Saturday, October 21, 2017

Weekend Reading 10.21

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You guys... how on EARTH is it already the 21st of October? The past few weeks have flown by at an unprecedented speed. I've been so busy the past couple of months, and especially the past few weeks since we arrived in Maine, all I want is just one chill weekend to do nothing. This weekend though? Not happening. Today I'm working on getting the rest of my stuff put away and organized (I'll say it again, moving sucks any way you do it), got out for a much-needed run, and tonight we're headed to my father's for a send-off celebration for my brother, who is headed back to Oregon. But TOMORROW we're off on our first hike since returning to close proximity to the White Mountains, and I'm stoked. The foliage is still stunning up here, and I can't wait to spend the day outside, high up.

Considering how busy life has been, it's kind of funny how anticlimactic the past few weeks have been. Like, moving was insane, but otherwise, it's been relatively easy to fall back into the rhythm of rural life. It HAS been a challenge remembering how long it takes to get places (35 minutes to town), and figuring out a gym routine has been difficult now that I can't just walk to my neighborhood gym (again, 35 minutes). But so far, it's been a pretty incredible experience (case in point: the two of us are usually up by 6am daily, excited to watch the sunrise).

Really into the idea of this vintage minimalist tunic over a black tank and vintage denim

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YUM - I'd like to make this cake

So much newness over here! Obsessed with these flats and this insanely cozy sweater

What a cool photo project

One of my favorite looks for fall - midi skirts and cozy sweaters (so pretty paired with statement earrings, a clutch, and a great pair of boots)

Pumpkin coconut hot chocolate? Yes please!

GAH - I can't wait to move into a new apartment and I'm DREAMING of this rug

Yes, this is a witch hunt.

How awesome would it be to cuddle up in this blanket this fall?

Copycat Lush bath bombs - yassss

Never thought I'd love a vase so much

An excellent autumn reading list

Really into this menswear blazer coat (so pretty with these blush pumps - on sale!)


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