Saturday, February 9, 2019

Weekend Reading 2.09.19

Hello! Happy February! Did January feel 1000 years long to anyone else? I always love that I get to finish off the first month of the year with my birthday, but somehow the month still manages to feel... like a total bummer if I'm being completely honest. January is usually my slow month - I typically take the month off from drinking and this year I coupled that with a Whole30 (or rather, a Whole26 because of my birthday) to help myself get back on track after the holidays, so it's also a slow month in terms of socializing. Now that it's February and better weather is in sight (or at least in my imagination), I'm looking forward to getting out a little bit more. I'm headed to Philly soon for work and am planning a stopover in NYC while I'm there to spend some much needed time with friends. It's been a minute since I left Maine, aside from a weekend trip to Vermont for my birthday, and frankly, I'm looking forward to some time away.

On my February wishlist: Still living for statement earrings like these and loving these wooden earrings too, a super romantic dress for Valentine's Day, and as always - a super cute and unique bag

Do you remember Lorena Bobbitt? Here's her real story (NYT)

Now is a great time to order from Biossance - free gift with order (it's good)! I swear by this serum and this oil, and I'm super curious about this new product

Important stuff: 9 Decisions that Lead to a Life I Love

These might be the most fun pair of Vans ever (I maaaaaay have just ordered them)

Why do we pretend to love work? (NYT)

Have you tried a lash primer? I've heard great things about this one and am super curious!

Love this self-love sweatshirt! Fun fact: it's a collab with a Philly street artist!

The warehouse sale is ON! This pen set would be a sweet Galentine's gift

So I've been obsessed with bags lately? Really love this one. Or maybe it's croc? Because I'm digging these under $50 shoes

How gorgeous is this crystal candle DIY for V-day? (or any day?)

I've been wearing these acrylic hair clips non-stop lately


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