Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What I Wore: Thursday

Turtleneck: J.Crew outlet (20.00 ?)
Skirt: Vintage Thrift (2.99)
Tights: Urban Outfitters (3.99)
Shoes: Target (6.99)
Belt: Vintage Thrift
So yes, this outfit is from last week. Thursday to be precise. I woke up with pretty big hair that morning and decided to push my outfit in a 60's mod direction. I think my style leans more 60's lately anyway but this is maybe a little more obvious- I just need to get my scooter fixed and I'll be all set! I really like that it's not just black and white, I'm utilizing the entire greyscale here with grey stripes and two toned grey tights. If you look closely you can see a geometric pattern in these stockings from Urban Outfitters (I love the bargain basement in Harvard Square!), they are one of my all time favorite pairs.
Is everyone ready for the upcoming holiday? Today was more low key for me, I wrapped some presents and then went to my dad's in New Hampshire to celebrate my Step-Mom's birthday. This evening my mother and I watched "Butterflies Are Free" which is way better than it sounds. It's a 1970's movie starring Goldie Hawn (who I love) who also has some amazing fashion in the movie. It's instant watch on Netflix right now and I highly recommend it!
Tonight I'm just gonna answer a couple of questions because I'm sleepy and I have to get up early tomorrow! :
Q&A With Orchid Grey
What's the one piece in your closet you absolutely can't live without? that you might even run into a burning building to save?-WhatANerdWouldWear
I love everything in my closet pretty much equally but there are some things that used to belong to my mother that I hold close: A couple of hand made dresses, some scarves, and an uncharacteristically saucy brocade cocktail dress from the 80's. There is also a swing dress that my late aunt made that means a lot to me.

If you only had one pair of shoes to wear for the rest of your life, what shoes would they be?- Jen Lainy
I know this is going to sound completely un-exciting...but black ballet flats. They are classic and go with (almost) everything. If I couldn't have black flats I would go with brown orthopedic oxfords- my mother would never yell at me for wearing unsensible shoes!

The last question tonight was posted by Linda in response to my last post, I hope she doesn't mind I post her question here, but I think it's a good one:
Do you feel as though you can't post your tattoos...?-Linda
I haven't posted about my tattoos mainly because no one has asked. The two sparrows on my back mean nothing and are really just a tribute to my love of traditional tattooing and rockabilly culture. I have never shown them because it would be awkward (I never wear clothes- other than bathing suits- where you can easily see them) and they really need to be touched up. The numbers 3807 on my wrist- occasionally visible in my photos- are the last four digits in my old phone number. The number is a tribute to my family home that burned down in 2004. I don't show this one because, well they're just numbers, and the tattoo itself looks less than hot. Another touch-up for another day.

Have lovely nights!


Raquel said...

I've just started reading your blog and I love it so much!
I really like how you were so many shirts!
I wish I could do that but most of the time I just end up feeling unconfortable.
But what I really like most is your hair.
I was wondering if you could tell e how you syled it and got it to volumized and big?
I love big hair but mine never stays that way.

<3 :)

Sidewalk Chalk said...

I think it's cool that you're gravitating toward the 60's -- I think you work the mod look well! Love the stripes and the belt.

I love older Goldie Hawn movies -- never seen "Buterflies are Free" -- I'll have to add that to my queue.
Have a great holiday week! :) - JoAnn, Sidewalk Chalk

Anonymous said...

The tights are amazing! I love this belt more and more whenever you post photos of it.

Taylor Sterling said...

the whole thing is great, but I love the turtle neck!!

grace said...

you look very brigitte bardot here.

DMKG said...

First of all, I love your blog! this outfit is so chic and simple, but also unique and interesting because of the belt

DMKG said...

oh ps: my blog is www.dailydoseofdana.tumblr.com

Rebecca said...

Such a comfy and stylish outfit. I need to get some belts - they really finish an outfit off nicely :)

Anonymous said...

i LOVE the top <3! ^^

chic said...

I love this look, the hair, the stripes, and that belt are all perfect. And I totally agree about the shoes - if I could only have ONE pair, it would definitely have to be a cute yet comfortable pair of flats. S.

Urooba said...


Tessa said...

your hair is so hot :)

Linda said...

oh...ha! Thanks for answering. I get weird about my tattoos so I was just wondering if anyone else is the same. The one on your wrist sounds like a beautiful tribute...those are always the ones that are most beautiful to me.

Thanks for sharing.

eunice said...

oh I adore your belt!!

and many girls would kill to have hair as gorgeous as yours :)

Fancy Pants

The Village Idiot said...

stunning! you look like bridgette bardot!
i really am jealous of your hair!!! it really is amazing!

Diana said...

That owl belt is darling!

michelle_ said...

i love your belt and the patterned tights darling !

awesome post !
keep up the blogging work .

wish you a merry christmas in 2 days !
visit my blog + comment + follow !

Sooo L.A. said...

hi!!! OMG I am in LOVE with your hair!!!

nice outfit too btw! hehe! happy holidays!!!


_holly_ said...

Your hair looks so gorgeous beautiful outfit as always enjoy the festivities and have a wonderful Christmas :)

What Would a Nerd Wear said...

love that stripy turtleneck! you and jenloveskev manage to make a shirt my new england mother owns and loves look parisian and incredibly chic.

Lexie said...

i love the stripes! and you have given me a ton of ideas on how to style my black pencil skirt (it's the "wardrobe staples" that give me trouble, lol).

ED said...

Great outfit! Your belt is lovely.

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