Tuesday, May 7, 2019

My Favorite Stylish Rain Gear, Because It Literally Will Not Stop Raining

According to reports, it rained for 15 our of 30 days in April. That's not including days, like today, when it was simply cloudy and rather threatening outside. According to my mind, it's been raining for three months straight. Believe whoever you want, but one thing is true: it's been wet. And cold. And if you didn't already own a raincoat, the current weather has made a pretty solid argument for picking one up (these are pretty cute). Besides the one above that I wear for hiking and general outdoor use, I don't actually own a proper raincoat for day-to-day wear, so I thought I'd round up some favorites! I tried to keep this list as environmentally-friendly as possible, though as you might imagine that's hard to do when it comes to protective outerwear. My advice? Find a great one for hiking and something you really, really love for every other day. There's a little something for everyone below – from rugged and trail-ready to a truly drool-worthy frosted number:

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Classics: You really can't go wrong with a classic anorak-style jacket. Whether you wear it cropped like this one, or opt for a longer style, a clean, streamlined rain jacket goes with nearly everything.

Fashion: That frosted rain jacket is calling. my. name. What a great way to hint at whatever incredible look you're hiding beneath, right? See also: a classic trench, that cropped frosty pink and that fun piping.

 Sport: I wear my LL Bean Mountain Classic nearly every weekend when we're out in the woods, so I would absolutely recommend picking up a packable jacket. Really loving that chartreuse jacket, the pink and red are also packable (the red folds up into a little pouch - handy!)

Top it all off with a great pair of rain boots (like these options – that leopard!), and a great hat to keep rain from your face. Did you know your handbag needs a raincoat?! Because this totally exists!