Friday, August 3, 2018

Weekend Reading 8.3

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Happy Friday! This week flew by, and frankly, I'm fine with it. It was a good week, we kicked it off with seeing our friend and his band play on Sunday and managed to squeeze in some beach time as the week progressed, but it's definitely been one of those weeks at the same time. Mercury retrograde? Perhaps. Lots of broken glasses this week for some reason, and my sleep schedule has been completely out of whack despite my best efforts to stay off my phone at night and go to sleep earlier, so yes, I'm looking forward to the weekend. Tomorrow calls for more rain, so I'm planning on tackling some home projects while Chris does some cooking, and on Sunday we're celebrating my sister's 30th birthday (with Chris's cooking).

The past several weekends have felt especially full, so we're trying to take back control a bit this month. It's August, which means summer in Maine has a somewhat tangible expiration date and it's drawing near awfully fast. This month, I'm aiming to check a few things off my summer bucket list (surfing, SUP lessons, a hike or two) while also checking a few things off my summer project list (reupholstering some chairs, making benches for our dining table so we can finally have a housewarming party).

ICYMI - Sharing my skincare routine and the game-changing products I use

Because cats are celebrated at all times in our house and our doorbell is shit: I think we need this vintage lion doorknocker

Found via Cup of Jo: My new favorite Insta account (it's very funny)

On my August wishlist: some comfy, classic sandals, considering giving in to the puffy sneaker trend (honestly I'm not sure if I can do it), some comfy basics, and maybe even a transitional sweater to wear with shorts

And another one: funny even in death

If you have yet to add a basket bag to your wardrobe (where have you been?) perhaps consider this one (more of a market tote, really but that's the allure)

The Nordstrom sale is winding down - 3 days left – I have my eye on these sleek loafers and something from Origins because there's a pretty stellar gift with purchase

The one thing to do everyday to change your life (currently working on this)

Because I'm kind of getting tired of wearing the same shoes everyday - really into  these

No-cook recipes because it's hot out and the last thing I want to do is turn on my oven

These handmade constellation necklaces would make a gorgeous gift

I needed this headline: 100 Rogue Goats Terrorize the lawns of Boise

Added this suspenseful book to my summer reading list

When life imitates art: How to do a digital detox (much needed right now, personally)

Hello, I want these sneakers. And these too please. Thank you.

The feminist revolution is happening... in Western Pennsylvania


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