Friday, May 18, 2018

Weekend Links 5.18

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Happy Friday! Anyone else jumping for joy that the weekend is here? We were out of town last weekend for a wedding, so I'm excited to just be home this weekend and get some things done around the apartment. Namely, I want to work on our patio. We have some surprise plants coming up out there (bleeding hearts!), and five huge planters to fill with more. I'm also shopping for a patio set (though instinct tells me to wait for Memorial Day weekend to make that purchase – I love this one and this one) and some string lights. Sounds like rain is in our forecast, so who knows, we might end up indoors moving furniture around and hanging art. It's hard to believe we've been in our place for nearly four months. In a lot of ways, this is the first place of ours that really feels like "home", at least since we lived in Massachusetts. But still so much more to be done! Have a wonderful weekend, friends!

PS - Just a reminder that I'm actively updating my Poshmark every weekend... shop my closet here!

This top... so damn versatile. Wear it like a dress, a top, a jacket or a duster. Boom. Done. You're welcome.

Me: Still searching for the perfect bag. Loving these structured handbags good for summer and all year round.

Are you watching the royal wedding?? it seems like a nice distraction from real life/American politics. Here's everything you need to know!

I'm reading this book right now and woof... it's a good one, but it's rough, especially if you were ever the weird kid in school (with the weird family)

My favorite, favorite, favorite brownie recipe. Ever. Always.

How to practice self-care and success

This is some serious needlepoint talent right here. Damn.

How cute are these cloud earrings? So adorable with a clean white tee and jeans. (Also really into these ridiculous things)

Currently counting down to beach season - love all these cute accessories!

YUM - Definitely making these as a treat this weekend

Never one to turn down more smoothie ideas – this book is on my list

I bought this lipstick in OG Lolita for the wedding last weekend and am IN. LOVE. So pretty and understated. (really want this one now too)

Love a red swimsuit - this one is SO CUTE and on sale

Man, this vintage dress looks really damn comfortable

lol (read the comments, arguably better than this article)


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