Friday, July 6, 2018

Weekend Reading 7.6

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It has been a week, you guys. In fact on paper one might be lead to believe I'm actually a middle-aged white man going through a crisis: I wrapped up my full-time job, bought a new (to me) car, and chopped off my hair. I'm sure there were some other moments in there, too, but while this all may make me sound slightly unhinged, I'm very, very pleased with how things are going. The car is vintage, of course, a sweet little Volvo to be used mostly to get to and from the beach while Chris is working out of town, and I love it. The job situation perhaps deserves a longer post, but for now I'll leave it at this: If you're unhappy, do something about it, and also there are bright sides to every situation. For now, I'm focusing on my freelance work and also breathing some new life into this blog. I feel as though I've had ideas stewing for so long, but haven't had the headspace to bring them to life - so here we are. This weekend... I honestly have no idea. It's been brutally hot and humid here, but it looks like we might actually get a break, so the only thing I'm hoping for is time spent outdoors! Hope yours is a good one, friends.

ICYMI: Raw cheesecake (not just for the 4th)

How your vote impacts the environment - guys, this stuff matters. The ocean was so warm this week... and that's not a good thing.

The most perfect vintage Levi's 501

Yum - I already made strawberry rhubarb crisp this morning, but I think I need to make these vegan no-bake cookies too

I love using pieces like this for my hanging planters

I've been updating my Poshmark almost every weekend - adding some jewelry today!

On my July wishlist: a cute pair of printed slide sandals like these, a color-blocked dress like that red and pink number, loafers like these because I'm insane and already thinking about transitional pieces, and an eye-catching dress made out of something breathable!

These handmade celestial bridal crowns are next-level gorgeous!

Have you had this conversation with a friend yet? Because I sure have: Why do we all love true crime so much? 

Save an extra 30% off sale items from Madewell! Loving this cute tiered skirt, this cross-body bag, and this '70s-style striped tank

Topical: Sunburn remedies (I am currently just one giant sunburn and I am SO ASHAMED)

Love these sleek booties - so good with a white cotton dress or top and skirt set, right?

Watermelon jerky is, apparently, a thing. and guys... it looks GOOD

This simple high-waisted bikini looks way more expensive than it is

How to boost productivity in the summer (i.e. when you least want to be working *slowly raises hand*)

Pretty much obsessed with the gorgeous homegoods in this Etsy shop


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