Friday, September 14, 2018

Weekend Reading 9.14

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Happy Friday! Oh, I'm excited for this weekend. We're having a few friends up for a low-key party and have plans to probably, hopefully, go apple picking on Sunday morning. It's been so long since we went apple picking because all the orchards in Philly and Pittsburgh were super kid-friendly (great for parents, but for the child-free like us, just way too much... at least for us), our favorite orchard near us is just that. Just and orchard (no rides, no pumpkin patch, thank god). I want to pick some apples and i want to bake a pie with them. Fall is almost here (although in my mind, it's been here for a couple of weeks), and I am ready for it! This week was great - lots of work, but fun work, and some time in New Hampshire. But I'm ready to try and relax. Enjoy it, friends.


ICYMI - How to style a leather jacket

Love this vintage black & leopard print coat - so cute with dark high-waited jeans, right?

Apple pie is nice but also... apple streusel bars? Maybe nicer?

I'd love to add a plant to this vintage brass planter!

Related: Have you heard of The Sill? It's a super cute and affordable plant website that has an entire section of pet-friendly plants! This is key because Zephyr LOVES to chew.

10 tips for eating well on a budget - from real people!

What do you think of the recent corduroy resurgence? I kind of love these luxe corduroy pants (so comfy too!) - especially paired with these leopard print loafers

Love this post from Jess about making the switch to natural deodorant - have you done it yet?

Kind of in love with this Halloween tumbler set... but for like, everyday

Super curious about this surprisingly affordable unisex perfume - I've heard it smells amazing!

Rhianna's Savage X Fenty runway show was evvvvvverything!

How pretty are these little constellation planters?

Do you have a 'mental health shelf'?


Michaela said...

I'm not a super huge fan of corduroy to be honest, I find it a bit stiff and a little too structure for my tastes, but I also see other people rocking it in really fabulous ways!

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