Saturday, August 17, 2019

Weekend Reading 8.17

I'm not sure I've been so excited for a weekend in quite some time. Why? Do I have major plans? Something thrilling on the docket? No and no, in fact, I have NOTHING ON MY TO-DO LIST AT ALL. And I'm thrilled. It's been a crazy few weeks with some very fun and very packed weekends but I'm in desperate need of a couple days off. How about you? You too? Frankly, while I'm not about to wish fall upon us any sooner than it needs to be here, I am excited for the inevitable chill that comes with the end of summer. Already, I can feel nature slowing down a little bit – feeling a little sleepy. The cicadas have been droning, nights have been blissfully cool, it's great. Today, all I have scheduled is a massage to deal with the massive knots that have formed in my upper back, and I'll probably stop by the farmer's market on my way home. That's it. Whatever else happens, happens – there's plenty that I'd like to accomplish of course, but this weekend I'm doing my best impression of someone who doesn't over commit. This week, Chris and I are celebrating our 8 year wedding anniversary (!!!) with dinner at Drifters Wife (I'm so excited – we've never been). And until then I'll be doing very little at all – enjoy your weekend!

For a limited time you can save 10% off your first purchase from Local Eclectic with the code Julie 10! I've been wearing this necklace non-stop and love these tortoise earrings.

Wait... is Mark Maron hot? "I love a dirtbag with a heart of gold" Girl, me too.

On my August wishlist: style that straddles summer and fall, a sweet mini bag (as long as it can carry my phone), casual denim dressing and a cute, cheeky tee (pasta!)

I have a big tub of blueberries that need to be used ASAP and I think I'm going to make this paleo blueberry coffee cake tomorrow

Despite it not being coat season, this coat is calling my name. Like, really calling it. See also this leopard print coat.

How to actually forgive someone (noted. As someone who tends to hold a grudge)

Save 50% off Reformation! This dress would be great for a wedding in summer or fall, this is one of my favorite dresses of summer, and I ordered these jeans.

New podcast obsession: Press Send (it's my favorite thing to listen to on my mile and a half walk to yoga)

J.Crew rewards members get 30% off their purchase this weekend - it's free to sign up (I just did). Love the idea of this cashmere sweater dressed up with a slip skirt or dressed down with leggings.

Dermstore is having a big sale – i swear by this clean beauty CC cream and have been loving this natural enzyme peel (it smells like cherry pie!)

If music represents our culture, is American pop music contributing to climate change?

Love this new color of the most comfortable pants (so good with that baby blue)

What's the most memorable thing a therapist has ever told you?

How chic are these snake-print loafers? Perfect for fall!

Would you make "Murder Cookies" they sound sort of good (not sure if i can get down with Crisco though)