Saturday, June 22, 2019

Weekend Reading 6.21.19

Happy summer! How did you celebrate the solstice? I met up with my mom yesterday evening to check out the tall ships down on the Portland waterfront. Per usual it's been rainy and foggy the past few days, but the sky finally cleared last night and it's looking like amazing weather this weekend. I'm planning on spending all of it outside with a book or two. Hope yours is a good one! XO

Speaking of books, a few on my list right now: Fleishman Is In Trouble, City of Girls, Naturally Tan, and of course... SSDGM!

One of my favorite funny (cat-centric) instagrams lately

Saw these shoes at Target tonight and pretty much immediately ordered

Anthropologie is having their big summer tag sale! There are so many good candles: including the famous Volcano scent and these beauties from Candlefish. Also have my eye on this tropical dress.

how are you feeling about neon? This cute earring set is the perfect way to dip into the trend

How to get over jet lag - love these tips from Joanna!

Save an extra 40% off sale from J.Crew! love this laid-back sweatshirt and these rose-colored glasses

A list of hideous men - including the current president. This is important reading.

What a radically queer runway show looks like (hint: really good)

The body oil I'll be using all summer (it smells so good)

What Dolly Parton has to say about beauty

How the fu*k do you find a therapist? Topical and helpful.