Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Vintage Gingham Dress

 photo ACS_0341 copy_zpslcyz4tpy.jpg

If worn differently, this vintage gingham dress might run the risk of feeling way too costumey. Or... in other words, might run the risk of looking too much like what I wore 10 years ago. I used to be really into the whole '50s/Rockabilly thing (hence those birds on my back - still love them though, helps that I frequently forget they're there), that interest was somewhat evident when I started this blog back in 2009. Why, I don't know, other than to say that other experiments in identity weren't out of the question for me. Save for a couple of full skirts, that style has mostly faded from my repertoire, replaced with pieces that feel more like the person I actually am (or have become, as the case may be). But this dress caught my eye when it showed up in a pile my friend Ashley was getting rid of before a move. The nearly-off-shoulder cut is amazing, and I love how the lace and gingham hint at square dance without tipping over to full-on Dolly Parton (much as I love her). One direction, it could easily fall into full-on Betty Draper territory, but with the right accessories (and hair), I feel as though a vintage dress can look modern and polished, with even a bit of an edge.

Details: Dress, bag, and scarf: Vintage, Sunglasses: Free People, Earrings: Rackk & Ruin
 photo ACS_0340 copy_zpsdzdvb7va.jpg
 photo ACS_0342 copy_zpsigvhr7q9.jpg
 photo ACS_0345 copy_zpsbb9cldl8.jpg
 photo ACS_0343 copy_zpsqtzljinf.jpg


Michaela said...

That is such a gorgeous dress - I love vintage pieces like that, keeping everything else about the look understated really lets that particular piece shine. Nice!

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