Friday, September 13, 2019

Weekend Reading 9.13

Happy Friday the 13th! I feel like I've been looking forward to this weekend for, well, weeks. Life has felt like a whirlwind lately, and I'm in desperate need of some downtime. I don't have much planned for myself this weekend, for once – I'm doing some car research so I can hopefully get myself a car next week (a big reason why life has felt so crazy has been sharing a car with someone who works 90 hours a week), and going to the Portland Yard Sale on Sunday. And cleaning my disaster of an apartment – not sure about you, but you can tell a lot about my mental state by the state of my apartment, and right now it's in shambles. There are about 1000 other things I'd like to add to my to-do list, but I'm trying – REALLY TRYING – to slow down and take the time I need to get back to my baseline of feeling somewhat better (I need sleep, badly). Anyway – I hope YOUR weekend is restful and relaxing and exactly what you need it to be. If you're in Maine/Portland, come out to the Portland Yard Sale! I'll have a rack of vintage there and all proceeds go to RAICES to support families separated at the border.


Fall hit fast this year (it's currently 40°f!) and I'm really excited about dressing for it. I have my eye on this cool bag company for a good work-friendly bag, some hiking-inspired sneakers (that green pair!), and some kind of cozy, fluffy faux-fur coat

Have you seen the new Madewell x Dickies collab? Giving me major flashbacks in the best way. I have these pants and this jumpsuit (pink!) in my cart.

Teens explain their back-to-school outfits (everything looks like the Delias catalog from 1997 and I LOVE IT) (Related: I feel old but that's OK)

I have plants to bake something this weekend – and I think it might be this delicious-looking pumpkin bread

I have my eye on this pretty layering necklace – I haven't seen one like this before and think it would be so nice on its own or layered up

Have you seen Everlane's new corduroy pieces? I wasn't sure about them but have since convinced myself that I need these high waist wide leg pants - so good with sneakers and a vintage tee, right? I'm thinking Navy...

Always love seeing who Bon Appetit nominates for their 50 Best Restaurants list – no Maine on there, but I do see Providence and Boston!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing more size representation on Shopbop! They still have a ways to go for total inclusivity, but I love that they didn't make a big deal about it (You know what I mean? Some companies seem to only do it for the press coverage and like they're doing people a favor – I like that they just did it). MORE OF THIS PLEASE!

My favorite loafers now come in a (really good) snake print - ordering now!

Started this powerful book this week - so far I'm loving it, one part memoir, one part self-help/advice, but from someone who has experienced more than most of us will ever experience in one lifetime

What you can do now to financially prep for the holidays - I needed this, but also how about emotionally prepping? Thinking about that a lot lately.

The best new cookbooks for fall – I seriously need some inspiration, I feel like I've been stuck on autopilot recently