Sunday, June 9, 2019

Weekend Reading 6.9.19

Guys, I don't want to shock you... but the sun is out! I also realize that I'm almost always talking about the weather – but those from temperamental climates will understand – especially those of you familiar with the kind of weather we've been dealing with in New England for... oh, the past 7 months. The fact that it hasn't rained in more than three days is a miracle – so I'm spending this weekend out and about and getting back to center after the crazy month that was May.

This week I wanted to do something a little different with the links I usually leave for you and talk about a few new things I've purchased over the past few weeks that I've loved – useful things, and a few cute things too. Below those, you'll find a few interesting reads for your Sunday. xo

We have a streetlight right outside our bedroom, and as much as I wish I could be the type of person who could deal with blackout curtains – I'm not. But that light keeps me up. I just got a silk sleep mask from Slip and it's made such a big difference in helping me fall asleep – and stay asleep. I was nervous that it might be uncomfortable – but it's not, and it stays on well. Five stars. (Next up is a new robe because I completely ruined mine at the laundrette last week)

After much deliberation, I finally invested in a set of Thinx period underwear – and then I promptly ordered a second set. Game changer for summer and beyond and so comfortable – and doing their job so far. For size reference, I wasn't sure whether I needed a small or medium – went with medium and they're perfect (I'm 5'7").

After being sick for most of the spring and a work project taking over my life for the better part of May, I'm now working on building my fitness routine back up – I was in dire need of new running sneakers and with the weather warming up, new shorts too. I ordered these lavender Hoka One One sneaks and these running shorts and I love both. The shorts actually stay in place on thighs that touch and are super cute for workouts or styled up with a cute sweatshirt. The sneakers took a little getting used to but I love how springy they are - especially for my geriatric knees.

I'm not sure why I resisted Everlane for so long, but I'm a convert. I've been wearing these pants to work non-stop. They're perfect for the transition between spring and summer and easy to move in, which is key for my job. I also purchased the slouchy tee in nearly the same color and it's another piece that's so ridiculously simple that it really works with almost any look – plus you can't beat the price for the quality of what you're getting. Next on my list are these cute 70s-inspired shorts.

I recently wrote a piece about the LARQ water bottle and received one for the review – and it's honestly awesome. It's self-cleaning, which may not sound like a major deal, but it is. It's also fun to use and really really good-looking, and I find myself drinking more water as a result.

I bought a Guppyfriend microfiber-filtering washing bag for myself and one for my mom for Mother's Day – and it's great. Not only does it filter microplastics from the wash (hello, all those workout clothes), but it provides a visual to the impact that you're making. I highly recommend investing in one! BUT I'm also so excited that Girlfriend Collective just launched their microfiber filter! I rent, so can't screw around with our washing machine, but as soon as we own a home (ha) I'm getting one.

OK... now moving on to a few things that caught my eye this week... Have you seen the Moschino 2020 'Horror Show' runway looks because I DIE. That King Kong look is painfully good.

Let us rejoice: The granny panty is back, thank you Riri for blessing us with this "trend". Frankly, I think women are just fed up with being uncomfortable from the ground up (see also: dad sneakers, athleasure, etc)

How do I make this incredible chair from Target work for my house? Because I low-key NEED it. Can't you just see Zephyr lounging on that thing?

Craving a movie night? Here's a list of early 2000's movies available on Netflix RIGHT NOW. 10/10 Wet Hot American Summer to get you excited for, well, summer.

Remember chocolate-peanut butter no-bake cookies? Me too. Here's how to make them a little healthier before you eat the whole batch.