Monday, May 7, 2018

Instant Outfits

 photo ACS_0047_zpsb5h8c6v0.jpg
Remember back in the day when we all inexplicably had enough time in the day to photograph our outfits on the reg? No shade to those who do –  but I don't have time for that these days (if anyone can find a way to make each day 5 hours longer, that'd be great). Anyway if you follow me over on Instagram, you might have noticed I've been sharing more of my daily outfits in stories. It's fast, it's easy, and I've been enjoying documenting them. After spending the colder months wearing basically the same thing, the recent change in temperature has been welcome motivation to find something more cohesive to wear. I've also been thrifting a ton since moving back to Maine, and few things inspire me style-wise more than a solid gold secondhand find (like that killer blazer, above). In fact,  these outfits are all mostly secondhand, save for a few closet staples, like my favorite sleeveless tops, a classic biker jacket (like these), and some sweet shades

 photo ACS_0050_zpszbeemley.jpg

 photo ACS_0067_zpskuhgqwnk.jpg

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Girl and Closet said...

I'm loving your outfits on Insta stories and so glad you rounded them up here too. Think I might borrow some insp and do the same. And yay spring!!! xo

Michaela said...

Most of my outfits are thrifted too. There's just something about having a particular item you're not likely to see anyone else rocking.

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