Friday, September 29, 2017

Weekend Reading 9.29

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Ah! Today is the day-before-the-day! My brother is here, we're off to pick up the moving truck, and my stomach is doing nervous flips. We still have plenty of packing and loading-up to do before we drive off at 9am tomorrow morning, Chris and John with the truck, I with the cat and all the plants (I may or may not have made a homemade sign that reads "babies on board"), but I'm hoping to make one last trip to Kawaii Kitty Cafe this afternoon with Rachel for a little kitten therapy, and tomorrow we're going to grab breakfast at a favorite local spot before we leave. My mind right now: "I can't believe we're leaving. I can't believe we're doing this." (and an enormous thank you to everyone who left such kind, supportive comments on yesterday's post) I'm so excited and so nervous. This is it! See you on the other side, friends, and in the meantime please enjoy these links for your casual weekend browsing:

How to help Puerto Rico

Today is the last day of the Shopbop sale! I'm eyeing these boots and this cozy sweater

WOW wow wow - how gorgeous is this vintage piano shawl??

The cost of emotional labor 

Love these ugly-pretty flats (and under $40!)

Yum - these cute pumpkin muffins look so good!

Love these cute little ring dishes (and her gorgeous handmade ceramic cups, too)

5 things that make moving easier (I worship at the throne of stretch wrap)

Really feeling these geometric sunglasses (so cool with a big sweater)

I'm burning sage like a mad woman these days - here's why

The perfect dress for a fall wedding (and the shoes, and the bag)

Related: how to keep your apartment clean when you're depressed

So obsessed with this cozy coat!


Bridget said...

You do you, my friend! Best wishes on the move!

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