Saturday, August 31, 2019

Style Crush: Dainty Gold Necklaces for Fall

At time of writing, it's 54°f here in Maine... I think it's ok that I start talking about fall. While I won't wish summer away just yet, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't excited for the opportunity to throw on a light sweater and dabble in transitioning my summer wardrobe to styles meant for cooler weather. This time between summer and fall is one of my favorites, especially during that sweet spot when you can wear sweaters thrown over dresses and paired with skirts – no boots or tights just yet. That's the time of year I love, and I'm looking forward to carrying a few summer trends over to the cooler temps, namely the dainty gold necklaces I've been wearing non-stop for the past few months.

As someone who always gravitated towards chunkier statement jewelry and lots of silver, I never thought I'd be so won over by the layered necklace trend I've been seeing everywhere, especially in gold – but here we are. I love them peeking out from button-ups and, come cooler weather, I'll be wearing them with blazers and fluffy, fuzzy sweaters – gold just feels classic, simple, and easy to throw on to finish off an outfit. Life has been so busy lately, anything that I can do to feel pulled together and somewhat with it these days is a lifesaver – the styles I've been drawn to are on the simpler side, easy to wear and allow me to move freely. Maybe this is why I've been taken with smaller, more delicate jewelry – it's simply lighter.

What are you most excited to wear for the upcoming season?


Unknown said...

Necklace & sunglasses combo on point!

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