Saturday, August 11, 2018

Weekend Reading 8.11

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Happy Saturday! The weather here has finally cooled off after a brutal two weeks and I'm thrilled. Thrilled I tell you! I spent my morning baking banana bread, and I'm headed off to the farmer's market in a little bit. I took most of Thursday off this week to visit with some friends who were in town, so I'll honestly be playing a bit of catch-up with work this weekend, but I'm totally OK with that. I'm thankful for a break from the heat and the humidity. Tomorrow we're heading south to a flea market – we're looking for some side tables for the bedroom and some chairs for our table, and I'm looking for some styling pieces for a job. Hope your weekend is lovely, friends!

ICYMI - A super simple styling trick for vintage skirts

Our plant situation has gotten a little out of hand - but I love it – digging this vintage planter for a spider plant or two.

Reformation is having a HUGE SALE and I'm here for it. I picked up this simple but super chic swimsuit and a great pair of jeans. So tempted by this tank though...

A simple DIY for making your own throw pillows

Found: The most perfect vintage denim jacket because September is coming

Reminder: Fuck politeness to keep yourself safe, and also to keep yourself sane. Honestly, this couldn't have come at a better time. If I had stopped to exchange pleasantries with every person who stopped to say "oh, you're a photographer?" yesterday at work (roughly 50 people) - I wouldn't have gotten any work done.

Dermstore is having a 25% off sale! Love this hair brand

Love these fun handmade earrings. Oh and these too.

I bet this candle smells SO GOOD

Did you listen to this week's My Favorite Murder? This story was fascinating

Someone recently asked why I sell on Poshmark - the truth is, I've been on it so long, I don't feel the need to get on a different app! Although I'm super curious about Depop, since that site wasn't around when I started selling.

Reminder: you don't have to buy into feminist marketing to be an actual feminist

Currently reading this book - so good

Love this simple astrological sign necklace

How Instagram's algorithm works (for now, anyway)

(Shop the outfit above here)


Michaela said...

I feel like "marketable feminism" is just another ploy of the patriarchy to keep us distracted from the real issues that we should be paying attention to. Who cares about pink "pussy" hats and boob ball pits when women are still being shamed just for breast feeding in public or trying to get reproductive care!?

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