Saturday, May 4, 2019

Weekend Reading 5.4

Well hi. Suddenly it's May, thank goodness. Really hoping this means the endless April showers we've been getting will let up soon. Seriously, we're soggy, our vitamin D levels are dangerously low, our wellbeing is suffering. And by "OUR" I mean of course, me. I'm ready for some sun - but on the bright side, all this rain has lead to a fast track to green and tons of flowers. This really is the time of year that makes Mainers and Northern new Englanders forget all about the 7 months of winter we just went through. I can't wait for everything that lies ahead. Today I'm headed out for a birthday hike with my mom - after being sick for most of this week (and of course all that rain), some outdoor time and movement is very, very much needed. Hope your weekend is filled with plenty of spring and flowers, too. XO

The Sephora Beauty Insider sale is ON! Use the code HEYINSIDER for 10% off. I swear by this self-tanner (love the mitt too), this rose + vitamin C face oil, and I'm super curious about this adorable pineapple serum (all clean!)

Joanna's tips for going zero waste at the grocery store are super useful!

How gorgeous are these linen pieces for summer? Those sleeves! Also looking out for a cute bucket hat (who am I?), and a great pair of natural fiber espadrilles

This post on sustainable fabrics from Jess is super informative and incredibly useful

Just ordered these workwear pants in white, but the new golden brown color is calling my name!

Are you celebrating Cinco de Mayo tomorrow? Here's a healthier margarita recipe (made by me! It's so good :) )

OK, how fun is this handmade striped bag? I think I found my summer tote (plus, those stripes mean it'll literally match anything) this one is also great (+ save 20% off sale items with the code ENJOY20 - this dress!)

Toxic masculinity ruins the party again 

Like everyone else, I'm digging shell accessories for summer - how pretty are these shell earrings? There's a matching necklace too, which would be so pretty worn with the shell side facing out?

10 common health mistakes that may surprise you (really)

Leveraging influence for impact - love seeing these conversations happening!

These pink mugs! So pretty for Mother's Day

A good, long read: a simple solution for millennial burnout

Maine DID IT! We banned styrofoam containers!