Sunday, January 20, 2019

(Snowy) Weekend Reading 1.20

Are you getting today's big storm? I have to say, while the actual amount of snowfall is a little disappointing (it seems to be mostly frozen ice pellets?), it's been nice feeling like I've had an honest-to-goodness snow day. Working from home, I usually don't get to skip out on work when the rest of the city shuts down, but it's Sunday! Which means I can pretend school's been called off and I can do what I want. As an almost-35-year-old that means I slept in until the late hour of 8:30, made breakfast for myself, cleaned and vacuumed and am now working on my other work. Wild, aren't I? Still, it's been a wonderfully cozy day, and I'm feeling tempted to really throw it back to childhood and make a batch of cookies. This month has been a quiet one, which is exactly how I wanted to spend it. I've been cooking a ton, getting back to my gym routine, working and wishing for more snow so I can get out on the mountains. Stay warm, friends!

A few podcasts I'm loving lately: Cold, Cocaine & Rhinestones, Criminal

How pretty are these striking acrylic resin earrings?

The Instagram Husband revolution

I'd love to add these constellation rocks glasses to my bar cart

Made me laugh: "A superhero movie for old people"

Kind of super obsessed with this jumpsuit - plus sale items are an extra 40% off! Love this cream sweater, this bright sweater, and this cute vintage-y striped tee

On being a woman in America (this basically hits the nail on the head)

Are you as obsessed with fun hair accessories as I am? Loving these rhinestone bobby pins, these turban-inspired headbands, and these acrylic slide clips

Loving these bright and happy screenprints

Edgar Allen Poe... or emo band?

My coat obsession continues (hey, it's 8 degrees, I have an excuse)

Um, excuse me... maple sea salt latte

Officially craving some warm weather - I'd love to wear these boho dresses on vacation!

It's officially Aquarius season! Loving this Aquarius art print

Save up to 70% off from Moorea Seal! Love these sunglasses (so much I have three pairs) and I can attest that this candle smells amazing

What is the Super Blood Wolf Moon and what does it mean for you (other than being the most metal moon ever)


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