Tuesday, May 15, 2018

The Most Flattering Dress for Summer

 photo ACS_0109_zpsf46onluc.jpg

If there's one style of dress that populates my closet the most, it's the wrap dress. Specifically, midi-length wrap dresses. Usually from Free People if I'm being fully transparent (they just get me). I'm of the opinion that this just might be the most flattering and easy-to-wear silhouette out there, gorgeous on every body type and all around comfortable regardless of the occasion. Need a wedding guest dress? Wear a wrap dress. Funeral? Wrap dress. Roaming Pittsburgh with too much time on your hands? ...Wrap dress! Add a pair of cute slides or sneakers (like these), and you're done.

That last one was me this past weekend. Chris and I were back in the 'Burgh for a friend's wedding and I decided to stray a bit from my standard jeans-and-tank-and-Birks combo in favor of a couple of dressier outfits (shocking, I know). The weather was sporadic, as it tends to be in Pittsburgh, so between the rainstorms and hot, muggy afternoons, this yellow number (from FP last summer) was the perfect thing to keep me (mostly) cool. After so many months of wearing layer upon heavy layer, it feels groundbreaking to put on literally two pieces and call it good. All hair the wrap dress + Birkenstock combo! Here are a few more faves:

 photo ACS_0108_zpsskgtafrs.jpg
 photo ACS_0120_zps8g9m4mea.jpg


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