, so we headed home for hot chocolate and some reading. The rest of the day was spent at the library, watching movies, and playing wii at a friends house. It has been so cold the past few days, it's only 18 degrees out now, it's hard not to stay indoors at all times!
I'm so excited for what this week has in store. I'm planning a big shop closet update for later this week and Thursday is the big Swap! Happy Monday!

Sponsor Spotlight: Lulu* & Noble Town Vintage!

Well, now I've done it. I've allowed myself to start thinking about Spring, a new season with new fashion. See, the problem is, spring won't be showing it's pretty face around here for another few months. Every now and then I'll spot my bin of spring and summer shoes in my closet and wistfully dream of the day when flowers bloom and the trees have leaves on them. This time of year is the perfect time for a vacation, allow some sun to touch your skin, and get some practice in your new must have shoes for summer:
I can't get enough of Lulu's selection of 70's inspired platforms, the higher the better. I've been in love with the sky high shoes since I received my first CD in 7th grade: Abba Gold (I'm not kidding), they add height to your frame, length to your legs, and are comfortable and easy to walk in. Plus, they look amazing with all those spring dresses waiting to debut in your closet. A few of my favorite styles from Lulu's: Delilah Tan and Leather Wedges, For Sure Tan Rainbow Heels, Ridgge Blush Wedge. It may not quite be time to bring out the spring shoes, but for now you can slip them on, pop in your copy of Dazed and Confused, and start dreaming of endless summer.
I'm also predicting drape-y jewelry to be a big trend come the warmer months. Or, maybe it's just my obsession with the early 70's manifesting itself. Either way, Noble Town Vintage has a fabulous selection of long and dangly earrings to accessorize with. My favorites right now are definitely the Turquoise and Copper Chain Earrings. I'm also loving these and these.

Lulu' and Noble Town VIntage are sponsors of Orchid Grey