Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Holiday Loot (plus more Q&A)

I feel like I've dropped off the face of the earth. In reality, I think I am still in Christmas recovery. I always go into the holidays thinking "this year I will simplify", unfortunately Chris and I have 5 families collectively, which complicates things no matter what. I've really just been putzing around the house since Sunday, so no outfit post until (hopefully) tomorrow.
I will however share some of my loot! Since Chris and I live together, most of what we receive for Christmas is meant for the both of us (i.e. a coffee maker -thanks mom!- and coffee -thanks dad!-). So I secretly love it when I get something special just for me. Chris' step-mom inadvertently gave me the Teen Vogue Hand Book (left) by giving me a cookbook I already had. Kerrie from work was my secret santa, and apparently reads my blog (or is psychic) because she gave me the little Moleskine Notebook (center) I blogged about here. And I am so excited about the little cropped lace vest from my mother (right), it was hers from the seventies and she found it while cleaning out a trunk in the basement. What was your favorite holiday gift?
Q&A with Orchid Grey
(are you getting sick of this yet?)
How do you have time to post on your blog and what motivates you? -Ashley
Finding time in my day to get a post up can be really difficult, I work a pretty demanding full time job and sometimes when I get home, all I want to do is veg out! Right now, I am trying to get up early enough so that I can blog in the morning and not have to worry about it when I get home from work. blogging can be really demanding, but it's something that I love to do, and feel compelled to do, so I make time. I think the motivation comes naturally, I love clothes and fashion, and I love sharing my ideas, so this is something that I enjoy doing everyday. There are definitely days that just don't work out (like yesterday), and I have to just let it go sometimes. The blog has actually helped me motivationally in other aspects of my life, I feel like I am more productive at work because I have an outlet for my ideas at the end of the day and it's helping me keep a more consistent gym schedule because I figure that I blog everyday, so why not get exercise everyday too? I think it helps that I have a pretty quiet social calendar too! I don't go out during the week, I save the fun stuff for the weekends!

how old are you?-Urooba
I am 25...I'll be 26 in 29 days!

do you ever feel like your style makes people take you less serious or that people assume you are immature because you dress fashionably? -Pamela
I am lucky enough to work in a creative environment where I have a little more leeway than the typical office worker. I have certainly had bosses in the past who I am sure would have preferred I wear a business suit, but it was never a vocalized issue. I'm sure I've come across people who have taken me less seriously, but they are too few and far between for me to care. I dress for myself, while always keeping the situation at hand in mind whether it's work or a family function. Everyone in my office is constantly mistaken for college students- including the director of Admissions! There have been a couple of times where I was mistaken for a high schooler...but I would much rather be mistaken for a 17 year old than 37 year old!
I hope you all stay warm and toasty on this freezing cold night!
It's only 14 F outside! Ahhh!


The Village Idiot said...

ooo i wanted that book!! is it worth the purchase?(i mean is it style inspiring?)

What Would a Nerd Wear said...

oh i love me a moleskine!
still trying to find the weekly planner for this year...

Laura Gerencser said...

That vest looks gorgeous!

briannelee said...

It looks like you got some great presents!

Yuka said...

im in xmas recovery mode too, i spent wayyy too much for the holidays. lol

Urooba said...

Well then, happy birthday, 29 days early! :)

Erin said...

your morning posting idea is a great idea. i am going to try to do that. also, i haaaad to say that i love your sister's locks from your family photos. i can't wait for mine to get that long!

Anonymous said...

Oh man, I get asked when I'm going to graduate from highschool all the time. Too bad I just finished my undergrad!

TheBirdsBeek said...

Thanks so much for answering my question!

La Historiadora de Moda said...

Ooooh! Love the moleskin!

Marta Castellanos said...

Nice presents!!Specially amazing the lace vest!!Lucky you!!
I hope you have a happy new year´s eve and a great 2010!!Hope to read lots of gorgeous post on your blog and lots of your commentaires in my blog!!;)


Brittany said...

So how do you like the book? I was thinking about buying it myself! And I can't wait to see how you style that AMAZING vest!

pamela said...

hey! thanks for answering my question. i too would rather continue being mistaken as 10 years younger as opposed to 10 years older : )

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