Friday, June 8, 2018

Weekend Reading 6.8

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Woof. What a week, right? First Kate Valentine (Spade). Then Anthony Bourdain. If anything, this has been a sad reminder that success and fame doesn't necessarily equal happiness, but more importantly, it sheds light on the very rampant issue of mental healthcare and support in our country. Anthony Bourdain hit hard. He was one of the only chefs on TV I found interesting to listen to/watch, and he inspired Chris so much in his cooking (my husband, the perpetual cooking show fanatic). Please, if you're struggling or know someone who is and want to learn how to better support them, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255. This post from Cup of Jo is very helpful too.

And now for an awkward transition... Hey, it's Friday! What are you up to this weekend? Tomorrow, Chris and I are headed out to one of the islands for some hiking and to shoot a collaboration I'm working on. Then Sunday is Old Port Fest, so of course, we're going – it's our first summer as official Portlanders, so it's practically required. In between, I have a ton of work to get done so keep your fingers crossed for me.

Let's get the heavy shit out of the way, shall we? These reads are a little more serious but so, so worth reading - Anthony Bourdain was the most interesting man in the world. Kate Spade: a name that was everything and nothing

If you've ever felt bad about not, like, loving your body all the damn time like a good body-posi activist should, this one's for you (and me – I'm right there with you)

ICYMI: What to wear to a casual summer wedding

My go-to sandals for summer

Really into this 80s abstract print

What would you do if you won a house?

Jess always has great stuff - this sheer chiffon dress would look great over jeans

Save up to 70% off at West Elm - loving these cool terrarium planters!

YUM - Definitely making this dairy-free ice cream this weekend!

Found: the perfect woven beach tote

Easy breezy pieces for hot summer days - love those sets!

A SUPER EASY Father's Day DIY (good for kids, too!)

So in love with this gorgeous dress  perfect with a basket bag, don't you think?

Great summer TV - I really want to watch American Woman (NYT)

How cute is this bikini?? Just ordered... fingers crossed (also v v tempted by this polkadot number)

Urban Outfitters is having a big home sale - loving this wall hook and this handy ottoman

OMG - these pins! Fruit with butts!


Michaela said...

An interesting aside regarding the Hotline:

Please give it a read if you have time.

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