Friday, August 23, 2019

Weekend Reading 8.23

Happy Weekend! Can you believe Labor Day is just a week away? How did summer flash by so fast? This weekend we're celebrating a friend's recent marriage, and I'm planning on working on my new site (I've had a template for nearly a year that I'm finally working on installing – one step at a time, you know?). Chris and I have some fun plans next weekend, so I'm going to try to work ahead a bit to get some projects done before then. As a chronic procrastinator, nothing makes me feel calmer than having my work done on time, or – gasp! – early. We're supposed to get a glimpse of early fall weather this weekend and I can't wait. As much as I don't want winter to get here any faster than it needs to, I'm ready to sleep a little better and sweat a little less. Hope your weekend is filled with only the good stuff. XO

ICYMI: A little pre-fall look

5 ways to help the Amazon – and why you should: Support indigenous people through Amazon Watch, help buy land in the Amazon through Rainforest Trust, protect animals in the rainforest through the WWF, protect an acre of Amazon through the Rainforest Action Network

Started a new thrifting series on Instagram this week and so excited about it

This quiz is awesome and incredibly informative

Wow - these stained glass insects are so stunning! (this little stained glass moon is darling too)

Related and irony of all ironies: the founder of Amazon is the only person rich enough to save the actual Amazon

Now for a complete 180. Exciting advancements in the world of underpants: Everlane's new barely there line looks perfect for under jeans and tight things, and Thinx now offers an 'all cycle long' set

This looks like the perfect late-summer meal (just swap for veg. sausage to make it meatless if that's your jam)

Are we still loving barrettes? Just kidding – you can pry them from my cold, dead hands. Really into this solid set of barrettes (under $10) and these pretty options (and these headbands too)

Have you checked out the NPR 'Life Kit' series? Love this piece on making and keeping friends – something I've been working on lately

Still loving my leopard slip skirt - how pretty is this option? (and it goes up to size 24)

These DIY wax balloon vessels are so pretty and modern

Kind of obsessed with these baby blue loafers

Looking for a new book to read? Here are 10 of the best books by women of color

Reminder: You're more than the best and worst thing you've ever done

Did 2019 kill the heel? Damn I hope so...