Tuesday, August 7, 2018

How to Make a Vintage Skirt Feel Fresh

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This skirt has been on heavy rotation this summer, it may even be my most-worn piece of the season. Funny, because I almost didn't buy it. It's secondhand, found at a local shop here in Portland, and it's about five inches too wide at the top. But otherwise it's perfect, and the best part about A-line skirts, especially at this length? They're super easy to take in with the addition of a well-placed dart or two. Which is great, because I've been all about skirts this summer. Skirts used to be a big part of my wardrobe, but back then they were much, much shorter. As I got older and my hemlines significantly lengthened (not out of modesty, mind you, but sheer utility - I hate sitting down and having my legs touch the seat!), I had trouble styling longer-length skirts. But the addition of a few basics (and also generally no longer giving a fuck about certain style conventions – i.e. heels, etc.) solved that problem. I've found my way back to them this summer in a major way, skirts taking over where shorts once stood as the season's staple piece, and so I've been on the hunt for secondhand styles that have a similar vibe to pricier, more modern pieces.

This particular skirt has buttons down the front that just didn't feel right, well, buttoned down the front. A quick shift to the side and most buttons worn unbuttoned (like I said, utility not modesty in my case) solved the problem. Given how much wear I've gotten from this particular skirt, I've been on the hunt for more secondhand skirts with special details, like buttons, a great pattern, and excellent design. I recently found one in silk with a similar button situation, and another silk maxi skirt with an incredible cut and pattern, both just waiting to be tailored.

Paired with a basic white tee (these linen-like tees from Madewell work really well knotted or tied), sleek sunglasses and a vintage straw bag (and flats because I'm not a monster), this has become one of my go-to outfit combinations of summer 2018.

Details: Secondhand skirt / Madewell tee / Moorea Seal sunglasses / Sam Edelman sandals / Rackk & Ruin earrings

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