Sunday, January 12, 2020

Weekend Reading 1.12.20

Hi! Hello! It's 2020 and dang is this year already a doozy. I was writing something before this, rounding up my favorite products from 2019, and realized that the post was taking a turn into more personal territory. All of a sudden it was a reflection on being better and decidedly not about my favorite items from the past year. I'm still going to publish both of those, but need more time to think about it. Basically, I've been feeling it lately. As in, all the feelings, most of them difficult ones. It's made it hard to function normally, frankly, knowing that so many are hurting while I go about my daily life. Especially functioning on the internet. I know I'm not alone in this. This weekend I'm working on breaking out of the rut for a bit, seeing some friends and spending time on our beautiful coast. I'm also thinking of ways to help and get more involved. More on that later, I've included a few links below that could be useful. I hope you're doing OK, friends. Remember to take care of your hearts. It's hard to be human sometimes. xo

A few ways to help Australia: If you're a crafter, here are a bunch of ways to lend your skills to help wildlife; the World Wildlife Fund is working to help animals and has a plan to replant two billion trees after the fires; The Fire Relief Fund for First Nations Communities is collecting funds to support indigenous communities

If you're sick of winter dressing already (I am), a few easily layerable options: love these winter-to-spring transition pieces (that light denim dress would be so cute with cozy tights and big combat boots), my favorite leggings that are also perfectly acceptable as pants (just got them in lime, thinking "daybreak" next. My goal is to be the brightest person at the gym), very curious about these corduroy pants from Everlane. Anyone tried them?

A good read if you're working to strengthen relationships this year: How negativity can ruin relationships

I've been listening to this podcast lately and it's one of my top recommendations I've been sharing with people. I even shared it with my therapist. Episode 14 could have been written about me.

Another great podcast episode, especially if you're working on changing some habits: how to build better habits

I've been experiencing some cystic acne lately and along with working on my inside, I've been using this trio of products with great success. I use the oil only at night and the mask as more of a spot treatment. Then in the AM I use this serum and this oil. A+ so far. (it should be noted that none of it smells good, but then again the best skincare rarely does)

Sezane denim has gone eco-friendly! I have my eye on this pair and this pair. So classic!

The case for co-housing – I'm intrigued.

Love these tips for looking more put-together 

This article about almond milk has been making the rounds and I think it's important. It's hard to be perfect, but I'll be switching to oat for the little amount of "milk" I use

The 10 most anticipated books of 2020

I've got my eye on this chunky under $80 sweater – perfect? It might be!