Friday, September 21, 2018

Weekend Reading 9.21

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Friday already? September 21st already? Time is flying, thanks – for me at least – in part to a stint of house- and dog-sitting last week that kept me away from home for a week. I'm happy to be back in my own space after being at my mom's in the country but have admittedly not felt the greatest mentally or physically this week. Due to a lot of factors really, but I think it boils down to allowing some bad habits to flourish while neglecting to nurture myself. And probably spending too much time on social media. The past few days have been spent getting myself back on track with food and this weekend I'm planning on unplugging a bit and trying to just stay present, I want to enjoy the incredible weather we've been having, maybe get out for some apple picking (totally didn't happen last weekend), and reconnecting with myself and with Chris, who has had an equally insane schedule lately. On Sunday we're planning on going up to Unity for the Commonground Fair, a local organic agricultural fair that's been happening in Maine for as long as I can remember. I haven't been since I was maybe 10 years old, and we've been trying to go for the past several years with no luck. So there's that to look forward to along with two days forecasted at 68 degrees with sun - sounds pretty perfect to me.

Hope yours is a good one!


How to be better at parties (because I'm certified awful at them)

I've been on the hunt for a new vitamin C serum to try and I'm super interested in this one

These vintage test tubes would look beautiful filled with flowers

Good lord - how incredible does this apple cider doughnut recipe look?? Definitely adding to my recipe book!

So I drove off with my favorite sunglasses on top of my car this week. Whoops. Considering ordering in two colors now - black and tortoise...

Gah - this vintage blanket sweater looks like the embodiment of fall!

How pretty is this end of summer look on Tieka? Love that skirt.

It's officially boot weather! (Ask me how I feel about this in 6 months) I got these boots this week and am in looooove

Also apple-related (and by yours truly): Simple baked apples for fall (these were SO GOOD)

How cool is this DIY bucket bag?

Oh this oversized scarf looks so cozy! Would love it in beige and burgundy...

Always loved Erin's style - and just about dying over that jumpsuit on her

love (and relate to) this cozy sweatshirt

Another rad DIY - shibori "dying" with bleach

We need to shatter the myth that it's the women's fault (topical)

I've been really amping up my face mask routine lately (seel: self-care, self-nurturing, fall skin transition) and have heard amazing things about these hydrating masks


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