Thursday, December 31, 2009

From colored skies to grey snowy mornings

Cardigan: H&M (16.90)
Dress: Thrifted (3.00)
Tights: Target (5.00)
Shoes: Tuk Creepers (hand-me-down)
Necklace: H&M (6.00)
We're finally getting some snow! By now it's really coming down, I hope we get a lot- I love snowstorms! This kind of outfit is ideal for days spent hanging around the house. I found this tent dress in New York during my travel season, I hacked off about 6 inches to make it less like a maternity-esque, I like how fluffy it is. The shoes I'm wearing were handed down to me by a friend from school a few years ago, I love how theatrical they are, they remind me of Frankenstein. There are a lot of imitation Creepers out there with lighter soles, but these are the real deal and they're actually really heavy! I wish the texture of my tights showed up better here, you can kind of see it in the first image. I layered a pair of crochet tights over a pair of plain black stockings.
Still not sure about New Years. I have a couple of Rodarte dresses that I would really like to wear to something, but I think the snow might make traveling to a party difficult.
P.S. I just realized that few people know what Creepers are, whoops! They actually have a really interesting history and are sometimes referred to as "Brother Creepers".
From the Wiki-Page:
"They found their beginnings in the years following the WWII: Soldiers based in the deserts in North Africa wore suede boots with hardwearing crepe soles because of the climate and environment. Having left the army, many of these ex-soldiers found their way to the disreputable nightspots of London (Kings Cross and Soho) wearing the same crepe soled shoes. Those became known as Brothel Creepers...In the late 1950s, these shoes were taken up by the Teddy Boys."

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Daily Style

Tee-Shirt: Gap (9.00)
Skirt: J.Crew (8.00)
Belt: Vintage (gift)
Shoes: Tag Sale (2.00)
Tights: Wal-Mart (6.00)
Scarf: Vintage (mom's)
Sunnies: Urban Outfitters (4.99)
I know my photo orders are funny here, but I honestly couldn't decide today. So, is anyone else experiencing frigid temperatures? Our photo-taking was cut short by 14 degree weather, I got some strange looks as I ran to the mural behind our apartment, threw off my coat, and posed for Chris' rapid fire camera skills! I'm still on the hunt for a place in our apartment that is photogenic and doesn't require the moving of furniture for my daily photo. The high winds have really put the kibosh on the use of my tripod outdoors. Ah, life in New England, so difficult for us style bloggers!

Today, Chris and I were able to spend the day together because it was his day off and I'm still on vacation! We didn't do anything too special, this morning I worked on a special project (which will be revealed tomorrow!) and this afternoon we just ran errands. i wanted to wear something special because we don't get to spend a lot of time together due to our jobs. I bought this purple tweed skirt last week while I was home, North Conway, NH (which is 20 min. from my Mom's) has the best J.Crew outlet- it's almost untouched because it's pretty quiet this time of year! I also picked up these cable-knit sweater tights- a surprising find at Wal-Mart of all places. I haven't been to a Wal-Mart in ages, I tend to avoid it because the one near us is a nightmare, but had to stop there for a couple of late Christmas supplies. I have to say, these purple tights are my new favorite, they fit perfectly and have just the right amount of stretch.

Is everyone excited for New Years? Chris and I still have no idea what we're doing, I would love to get up early on Friday and watch the sunrise. But that's just me. We've been invited to some parties, but like Chris said, "we'll probably hem and haw about it until 9 and then make dinner and watch a movie". I know, we're so exciting, right? We'll see. What are you doing to ring in 2010?

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Holiday Loot (plus more Q&A)

I feel like I've dropped off the face of the earth. In reality, I think I am still in Christmas recovery. I always go into the holidays thinking "this year I will simplify", unfortunately Chris and I have 5 families collectively, which complicates things no matter what. I've really just been putzing around the house since Sunday, so no outfit post until (hopefully) tomorrow.
I will however share some of my loot! Since Chris and I live together, most of what we receive for Christmas is meant for the both of us (i.e. a coffee maker -thanks mom!- and coffee -thanks dad!-). So I secretly love it when I get something special just for me. Chris' step-mom inadvertently gave me the Teen Vogue Hand Book (left) by giving me a cookbook I already had. Kerrie from work was my secret santa, and apparently reads my blog (or is psychic) because she gave me the little Moleskine Notebook (center) I blogged about here. And I am so excited about the little cropped lace vest from my mother (right), it was hers from the seventies and she found it while cleaning out a trunk in the basement. What was your favorite holiday gift?
Q&A with Orchid Grey
(are you getting sick of this yet?)
How do you have time to post on your blog and what motivates you? -Ashley
Finding time in my day to get a post up can be really difficult, I work a pretty demanding full time job and sometimes when I get home, all I want to do is veg out! Right now, I am trying to get up early enough so that I can blog in the morning and not have to worry about it when I get home from work. blogging can be really demanding, but it's something that I love to do, and feel compelled to do, so I make time. I think the motivation comes naturally, I love clothes and fashion, and I love sharing my ideas, so this is something that I enjoy doing everyday. There are definitely days that just don't work out (like yesterday), and I have to just let it go sometimes. The blog has actually helped me motivationally in other aspects of my life, I feel like I am more productive at work because I have an outlet for my ideas at the end of the day and it's helping me keep a more consistent gym schedule because I figure that I blog everyday, so why not get exercise everyday too? I think it helps that I have a pretty quiet social calendar too! I don't go out during the week, I save the fun stuff for the weekends!

how old are you?-Urooba
I am 25...I'll be 26 in 29 days!

do you ever feel like your style makes people take you less serious or that people assume you are immature because you dress fashionably? -Pamela
I am lucky enough to work in a creative environment where I have a little more leeway than the typical office worker. I have certainly had bosses in the past who I am sure would have preferred I wear a business suit, but it was never a vocalized issue. I'm sure I've come across people who have taken me less seriously, but they are too few and far between for me to care. I dress for myself, while always keeping the situation at hand in mind whether it's work or a family function. Everyone in my office is constantly mistaken for college students- including the director of Admissions! There have been a couple of times where I was mistaken for a high schooler...but I would much rather be mistaken for a 17 year old than 37 year old!
I hope you all stay warm and toasty on this freezing cold night!
It's only 14 F outside! Ahhh!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Holidays!

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells...
(My work family- including me on the left- in our tackiest Christmas sweaters and necessary accoutrement's- photo by me!)
For my readers celebrating Christmas, have a happy holiday!
and for all of my readers, have an exceptionally lovely December 24th and 25th!
XOXO Julie

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Daily Style: Wednesday

Sweater: Hand Made by Grandmother
Dress: American Apparel (40.00)
Tights: Vera Wang for Kohls (7.00)
Socks: Hue via TjMaxx (3.99)
Boots: Grinders
I'm currently at my mother's house in Maine until Saturday, so the dress code is decidedly lax. I rediscovered this sweater yesterday when rooting through trunks looking for treasure, my Nanana (grandmother) made this when I was seven years old! I love how it fits now, 3/4 sleeves and a little shrunken. The boots I've had forever and are the most comfortable things. I love the traditional ox blood color and how the leather has been worn away from years of wear. They're steel toe too, which makes them super warm and perfect for tromping through the snow (or tromping through town finishing my christmas shopping!). The weather has been beautiful, but very very chilly, I am really hoping we get some snow for christmas!
Is everyone ready for tomorrow? I just have a few more things to pick up and then I'm done! I'll be spending the rest of my afternoon listining to carols and making dozens and dozens of rum balls! yum!
Many of you have been asking me tons of questions about my hair lately, I'm going to (try) and put together a big post next week about it, it's kind of an involved subject and is going to take a little more concentration than my usual posts. i haven't bee avoiding the question, I'm just choosing my time right!
Q&A will resume next week!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What I Wore: Thursday

Turtleneck: J.Crew outlet (20.00 ?)
Skirt: Vintage Thrift (2.99)
Tights: Urban Outfitters (3.99)
Shoes: Target (6.99)
Belt: Vintage Thrift
So yes, this outfit is from last week. Thursday to be precise. I woke up with pretty big hair that morning and decided to push my outfit in a 60's mod direction. I think my style leans more 60's lately anyway but this is maybe a little more obvious- I just need to get my scooter fixed and I'll be all set! I really like that it's not just black and white, I'm utilizing the entire greyscale here with grey stripes and two toned grey tights. If you look closely you can see a geometric pattern in these stockings from Urban Outfitters (I love the bargain basement in Harvard Square!), they are one of my all time favorite pairs.
Is everyone ready for the upcoming holiday? Today was more low key for me, I wrapped some presents and then went to my dad's in New Hampshire to celebrate my Step-Mom's birthday. This evening my mother and I watched "Butterflies Are Free" which is way better than it sounds. It's a 1970's movie starring Goldie Hawn (who I love) who also has some amazing fashion in the movie. It's instant watch on Netflix right now and I highly recommend it!
Tonight I'm just gonna answer a couple of questions because I'm sleepy and I have to get up early tomorrow! :
Q&A With Orchid Grey
What's the one piece in your closet you absolutely can't live without? that you might even run into a burning building to save?-WhatANerdWouldWear
I love everything in my closet pretty much equally but there are some things that used to belong to my mother that I hold close: A couple of hand made dresses, some scarves, and an uncharacteristically saucy brocade cocktail dress from the 80's. There is also a swing dress that my late aunt made that means a lot to me.

If you only had one pair of shoes to wear for the rest of your life, what shoes would they be?- Jen Lainy
I know this is going to sound completely un-exciting...but black ballet flats. They are classic and go with (almost) everything. If I couldn't have black flats I would go with brown orthopedic oxfords- my mother would never yell at me for wearing unsensible shoes!

The last question tonight was posted by Linda in response to my last post, I hope she doesn't mind I post her question here, but I think it's a good one:
Do you feel as though you can't post your tattoos...?-Linda
I haven't posted about my tattoos mainly because no one has asked. The two sparrows on my back mean nothing and are really just a tribute to my love of traditional tattooing and rockabilly culture. I have never shown them because it would be awkward (I never wear clothes- other than bathing suits- where you can easily see them) and they really need to be touched up. The numbers 3807 on my wrist- occasionally visible in my photos- are the last four digits in my old phone number. The number is a tribute to my family home that burned down in 2004. I don't show this one because, well they're just numbers, and the tattoo itself looks less than hot. Another touch-up for another day.

Have lovely nights!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Over the Weekend (plus: more Q&A!)

Wow, I can't believe it's already Monday! How was everyone's weekend? I guess technically, it's still the weekend for me because 5:00 P.M. on Friday marked the beginning of a two week vacation! I love working for a school! On Saturday morning I started the trek home to my Mother's house in Maine, because Chris has to work in Mass until Christmas Eve, getting home was a little more complicated than usual. I woke up bright and early to catch a 7:30 train to Boston and then boarded the Amtrak to Portland. The images above are from my trip. I love riding in trains and watching the landscape roll by- the little cottage in the last picture is my cousin's! When I arrived in Portland, my mother was waiting for me. We finished up some Christmas shopping and then went for seafood chowder- one of my favorite meals!
Ok, now on to the next order of business: answering more of your questions!
Q&A With Orchid Grey
Do you link everyone that asks you to exchange links.. even if you're not crazy about their blog? -Tieka
Wow, Tieka with the hard questions! To be perfectly honest, no I don't. I like the links on Orchid Grey to be a representation of the blogs I read (almost) everyday. Don't be insulted if I don't add a blog right away though, I'll always check back to see the progression, and I still don't link every blog I love- mainly because I am spending most of my "blog time" writing posts and not necessarily updating my blog list.

I would like to know more about your involvement with the art world. I was so impressed and blown away by your hosting an art show at your place and how you turned your apartment into a gallery space. You guys put so much work into that and it looked fantastic, not to mention that I love that you took showing art into your own hands and created your own alternative space for showcasing it. Would you do something like that again? -Chic
Chic is referring to this post from August (back when my pictures were tiny!)
I attended a small, fine art's college from 2002 until my graduation in 2006. I hold my BFA in Photography, but also enjoy printmaking and lots of other creative pursuits. Aside from my full time job, I also do occasional freelance work documenting events and other people's artwork. The This Collective Pull shows were started by a close friend and fellow artist, Bea Modisett as a way to pull together local artists in hopes of forming a more active community. The show was incredibly stressful, but so worth it in the end. Many young artists have a hard time finding venues to showcase their artwork post-graduation, holding an apartment show is (I think) one of the simplest solutions. There are more Collective Pull shows in the works and (I believe) I will be lucky enough to collaborate with Bea again on the next one. However, there is an active effort to find a legit venue- it's a messy process turning your small one bedroom into a full fledged gallery space! (PS- Thanks Chic for the support!)

You seem to strike the perfect balance between using fashion to express who you are, without losing its potential for experimentation, playing 'dress-up' and expressing who you would like to be (if that makes any sense). What are your thoughts on this balance?-Inge
Oh Man, another hard one! This question is incredibly flattering by the way Inge, thank you! I believe strongly in the saying "dress for the job you want, not the job you have", most of the outfits posted to Orchid Grey are outfits that I wear to work throughout the week. It's a delicate line, balancing between what you like and what is appropriate to wear in an academic setting. I'm also 25, I've had time to wear costumy things, in high school I loved punk rock and in college I fell in love with rockabilly and psychobilly music. At these times I felt like I had to dress to fill a certain stereotype (and to be accepted by my peers in both scenes), which was incredibly exhausting. I don't really know what I'm getting at...I guess I just dress to please myself now and I think I just naturally am prone to experimentation, I also don't have a lot of cash to spend on clothing so I am somewhat forced to experiment and try new things. Does this make sense at all? No? Inge wins for hardest question ever. Ok, on to the next question...

You've talked alot about work before... but, what is it that you do ?- Holly
I am a college Admissions Counselor at a small, fine arts college. My job entails: traveling for three months straight every Fall to recruit students (I visit upwards of 70 high school art departments between mid-September and late-November), processing the applications that those recruited students send in, reviewing applications and portfolios, making decisions on their entrance, advising families during the financial aid process, quelling parents concerns, giving tours of the college, holding prospective student interviews/portfolio reviews, getting them to deposit, making sure those deposits hold, data entry (lots and lots of data entry), and helping them move in as freshman. And then starting all over again. There is so much more to it than that, but that's my job in a nutshell!

I was following your blog for awhile before I noticed your septum piercing. I love how it juxtaposes with your (don't hate me for calling it this) ladylike style. Do you have any other interesting body modifications?- Chelsea
Why did you get that nose piercing (sorry i don't know the specific name of it) rather than just a plain nose stud instead? :)-Bella
What was your reason for piercing your nose and what was your reaction when you had it pierced? Did you jump? cry? yelp? not feel any pain at all? -Ash
Chelsea: Apart from my septum piercing, I have three tattoos: two on my upper back and one on my inner right wrist.
Bella: I got my septum pierced because this was the piercing I liked. Nostril piercings look good on some people but wasn't my style, I like mine much better (for me). I really don't like the ring that's in it right now though, I want a seamless gold hoop instead. (ahem boyfriend...birthday's coming up!)
Ash: I pierced my nose because I had always wanted to and figured "why not?" and my boy offered to make it my birthday present. When I actually got it pierced my eyes watered when they pushed the needle through- they actually had to pierce it twice because I have a "deviated septum". I didn't cry but, it's definitely painful, but no worse than getting a tattoo.

Have a happy Monday night!
More answers to your questions coming tomorrow! xoxo

Friday, December 18, 2009

Wednesday's Girl (plus! Q&A)

Sweater: Vintage hand-me-down
Skirt: Re-worked Vintage (3.99)
Belt: Vintage hand-me-down
Tights: TjMaxx (4.99)
Boots: Jeffrey Campbell (39.99 sale)
Photos: Chris (thanks hunny!)
Boy, it was cold Wednesday too! Chris had the day off so we did a quick kamikaze photo shoot before we froze too much. This was another skirt I re-worked last week, originally bought from Salvation army, I hacked off about 10 inches to give it the mini length I like.
Well, I received tons of questions in response to this post last weekend and I'm going to attempt to answer all of them. But, for the sake of keeping things within reason, I'm going to break up the questions into a few posts over the next few days with a few questions at a time. So, here we go!
Q&A with Orchid Grey
(do you like what I did there?)
How, if at all, has having a blog effected your personal style?- Second Skin
I started this blog as a way to explore my closet more, and also to try and utilize what I already had. Having the blog has expanded my ideas of what my preexisting closet is capable of and what it has to offer. Before, I was easily dissatisfied with what I owned, now I'm excited to get dressed every day and figure out a brand new conglomeration of clothing! My personal style has become much more interesting and full of variety. I've also become much more aware of what looks good on my body type, which makes shopping easier! I feel that my closet is now fully operational, and I'm much less apt to go out and buy something new.

What's the one piece you couldn't live without?- Brittany
That is a really hard question, I'm not sure if I really have a favorite piece of clothing! Tights play a huge part in my wardrobe, so i would have to say tights. I rarely wear pants- its mostly dresses and skirts for me- so a variety of tights keep things interesting for me and have the ability to dramatically change the vibe of an outfit.

Do your friends/ family know about your blog? What's the most bizarre/ crazy/ fun/ flattering reaction you have gotten?-Brittany
My friends and family are aware of my blog. I pretty much tell anyone and everyone about it. My mom will sometimes tell me she liked such and such outfit or photo. I'm pretty sure my brother thinks it's silly and my Dad and Step-mom don't know what a blog is. I haven't really gotten any crazy reactions from people, but I'm worried about too many people finding out about it at the college I work at. I would like to keep work and blog as separate as possible. Someone did recognize my boyfriend at the snowboard shop he works at from one of my posts, he was a little scared!

How/when you started blogging. Advice for new bloggers.- Liz
I've been reading blogs for about a year and i finally decided to start Orchid Grey at the end of May of this year. Blogging has helped me keep an organized schedule and also helped me re-discover how much I like photography (which is always love/hate for me). I have also become way more motivated! I think the most important thing for new bloggers to do is to keep your blog in your own voice. It's easy to feel like every post has to be editorial-grade writing, but I find blogs which are written more naturally vastly more interesting. Good photography also makes a big difference, make sure your photos are in-focus and clear. Your photos don't have to be perfect, but that attention to detail goes a long way. And the biggest: write about what you want to write about and what you care about!

Your favorite food- Liz
Right now I'm really digging brie cheese on anything. But especially in omelets with asparagus. I also really love breakfast food and coffee. Lots and lots of coffee!

What do you see yourself doing in five years. -Liz
Right now my goal is to find a way to marry my background in photography with my love for fashion. I don't want to do fashion photography, but I am really interested in set styling and set design. I want to get my hands dirty! It's a loose goal right now, but things are slowly becoming more concrete. I'm really excited for the next five years. I think they'll be good.

More answers to your pressing questions next week!
Bonne Weekend!

PS- my hair was awful today and just didn't want to be done (the photos above are from Wednesday). My hair tutorials have been pushed to next week. Please forgive me! I'm sorry!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Daily Style: Tuesday's Blue Day

Once upon a time it wasn't 10 degrees...
Top: Hand-Me-Down from Adria
Skirt: Target (16.99)
Belt: from a dress
Tights: Target (5.00)
Shoes: Target (6.99)
So, this outfit is from way back on Tuesday (two days ago?) when the weather was a balmy 45 degrees. The thought of standing outside in a short sleeved silk top makes me want to cringe now that its 10 degrees. That's right, 10. Gross. And there isn't even snow on the ground to make it all worth it.
I don't have much to say about this outfit, except for the fact that it was really comfortable. I could live in dresses, skirts, and flats. Far more comfortable than jeans, I say. I also really like this top that my friend Adria so kindly purged from her closet. It has the NYC skyline on it!
I've gotten a lot of questions about my hair recently, I'll be posting some tutorials (along with answers to your other questions) starting tomorrow! So, stay tuned! And stay warm!

Art & Gems

First, I know I already apologized for not being very good this week at commenting back for all the sweet comments left for me but I feel the need to apologize again. My only excuse is that it's almost Christmas and I've been running around like a mad woman trying to finish everything up before heading back to Maine on Saturday. I'll be pretty relaxed next week so expect lots of love returned!

OK so, last Thursday I was invited by the lovely Harper of local boutique Seams to attend a special event she was hosting: Art & Gems. Harper had invited three immensely talented jewelers on site to show off their wares. Thursday was the private reception- held at the on site Gallery Della-Piana- where attendees got to mingle with the artists themselves and try on loads of beautiful adornments!
I spoke with Graven Fragments (above) artist Jessica Marcus about her line. Jessica is super nice and we bonded over our shared love of letterpress work! Jessica is a local artist, so it was interesting to hear about her background and how she came into making jewelry.
Alexandra Hart (2 above) of Alexandra Hart Jewelry was really interesting to speak with as well. She explained that her work is mostly inspired by nature and most recently cacti and succulent plants, which, incidentally are my favorite kind of plants! The stones she uses in a lot of her work are slightly imperfect, which I think adds a great deal of interest.
I wish I had had the chance to speak with Donald MacLachlan (work above) more about his work, which I found really beautiful. Unfortunately for me (but good for him) he was quite busy all night! I really liked the combinations of stones he was using in his pieces.
Harper (left) was, of course on hand all night,along with a model (right) decked out in one of Seams' signature custom dyed wrap dresses. Incedentally, in the same color I modeled for her a few months back:
(I'm on the right...not standing up very straight...and with some terrible bangs!)
I love going to events like this around where I live, so many people complain that there is nothing going on on the North Shore, but it's all in how you look at it. I know nothing about jewelry (save for my cheap-o flea market and F21 finds) so it was really interesting to speak with some professional artists about what they do! Thanks Harper!

This is not a sponsored post

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Daily Style: Monday's Child

Dress: American Apparel (40.00 sale)
Belt: Vintage (3.00)
Tights: TjMaxx (4.99)
Flats: Target (6.99)
Necklace: J.Crew (14.99 sale)
Remember yesterday, when I said leopard print would be making an encore appearance? It seems to be permeating my life entirely. I used to be obsessed with it- and I guess I still have been- but only recently re-discovered the large contingent in my wardrobe. This outfit was inspired by this image from the upcoming Rodarte for Target line (is anyone else counting down the days....hours...minutes till Sunday's release?):

I honestly never thought to pair leopard and blue together, but I love how it looks. It was also to perfect outfit for Monday, I wore it first to work and then later to the school's Holiday Party. It was an easy transition. Maybe not the most festive, but what do you expect when your workplace's annual holiday party is held directly after work at five o'clock?! Seriously.
It's funny because now, all I can think when I'm getting dressed is "would leopard look good with this?". It's an issue. I'm noticing that, even though my outfits are different every day and I'm really not buying anything new, my wardrobe goes through stages. It's not even a conscious decision. A little while ago I was all about oranges and browns, then I was definitely wearing a lot of flannel and mustards, and now I'm onto animal prints. Do you notice things like this with your own wardrobe habits? Do you go through stages too?

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Weekend Style...

What I wore to the Boston Fashion Blogger Mixer:
Shirt: J.Crew (15.00)
Belt: Vintage (3.00 est.)
Skirt: re-worked vintage (4.00)
Tights: TjMaxx (4.99)
Shoes: Target (6.99 sale)
Necklace: J.Crew (14.99)
Ring: Forever 21 (4.99)
Bracelet: gift
Photo Credit: Kev (thank you!)
Pattern mixing Jedi. That's what I felt like at the Blogger Mixer on Saturday. Last week you may have read my post about my hesitance towards mixing patterns, well a lot has changed! Thanks to all of your encouraging words of pattern mixing wisdom, I took the plunge! I was freaking out all week about what I was going to wear to this event, Jen received about a million stressed out emails from me second guessing everything I was going to wear. Finally I landed on this. One thing I did know is that I really didn't want to buy anything new, I had recently re-worked a bunch of old skirts so I figured this wool one would keep me warm on what turned out to be a freezing day! I paired it with one of my favorite shirts and the leopard belt (leopard is really a neutral isn't it?). You'll see later in the week that I've seriously re-discovered my love for leopard print! I love how the stripes and leopard play off one another and keep things interesting. Overall I was really pleased with this outfit, and my choice in shoes payed off when I had to run like the wind to catch my train! I think this is one of my all-time favorite ensembles!

A big "thank you" to Jen's husband Kev for taking these amazing pictures!
P.S.- I know I seem to be slacking on commenting back for everyone, the internet in my apartment is down so I've been a little slow. Don't worry, I'll get there! Also, thank you for all of your wonderful questions, I'm putting together a huge post for (hopefully) Friday!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Boston Bloggers Unite!

How was everyone's weekend? I have so much to share with you all! This past Saturday was a busy (but very exciting) one. Saturday afternoon marked the first ever Boston Fashion Blogger Mixer! This amazing event was organized by Jen, Amy, and Liana. I was really nervous before hand, it was kind of intimidating knowing that so many stylish girls would be there., but every one was incredibly nice! Jen, Amy and Liana even made name tags that would get us all discounts at Newbury Street locations:
Photo credit: Kev
Photo credit: Kev
I think my favorite part was meeting people i had already been acquainted with online like Sarah (above with Jen) and Amy in person. It's a funny feeling because you already feel like you know them a little from reading their blogs every day.
Luna Boston was our headquarters for the day, they carry loads of hand bags and accessories and I fell in love with the tie-dye number above which was part of the Spring 2010 Preview on I didn't buy it, it was just really pretty. Hpnotiq was also our drink sponsor for the day, the reps were extremely nice too. After schmoozing for awhile it was time to go shopping! There were loads of deals available for us at many different Newbury Street locations like Oak, Fresh, and Madewell. Fresh had a cute gift bag waiting for us when we came in (I think I'm a new Fresh junkie), and Oak gave us a couple of cute buttons. I actually didn't buy anything except something small for my secret santa at work. But I saw many things I would love to have!
A small contingent of our larger numbers:
Photo credit: Kev

Jen's husband Kev was kind enough to be our photographer for the day, too! Overall I had a great time, I really hope something like this happens again, it was so nice to meet these amazing girls and get to know them all better outside of blogland! I'll be adding a "Boston Bloggers" section of my blog roll this weekend, so you can check out all these lovely ladies too!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Questions, Questions, Questions...

Shirt & Necklace: J.Crew
This image is a quick peek at what I was up to last night (more to come on Monday). I apologize for the lame posting for Thursday and Friday, the weather has really taken a turn and it's freezing out, which makes it hard to motivate myself to stand outside without a coat. No worries though, things will be back to normal on Monday! I'll just suck it up!

Anyway, I was recently tagged by the lovely and talented (have you seen her jewelry?) Ash of the blog GoldLeaf to answer some questions. The questions themselves reminded me a little too much of those MySpace quizzes people used to fill out all the time, so i figured I would open the floor up to all of you, my incredible and wonderful readers. I know I'm flattering myself by thinking that you're even remotely interested in me beyond what I post here, and I don't want to come off as narcissistic. I just figured it would be a good way to shake things up a bit, so tell me: What do you want to know?

I'll list my answers next week in a post.

I hope each and every one of you has an amazing weekend and thank you all so much for reading Orchid Grey!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Daily Style...

Shirt: Vintage Stock via Salvation Army (2.99)
Skirt: Vintage via Salvation Army (1.99)
Shoes: Urban Outfitters (19.99 sale)
Belt: Vintage via Flea Market (2.00)
Tights: TjMaxx (4.99)
Necklace: J.Crew (14.99 sale)
I was really excited to find an outfit in which to wear this shirt. I bought it a while ago on a trip to Maine, but until now I wasn't sure how to wear it. I love the rough texture of the material, and if you look closely you'll see flecks of blue, purple, and pink in the white plaid. I thought it had a bit of a cowboy vibe, so I paired it with this suede skirt and south-western-esque beaded belt.

So much for the snow we were expecting, I have to admit I had gotten my hopes up that the school would be closed for a snow day today. Unfortunately the weather was spectacularly crappy, and I still had to go to work. Further north of us got hit with serious snow, but all we got was buckets of rain/sleet and super gusty winds. So this miserable turn of events is why my photos are indoors. I have to admit, I hate taking pictures in my apartment- the light is low, there isn't much space and my two cats tend to take over- wah, wah, wah, right?

Work was quiet and slow today, which just made me want to sleep. To add insult to injury I came home to this:
Cats are jerks, they always look so cozy. There are two in there by the way- they smush themselves into their kitten basket even though technically they are both too big.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Snowy Style...

Dress: Thakoon for Target (24.00?)
Belt: Vintage via thrift (1.00)
Tights: Urban Outfitters (3.99 sale)
Shoes: Thrift (1.99)
Yes, I definitely had a coat with was very cold! Hello Winter! I felt like the pattern on my dress was vaguely reminiscent of snowflakes and therefore appropriate for the snowy day. I tend to forget all about this dress in the back of my closet, it's great though because the sleeves can be rolled down for winter and it has pockets. This is also my (lame) attempt at pattern mixing...where's the other pattern you're asking? My tights are lightly striped, see? I know, I know, don't go too crazy, right? I really admire people who can successfully mix and match patterns, but I have never been one of them. I'd like to start though, it would certainly open up my closet options a bit more. How do you feel about mixing patterns? Do you have any tips on how to pull it off?