Friday, April 20, 2018

Weekend Links 4.20

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Happy Friday! (and, ahem... happy April 20th) What are you up to this weekend? The sun is finally shining here so we're absolutely making time to get outside and go hiking or something. (to illustrate how dire things are: when we woke up this morning, Chris asked what time it was. When I told him it was 6:45, he said "why's it so bright then? ...oh wait, that's sunlight" in all seriousness) I feel like we've been on autopilot this week with work-gym-eat-sleep as we wait for the season to make up it's mind. It's been pretty bitterly cold for the season and we're just ready, you know? Anyway, I hope the sun is out for you this weekend and you have something fun planned, too. Here are a few things that caught my eye this week:

Like, three cheers for no longer having to cover festival season for work, but also this dress would be pretty perfect for Newport Folk

Check out my travel guide to Portland, Maine (personally I think I've planned the perfect day for you)

Honestly i need a backpack, but this holographic tote is calling my name

ICYMI: 3 ways to celebrate Earth Day (also known as this Sunday!) and how to oil pull 

We picked up some new plants last weekend and I think we definitely need this book now - I'm so afraid of killing them!

Check out one of my favorite recipes here - seriously life-saving during the 3pm slump

This would be a really nice minimalist Mother's Day gift

Lots of new things happening around here. I gave this blog a much needed facelift and added a handy page where you can find same and similar items to pieces in my closet. I'll be adding a decor version soon!

So, so into this chic button-up linen dress (like, how many white linen dresses is too many white linen dresses? Asking for a friend... because this one is damn cute too)

Blown away by this gorgeous dresser DIY 

Never not obsessed with moons and big earrings – so here's both. also look at these!

How to reduce waste in your bathroom - love these tips from Joanna

I bought these party pants last weekend and I can't wait to wear them. On sale too! They look great with a white tank, a band tee - pretty much anything.

Because I love anything weird, old, and having to do with cats: this antique stove cover would be a cool accent on a wall or above a mantle


Jill Davis said...

Every day this week I woke up at 6:30 convinced I had overslept because of how bright it was.

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