Monday, March 25, 2019

Small Wonders: My Favorite Accessories for Spring

It finally feels like spring here in Maine! Which is funny to say because it snowed this weekend. But that's Maine for you. One second it's 30 and snowing, the next, it's 60 and sunny. Still, most of the snow in Portland has melted, and like everyone else, I'm anxious to pack away my sweaters and boots in favor of lighter fabrics and loafers, sandals, and sneakers. There's still a few weeks left of winter dressing though, so I'm working in as many hints of spring to my wardrobe as possible. This means trading wool pullovers for cardigans, heavy coats for the occasional denim jacket (on a good day), and showing off a pretty accessory or two – like delicate necklaces and a pearl hair clip. Adding these little hints of – there's no better word for it – sparkle (ha), makes me feel a little more pulled together during a time of year that feels exactly the opposite, that is, drab, grey, and ridiculously muddy.

Necklaces: In the past, I've gravitated towards big jewelry, and while I still love a statement earring, lately I've been into the tiny, delicate necklaces and layered necklaces that have been popping up.

Hair clips: I'm 100% here for the statement hair clip microtrend happening right now. Now that the weather is warming and hats are becoming less necessary, I can finally do my hair again – and I love adding these little – and large – clips to finish off a look.

Exceptionally large sneakers: Listen, I resisted as long as I could, but I find trends that are also practical extremely difficult to resist. And c'mon, sneakers. Sneakers! After years of wearing heels to work, I'm 100% behind the trend of dad sneakers. I just got this pair and I love them.

Really into sneakers.

What trends are you loving for spring?