Sunday, August 4, 2019

Weekend Reading 8.4

Hello! Happy AUGUST. I've officially reached that point in the summer, I'm booked up. My calendar is full. I've reached max capacity. Do you know what I'm talking about? It's that point in the summer when you attempt to make plans, but realize every single weekend – and most weekdays – are all booked. No vacancy. If you're lucky – or rather, if you're smart – you've remembered to leave some time for yourself during all this. I didn't. So I'll be cleaning my apartment in the early mornings, preparing for next weekend's houseguests while simultaneously coming down from this weekend, which was spent (joyously, mind you) celebrating a friend's pregnancy in Rhode Island. it's all good stuff, but like any summer in New England, it all comes at once. When you spend half the year hibernating, the summer months tend to fill up... fast. The past few weekends were no exception. I had a summer camp reunion, visits from family, and lots of work between all that. This evening I'm heading home from previously mentioned Rhode Island/ Massachusetts trip and hopefully going to the grocery store, because the pickings are slim after all this busyness. ANYWAY, I hope your summer has been FULL and GOOD. Sharing some items of interest below:

A friend introduced me to this podcast this weekend and now I bequeath it to you: You're Wrong About podcast. I started with the Anna Nicole episode and highly recommend.

Head's up: Shopbop just added a ton of cute pieces to their sale section! I always grab a couple of statement pieces for the next season from their sale section (yes, I know. I can't believe I'm talking about fall either). This time around I'm looking for a cute statement bag.

A devastating but engrossing and important long read: Driven to the end.

The Outdoor Voices sale is still going strong - and I'm still stocking up on leggings (I'm obsessed with the Tech Sweat fabric)

Made me laugh (and also how almost all my days start)

My skin has been going haywire this month, and I've been hearing so many good things about CBD -infused skincare. I discovered that a CBD pain-relieving balm is also great for after-sun care (goodbye redness), and I have this CBD skin booster in my cart. A friend also gave this CBD serum rave reviews.

Related to the above: is this "BAD summer?". Is that what this is?

I'm still loving neon, especially paired with neutrals for fall – how pretty are these neon statement pieces? So pretty paired with more organic, understated jewelry (those horn hoops!).

This is what I want for dinner: Harissa chicken salad

Both Chris and I have been using this shampoo lately and I feel like it's making our routines so much easier. It adds a bit of grit to your hair (but not too much) so it's easier to style.

Heavy stuff, but I feel I can't not acknowledge the fact that, yet again, our country has experienced trauma, senseless death and tragedy at the hands of someone with a gun: The virality of evil (NYT) and Rihanna speaks for all of us (hopefully)

A coworker introduced me to this wallet this week and now I want one. (sleek, compact and has an RFID blocker)

I finally picked up this book (Maine content) last week and I'm loving it – perfect easy, funny, but poignant read for the beach

Want to change the world? Do this (very simple) thing.