Saturday, August 11, 2018

Weekend Reading 8.11

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Happy Saturday! The weather here has finally cooled off after a brutal two weeks and I'm thrilled. Thrilled I tell you! I spent my morning baking banana bread, and I'm headed off to the farmer's market in a little bit. I took most of Thursday off this week to visit with some friends who were in town, so I'll honestly be playing a bit of catch-up with work this weekend, but I'm totally OK with that. I'm thankful for a break from the heat and the humidity. Tomorrow we're heading south to a flea market – we're looking for some side tables for the bedroom and some chairs for our table, and I'm looking for some styling pieces for a job. Hope your weekend is lovely, friends!

ICYMI - A super simple styling trick for vintage skirts

Our plant situation has gotten a little out of hand - but I love it – digging this vintage planter for a spider plant or two.

Reformation is having a HUGE SALE and I'm here for it. I picked up this simple but super chic swimsuit and a great pair of jeans. So tempted by this tank though...

A simple DIY for making your own throw pillows

Found: The most perfect vintage denim jacket because September is coming

Reminder: Fuck politeness to keep yourself safe, and also to keep yourself sane. Honestly, this couldn't have come at a better time. If I had stopped to exchange pleasantries with every person who stopped to say "oh, you're a photographer?" yesterday at work (roughly 50 people) - I wouldn't have gotten any work done.

Dermstore is having a 25% off sale! Love this hair brand

Love these fun handmade earrings. Oh and these too.

I bet this candle smells SO GOOD

Did you listen to this week's My Favorite Murder? This story was fascinating

Someone recently asked why I sell on Poshmark - the truth is, I've been on it so long, I don't feel the need to get on a different app! Although I'm super curious about Depop, since that site wasn't around when I started selling.

Reminder: you don't have to buy into feminist marketing to be an actual feminist

Currently reading this book - so good

Love this simple astrological sign necklace

How Instagram's algorithm works (for now, anyway)

(Shop the outfit above here)