Thursday, September 27, 2012

Save the Date (and win tickets!): The Propelle Style Summit!

I'm very excited to announce that I will be participating in the Propelle Style Summit on October 13th! The day will be geared towards female entrepreneurs, featuring interactive sessions with local stylists, bloggers, and marketing specialists. Tickets are $50 and may be purchased here.

Today, Propelle has kindly gifted me two tickets to give away! If you are a local Pittsburgh-or-vicinity resident and would like a chance to win a ticket, here's how to enter:

1. Visit the Style Summit page, read up, and make sure you're free for October 13th.
2. Leave a comment on this post telling me what article of clothing or outfit makes you feel most confident (don't forget to leave an email address if you don't have a blog)
3. Two winners will be chosen at random on Monday, October 1st and notified by email.

Good luck and hope to see you there!

Tiny print: Giveaway ends on Monday October 1st at 10pm. One entry per person. Winner will be chosen using a random number generator. Be sure to leave an email address in your comment if you do not have a blog where I can EASILY reach you. Winner will have a 24 hour grace period to respond to email notification before a replacement winner will be chosen.
Thank you so much to all who entered the Lulu's giveaway, the winner was comment #50, Marlen:

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Autumn Goals

The view from Cathedral Ledge, back home in New Hampshire last year
I know lists such as these are plentiful this time of year, but well, the gym was closed, and it's raining out tonight, so I actually have some time to sit and think about this sort of thing. Last fall felt all too brief, caught up entirely in the relocation process, we were either frantically looking for a place to live, spending every free moment with friends and family, or tossing all our belongings into a moving van. I can't even remember last October, so I'm determined to enjoy every second of this one (and the last of September, and November too).

As the weather cools, here's what I'm hoping to do this fall:

1. Find some new hiking spots. 
We've mostly just stuck to Ohiopyle this past year, so I'm really excited to branch out and try some new trails.

2. Go apple picking.
This was a fall ritual back home in New England, and I'd love to continue it here in PA. The jury is still out when it comes to finding a good pick-your-own place, but we're definitely going to check out Soergels and Trax Farms.

3. Go to a flea market.
Something we've been waiting all year to do, if the weather holds up, this is what we'll be doing this weekend!

4. Visit friends around the state.
I already have some plans in place for this, but I want to make more. I'm such a week-to-week planner that my weekends are often spent on the fly, so I want to get better at planning ahead of time.

5. Re-do our home office/workspace and clean out the garage.
Our extra bedroom has a desk in it, and a computer, it also houses boxes of stuff to donate, and loads of other stuff we don't need. I'd love to build a new desk and really make it a space I'd like to be in. Also, ugh, our garage. We still have boxes from Massachusetts that have yet to be sorted and unpacked. I've been putting it off because I'm convinced they're now filled with spiders and other undesirables.

6. Have people over more often.
I'm gun shy when it comes to entertaining and get a little anxious about having people over to our place. I'd really love to get over this and entertain a little more.

7. Cook more often.
Confession: I don't like cooking. Chris does, so the majority (read: all) of our meals are cooked by him (except for breakfast and baked goods, two things I do enjoy making). I'd love to try out some new recipes and add a little more to my extremely limited repertoire.

8. Clean out my closet, and be intentional about what I add to it.
I think this is pretty self-explanatory. I think I've become much more aware over the past year of what I'm drawn to fashion- and decor-wise. I've done several closet clean-outs since we moved, and I want to keep the ball rolling seasonally.

9. Decorate for the season.
Our porch is just asking for mums in all colors.

10. Work more with my hands.
I write all day at work, I write in the evenings for this blog, I would love to make more time to create with my hands. It's something that I miss. Ideally, I'd love to take a metal-working class for jewelry fabrication, but have yet to find one that's affordable. This goal goes along with #5, we need to make some space for projects.

Do you make seasonal goals? I'd love to know what you're working on this fall!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Easy Going

In this outfit:
Jacket: Barbour/ Thrifted ($6)
Sweater c/o Spotted Moth
T-Shirt: Madewell ($14 sale, old)
Jeans: Madewell Hi-Riser (old)
Boots: Jeffrey Campbell
Necklace: Black Sparrow (gift)

Where I wore it: To the office!

On a Monday morning after a relaxing-yet somehow really busy- weekend spent in jeans and moccasins, the last thing I want to do is wrangle myself into a constricting outfit. This is where an easy bun (to hide my unwashed hair), jeans, a pair of favorite boots, and over-size anything comes in.

Chris and I found this Barbour jacket on our trip home this summer, and after it sadly didn't fit him, it became the perfect over-sized jacket for me. Along with my small collection of mens flannel shirts and sweaters, I've started to amass quite a few mens jackets as well. They're perfect for layering.

In other news, words have not been coming easy for me lately.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Favorites & Life Lately

Insta: Listening to Black Sabbath at the bar, a creepy cookbook from the Center for Reuse, working from home with a lazy oaf
El Seductor, figs with honey, Johnny Cash Night at the Elks Lodge last weekend
Hanging out with Zephyr

I'm so excited it's the weekend! Do you have any fun plans? I'm feeling super motivated thanks to the cooler weather and I'm looking forward to getting stuff done around the house, hanging out with friends, and...well, who knows. Chris is hell-bent on singing karaoke now that he knows I know all the words to Brandy, You're a Fine Girl. I'm resistant. 
This cooler weather! I know I sound like a broken record, but I can sleep at night! I don't break a sweat when I walk outside! Running doesn't feel like death!

So I picked up The Paris Wife and John 1939 last week's not going well. I wish i could say I'm excited about them, but I don't think it's the right time for either. I'm not saying I'm giving up, but I think I just need something different right now. I grabbed them both in haste as the library was closing, so I think I just need to go back and peruse.

Excited for:
Thrifting/yard saleing/estate saleing this weekend, the Propelle Style Summit (more on that next week), switching out my summer clothes for fall, upcoming work projects, generally getting shit done that needs to get done. I love the renewed sense of motivation that comes with a new season.

Working on:
More hair tutorials! Basically, I'm lazy and have set out the past couple of weekends determined to photograph some new how-tos, but get sidetracked by relaxation and thrift stores. This weekend I am determined to photograph at least two, plus I have a new hair tool to review. I must make this happen. Actually, one thing that has made this a little more difficult to accomplish is being without a camera remote. When we moved, despite how horribly disorganized we packed, my camera remote is the only thing we lost. And I think it's in my car. This is a piss poor excuse due to the fact that those things cost under $20 bucks.

Here's what I'm loving from around the web this week:

This dotted sweater from Ruche looks so cozy. I'd pair it with a navy skirt and metallic loafers.

Lulu's is now carrying Wildfox jewelry! My favorite piece is this skeleton collar necklace.

This fringed bag from Spotted Moth has perfect fall colors in it.

InfinEight is on vacation this week, but you can sign up to be notified when she returns!

This little shift dress from Bluesville, USA is so cute! Get 15% off your order with the code "orchidgrey"!

This chevron bracelet is so beautiful! I love blue lapis.
I'm in love with this scalloped mini skirt! It's just too perfect.

I really need to refresh my tights collection this fall, I think an ombre pair is in order. 

Out of my price range, but no less awesome.

Leah Reena Goran's cat print dress is on sale! Swoon.

5 Meaningful Ways to Help Others.

Would you vote for Tuxedo Stan? (I Would)

A couple of new-to-me blogs I'm into this week: Zero Style, Miss Indie.

This commercial is pretty awesome.

Headphones for cats. Finally.

  Have a happy weekend!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Flannel Weather

In this outfit:
Flannel: American Apparel (old)
Jeans: Vintage/ Avalon ($11)
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell (old)
Belt: Vintage/ thrifted ($2)
Earrings c/o Noble Town Vintage
Bag c/o Bali ELF

Where I wore it: To the office!

Yesterday, I had one of those days. You know, the kind of day where you wake up late and nothing feels like it fits; you try on everything in your closet only to land back where you started from; standing in your underwear amidst the rubble of your wardrobe five minutes after you were supposed to leave for work? Yeah, that kind of day. After that morning whirlwind, I landed in frustration on this outfit for the sake of getting us out of the house relatively on time. Which isn't bad, I like it, but I spent my day wishing I was back in bed wearing pajamas. I usually have clutch outfits for days like this, outfits that I know look good and that I'll be comfortable in; but lately my closet has been a weird mix of summer and fall. I've been trying to put off making the seasonal switch for as long as possible, but I think it's time. I have no interest in wearing sandals again this year, it's time to break out the boots.

Do you pack away your seasonal clothes? I started doing it when Chris and I moved in together, and it's such a space-saver. Plus, I love rediscovering all those clothes hidden away in boxes at the start of each season. I have big plans this weekend to haul everything out and get organized.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Old Favorites, New Favorites

In this outfit:
Top c/o Lulu's
Skirt: Vintage / Avalon ($16)
Heels: Forever 21 ($13 sale, so old)
Bracelets: Vintage from childhood

Where I wore it: To the office!

Please excuse the self-indulgent amount of photos here, I just really, really loved this outfit. After about two weeks of deliberating, I bought this skirt from Avalon this past weekend and I do not regret it. It's hard to tell with the pattern being so crazy, but if you look closely, you can see the weird, puffy pockets on the hips. People seem to be pretty opinionated when it comes to that store (similar to Buffalo Exchange, for those of you not in PGH), but I personally like it. Sure, it's no substitute for an actual thrift store, but I've found some great vintage pieces (like this skirt), along with some J.Crew staples, all for relatively cheap.

I've been on the hunt for a couple of slouchy, cropped sweaters to go with this and a few other high-waisted skirts, but in the meantime I'm enjoying dressing for what seems to be the last of our warm weather. It's always interesting dressing for those very specific times of year where it's in the 40's and freezing in the morning, and by mid afternoon the temperature had climbed to the high 70's. Also, these shoes. I should have bought five pairs when they were on sale at F21 years ago, they're an all-time favorite for their versatility and comfort and I'm pretty much willing them to survive at this point.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Life Lately & Weekend Favorites

A day late, dollar short. I was too busy setting my hair on fire in a friend's bathroom last night to get this post up on time. Yep classy gal that I am, I bent over to drink out of the sink not realizing that my bun was resting lightly in the flame of a candle and....WHOOSH! Like something out of a bad movie, I stood up and looked at myself in the mirror hair was slowly smoldering! It's actually not that bad from what I can tell, but man, embarrassing. SO embarrassing. So friends, if you've managed to not set your hair on fire this week, you're one step ahead of me.

The past couple of weeks have felt really, really crazy. Not stressful necessarily, but busy enough that once the weekend hits, I'm exhausted. Chris has the day off tomorrow, and I'm looking forward to finding a flea market and enjoying the day outside with him.

Here are a few things I'm loving this week:

I love these studded booties from Spotted Moth.

This jacket from Ruche looks so cozy, I love the faux-leather tie waist.

This flared midi skirt from Lulu's is so pretty, I love the styling too.

Love this 70's maxi from Bluesville, USA. Receive 15% off your order with the code "orchidgrey"!

I can't get enough of this squirrel print top, and this cute kitty tank.

I have my eye out for a new fall coat, I'm loving this one, this one,and this one.

I'm saving this little style guide for autumn inspiration.

I'm loving all the fall recipes over on A Beautiful Mess.

This is the most adorable cat video. Seriously, watch it, it's amazing and incredibly sweet.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Spotted Dotty

In this outfit:
Dress c/o Lulu's
Belt: came with a different dress
Heels: Jeffrey Campbell ($75 sale old)
Bag c/o Ruche
Necklace: Spotted Moth ($36)

Where I wore it: To the office, out for tacos

Perhaps a little patriotic for September 13th, but hey, it was 80 degrees when we took these pictures, and it's supposed to be in the 80's today.

and you know what they say... YOLO.

I just grossed myself out.

Happy Thursday my friends.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Ruche Fall Lookbook and Video (Plus, win free dresses for a year!)

Ruche launched their new fall 2012 lookbook, Kindred Spirits, on Monday, and I think it may just be my favorite lookbook of theirs yet. The photos are insanely gorgeous and the styling is sheer autumnal perfection. I've never been a horse girl, but these images make me want to be one.

Ruche is hosting a giveaway through September 19th and the prize is pretty awesome: One dress a month...for a year! Entry is easy, just leave your name and email over on the entry form (not on this post). Best of luck!

(ps- For those of you who have been asking, I haven't forgotten to choose a winner for the Lulu's giveaway, I've just been busy. A winner will be chosen this week! Thank you for your patience!)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


In this outfit:
Dress: vintage, Beacon's Closet ($18)
Top: vintage, c/o Pineapple Mint (2010)
Shoes: vintage, thrifted ($4)
Purse: vintage, thrifted ($10)
Sunglasses c/o Lulu's

Where I wore it: To the office

It's that wonderful time of year, not quite summer anymore, but not yet autumn either. The temperature is all over the place: it was 70 degrees yesterday, 48 degrees this morning, and word is it'll be in the mid-80's come Thursday, so expect to see quite a mash-up of outfits. I'm not quite ready to fully transition my wardrobe, but I didn't pack this dress away with the rest of my cold-weather clothes last season, thinking that I would wear it alone this summer. I was kidding myself of course, leather is warm, but for a breezy day sans tights (I'm so not ready for tights), it was perfect.

I know everyone is talking about fall these days, but why shouldn't they be? Having four distinct seasons keeps things exciting, it gives me something to look forward to, a welcome and tangible change. I'm excited for heavier fabrics, darker colors, and fun layering possibilities. And not sweating my ass off. Because, man this summer was brutal.
On a completely unrelated note, if you're in the Pittsburgh area tomorrow at 6pm, Propelle is hosting it's monthly networking happy hour. There will be a special short panel for the evening featuring myself, fellow ModCloth employee Aire Plichta, and Pittsburgh Stylist Bridgette Cunningham. The event will be held at AVA Lounge and is $5 at the door. If you'd like more info, shoot me a message on Facebook! Hope to see you there!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Over the Weekend

What I wore:
Sweatshirt: Thrifted by Chris (the man has an eye)
Shorts: Swapped
Cons: Little's on Forbes

I had a perfect, low-key kind of weekend: Much cooler weather, a rainy Saturday spent at a few thrift stores (I found a plaid, vintage wool maxi skirt, a Pendleton midi skirt, an oversize sweater, brown flats, a grey wool blazer, and that Stanley thermos above), a much needed closet clean-out, a walk through Frick Park with a stop to stare at the dogs (there were two bulldogs, Chris was swooning), baking cookies, two new books to read (The Paris Wife and Jack 1939), and lots of quality time spent with Zephyr, who followed me everywhere. Did you have a relaxing weekend?