Friday, January 14, 2011

Wanted Shoes Review

A while back- a long while back- I was contacted by Wanted Shoes to see if I would be interested in reviewing a pair of their shoes. I was invited to pick any pair from the shop, and review at my discretion. I picked out the Tripoli Oxfords (pictured above) because at the time I was working 14 hour shifts on my feet, so I was desperate to find a pair of flat shoes that would be comfortable throughout the workday. To read more about my experience with Wanted, please read my review below:

the PRO:

Fast shipping:
These arrived on my doorstep mere days after placing my order. The company maintained good communication as well, I was notified in a timely manner of when they shipped from the factory.

Wider width and very comfortable:
I have weird feet, they're not necessarily wide but do require extra room around the ball of my foot. These were comfortable and accommodated the wider part of my foot. I also found they ran very true to size, I ordered an 8.5 and they fit just as expected.

I believe they're vegan (but double check):
From what I could tell all Wanted Shoes are non-leather, and from the research I did, it seems they're completely vegan. This means that no animal products are used in the manufacturing of these shoes, from the upper and balance materials, to the glue used to hold the shoe together. This is great for those of us who don't wear leather (I do) and are looking for fashionable footwear. However, if anyone knows more, please let me know. I found Wanted brand shoes listed on a number of vegetarian and vegan shoe websites, so that I where I'm drawing my information.

Fairly priced:
I've seen a lot of very expensive non-leather goods lately, but all the shoes on the Wanted website are very fairly priced. For those of us on a budget, this is definitely a site to check out.

The CON:

I wasn't pleased with the style:
In retrospect I regret ordering the style that I did. The Tripoli's looked odd on my feet, and I think I should have gone with a pair of these boots. Overall, the styles and quality of the boots appear to be superior to the other styles offered on the site. I'm also really picky about my shoes.

Quality was just OK:
but was equal to the price, they seem a bit flimsy and like they wouldn't last more than one season. Like I said, I'm picky about my footwear.

The Verdict:

Not bad, but not the right style for me. The quality was just ok, and since I'm not vegan, I prefer to wear leather shoes because they last longer. There was a good amount of padding on the footbed, but I still needed to add an insole for a long day at work.

Please note: Wanted Shoes is NOT a sponsor of Orchid Grey. Wanted Shoes provided product for the review but this review was unpaid and my honest opinion was expressed. Thank you.