Saturday, October 7, 2017

Weekend Reading 10.7

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Happy weekend! Is it just me or did this week feel a million years long? For me, the past five days were a struggle. We're still very much in the process of settling in up here in Maine, so I've felt as though half of my mind has been immersed in work and the other half has been completely distracted by just wanting to unpack and get set up. About 90% of my clothing is still in bags, and all of our belongings are in boxes – it's frustrating (so incredibly frustrating - I had a dumb panic moment where I was convinced my leather jacket had somehow ended up in the trash - it didn't). I'm looking forward to taking this as an opportunity to think critically about what we really need though, and what we can get rid of. I'm already compiling a mental list of things to add to my Poshmark - so many shoes, guys.

Because we'll be living with family for a few months, we're only unpacking a select amount of things, mostly just clothes, a few books, and some styling supplies that I use regularly for freelance work. So when we finally DO move into a place of our own, I'm hoping we can finally rid ourselves of the junk we've been toting around for years because it's been too hectic to sort through it (I'm talking about the secret junk - the stuff that gets packed into the moving truck in the final moments. The stuff that you forgot about and now it's too late to sort through, but maybe it's stuff you don't want to throw out either? And then it gets stuffed in the basement and forgotten again.)

So that's what this weekend is looking like for me! Unpacking, catching up on freelance projects, and trying to enjoy the gorgeous weather in the moments between. I feel like I have to say it again, because I'm truly, truly appreciative: Thank you to everyone who has left such kind, supportive comments on this blog and my Instagram. I'll give a little update on our progress here and there in the coming months – it's already been wild and so, so refreshing. Anyway, here are a few favorite links for the weekend:

How to help

So into these vintage fringed pants

Ramona - the hero we all needed for 12 minutes on Monday

On my wishlist for fall: A great pair of boots, a chic menswear blazer, some cute tights,

If you can't find a purpose, find a reason

The prettiest dress for a fall wedding (+ an extra 40% off sale! love this gorgeous silk bandana)

Work and the loneliness epidemic

Urban Outfitters is having a huge sale with an extra 40% off! Including my favorite dress of the summer.

This doormat is too cute

Beautiful handmade jewelry (and some creepy-cute earrings for Halloween)

Making the best of a crappy situation

I've been reading this book and I love it

How cute is this handmade Halloween bat bowl?

Something I miss about city life: Even though I didn't live there, I really miss riding the subway to and from the Etsy offices in Brooklyn.

This cropped jacket would look so cute layered over a fall dress


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