Thursday, December 17, 2009

Art & Gems

First, I know I already apologized for not being very good this week at commenting back for all the sweet comments left for me but I feel the need to apologize again. My only excuse is that it's almost Christmas and I've been running around like a mad woman trying to finish everything up before heading back to Maine on Saturday. I'll be pretty relaxed next week so expect lots of love returned!

OK so, last Thursday I was invited by the lovely Harper of local boutique Seams to attend a special event she was hosting: Art & Gems. Harper had invited three immensely talented jewelers on site to show off their wares. Thursday was the private reception- held at the on site Gallery Della-Piana- where attendees got to mingle with the artists themselves and try on loads of beautiful adornments!
I spoke with Graven Fragments (above) artist Jessica Marcus about her line. Jessica is super nice and we bonded over our shared love of letterpress work! Jessica is a local artist, so it was interesting to hear about her background and how she came into making jewelry.
Alexandra Hart (2 above) of Alexandra Hart Jewelry was really interesting to speak with as well. She explained that her work is mostly inspired by nature and most recently cacti and succulent plants, which, incidentally are my favorite kind of plants! The stones she uses in a lot of her work are slightly imperfect, which I think adds a great deal of interest.
I wish I had had the chance to speak with Donald MacLachlan (work above) more about his work, which I found really beautiful. Unfortunately for me (but good for him) he was quite busy all night! I really liked the combinations of stones he was using in his pieces.
Harper (left) was, of course on hand all night,along with a model (right) decked out in one of Seams' signature custom dyed wrap dresses. Incedentally, in the same color I modeled for her a few months back:
(I'm on the right...not standing up very straight...and with some terrible bangs!)
I love going to events like this around where I live, so many people complain that there is nothing going on on the North Shore, but it's all in how you look at it. I know nothing about jewelry (save for my cheap-o flea market and F21 finds) so it was really interesting to speak with some professional artists about what they do! Thanks Harper!

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What Would a Nerd Wear said...

that leaf jewelry is beautiful!

khdz said...

i love the leaf ones too... it's almost like they just floated off a tree and came to rest. so airy.

chic said...

Beautiful jewelry and those dresses are gorgeous!

I love participating in local events like that and I think you're right that most places have really awesome things to see/do if you just look for them. And are open to going to things you don't know much about.

PS: How fun that you got to model one of the dresses a while back! You all three look so pretty! :)


San said...

I love this green of your dress. And this hairstyle makes you a totally different person.

Enjoy your holidays!

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