Friday, February 14, 2020

How to Stay Warm with Shapewear

Hello. Welcome to February, otherwise known as that bad time of year when everything is grey, covered in dirty snow, and otherwise painful to move around in. Also, it's felt like the other worst time of year for the past three weeks: March. Am I whining? Yes. But you need to understand something: here in New England commenting on, and otherwise complaining about the weather could be considered an Olympic sport. A sport in which I am a passionate competitor. Going for gold you could say. I've slipped into a sort of ennui-driven style rut lately, only getting really dressed two or three times per week, so when I actually do make an effort, I like to look nice. But also be warm. But also not wear tights because I'm very, very over tights. Which is a tricky dance to do – so here I am offering you my tips for how to look cute but stay warm in wintertime.

See this outfit above? Looks simple enough, but underneath is a carefully constructed foundation of layers, comfy shapewear (yes, it exists), slips and even a pair of yoga leggings. Here's a handy guide for what to wear under that cute winter outfit so you don't catch cold:

Tops: Silk long underwear is your friend, friends. because I live in the land of LL Bean, I've been lucky enough to find several like-new silk thermal tops at thrift stores, but even purchased new they won't break the bank. These are thin enough to wear under close-fitting dresses and also provide an itch-proof layer beneath sweaters.

Another great way to layer tops is a thin modal turtleneck – super cute under slip dresses and they're a fun way to play with pattern and layers. Or get the best of both worlds with a sleek heatech turtleneck.

Middle: Keep your mid-section warm and makes your dresses fall nicely with the addition of good shapewear. I know this isn't everyone's cup of tea, but in my opinion, the right shapewear can give outfits a more polished, finished look while also adding an extra layer of warmth. My go-to for under dresses like this is a good pair of shapewear shorts.

You could also consider adding or swapping-in a slip – easily found at the thrift store for a little more warmth and to keep your dress or skirt from sticking to your tights if you choose to wear them.

And of course, those yoga pants. I'm wearing a 3/4 length pair under this dress because it was cold but I didn't want the look of tights. Boom. Done. Yoga pants.

Bottom: And finally socks! Good socks. Thick socks. Wool socks. Or synthetic. None of this cotton business. Why? Because cotton stays wet and makes you colder. It's the first rule of dressing for the outdoors which applies to all outdoor situations, whether you're hiking or strolling downtown. My favorites are these for short boots, these for taller boots where I'll be showing them off, and these for any boot or shoe that will have the top concealed.

Of course a good jacket, hat, gloves and the occasional scarf are must-adds (I've been living in my fluffy blue topcoat and this orange hat lately)