Saturday, June 1, 2019

Weekend Reading 6.1

Happy June! And happy weekend. I'm not sure I've ever been more excited for two days off. The job Chris and I have been on at work is winding down – or at least normalizing – so we can get back to a somewhat regular schedule. I haven't been home for more than 7 hours over the past couple of weeks, so this weekend I'm just looking forward to getting back to regular life. And snuggling with Zephyr, who hasn't let me out of his sight since I've been home (he's currently bogarting my lap). It's been feeling more like spring over the past couple of days, so I'm also planning on making the big closet switch. I know, it's June – it should be feeling like summer! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for lots of sun and warmth this week :)


On my June wishlist: Pretty coral pieces for summer like these (those beaded earrings!), a pair of simple and affordable white sneakers, some vintage-inspired cut-offs (love that longer inseams are happening), and some simple cozy basics

This is so cool: Lego has launched a set made form sustainable plant-based materials – and it's a working wind turbine!

Save an extra 25% off sale items from Anthropologie! I'm eyeing this dress and this adorable cheese board

June 25th has been declared 'Bourdain Day' by two of Anthony Bourdain's closest friends

Also food and dude-related: Why are we so obsessed with male chef redemption stories?

Save 40% off 3+ styles from J.Crew! Really love this simple linen shift dress , this pretty eyelet skirt, and this market bag

The question you need to ask yourself about people you don't like

Good question: Why are we so obsessed with being spontaneous?

This leather bucket bag would be SO cute for summer

A really pretty rainbow tee to show your support for Pride/show your own pride

Burnout is actually considered to be a real medical condition now

Sustainable fashion picks for summer

The perfect little tee for summer

If you feel like laughing while the world burns