Saturday, October 6, 2018

Weekend Reading 10.5

Happy Friday! Coming in just under the gun this week, because man, today was insanely hectic and stressful in the most ridiculous ways. If you don't follow me on Instagram, all I can say is this: It involved corn stalks and briefly forgetting what year it is. Anyway, the weekend! It's here! Inspired by Lee From America, this weekend I'm planning on doing a huge cleanout of our apartment. I cleaned my closet today and it felt so good to part with things I've held on to for too long, I feel ready to do the same with the rest of our place as we transition from summer to fall. October really is the best month for organizing, it feels like things are finally slowing down a little and I'm really loving this whole season we're in - in every sense. On Sunday I'm really hoping to get out for a hike, the foliage is really starting to get bright and I have a bunch of photos I need to take for different projects. Plus, I really just need to hike, you know? Hope yours is a good one! XO

Some big sales happening this weekend...
100% YES to cheese-crust apple pie - I've made it before but this recipe looks boooooomb

Jess is having a big sale this weekend and I have my eye on these vintage brass planters

Podcasts I've really gotten into this week as an alternative to the news: Almost 30 & Earn Your Happy (really focusing on POSITIVITY these days)

On my October wishlist: A new pair of go with everything boots (love these), definitely some cozy cold-weather layers, and something pretty to make my house smell great

Really inspired by Joanna's "Weekend Wellness" series

And of course, always on the hunt for vintage denim, especially now that fall is really, truly here

How to cleanse and clear your home

A book I'm reading (recommended) and one I'm hoping to read soon