Friday, June 29, 2018

Weekend Reading 6.29

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You guys. it's June 29th... how did we get here? I know,  I know "said every blogger ever", but seriously. It finally feels like true summer in Maine (a glorious thing), and after a week of news that felt... well, it felt awful and I realized last night my mind has been in complete maintenance mode, I'm excited to get outdoors and forget about real life for a couple of days. Maybe you are too? We're thinking about a hike or kayaking tomorrow (with temps expected to reach 90, I think kayaking will win), then probably the beach on Sunday. I've been trying to figure out our July 4th plans - to be honest, with all the garbage that's going on right now in the country, I'm not feeling very festive. But I'm looking forward to taking a break mid-week to maybe get out to one of the islands and relax – and I'll be donating to the ACLU. I'm also headed in for a fresh haircut next week and as of right now, am planning on a bit of a chop (like everyone it seems these days - perhaps related to the current political climate?). I'm so tired of the extra weight on my head, and lately, I haven't had the patience for hair. Anyone else feel me on this?

Well there you go - Friday brain dump. Hope you're hanging in there. Enjoy the links! XO

Jess has a brand new site PLUS she's offering 20% off through July 4th. Loving this vintage '90s velvet duster.

This tweet thread is everything

These vintage letter stencils would be such a cool display piece all lined up on a wall.

Are you a My Favorite Murder fan? This story from this week's episode was pretty incredible #SSDGM

Pretty obsessed with all the bold earrings in this Etsy shop - but especially these **adds to cart**


Have you seen the new swim line from Outdoor Voices?? I literally JUST bought a suit, but if I were in the market, I'd definitely get this one.

What to know about the protests planned for tomorrow (June 30)

Save an extra 30% off sale items from Urban Outfitters, including this perfect woven straw basket bag and this jumpsuit

Annnnnd save 20% off at Madewell. Kind of obsessed with this 70s-style tee dress

This campaign video is so inspiring

So much new over on Moorea Seal! Especially in love with this crisp white button up tank

Really craving a trip to NYC soon - especially after looking at these pics

Related to hair - curious about this straight styling brush

What to do if your therapist gives you bad advice

A book added to my list

Save 50% off select styles from J.Crew - including this adorable gingham swimsuit and these cute as heck pajamas

A (beautiful) 4th of July party menu


Jaimie said...

I am excited to see you tomorrow!

Julie said...

I'm a long-time reader, but don't know that I've ever commented before! I just want to say that reading your blog is like a well-curated glimpse into the insides of my head--a blend of the heartfelt, academic/intellectual interests, and pretty things. It always makes me feel good to sit down and read it, especially these round-up style posts. As you mention, the news these days can be incredibly disheartening. It's really a refreshing escape to see this type of content--you address the goings on, but rather than just bemoan it, you share ways to be proactive, as well as a dose of inspiring stories and beautiful clothes/art/lifestyle that provide a much-needed boost. Thank you, Julie!

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