Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Stylish Boots for Winter

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When we decided to move back to Maine and subsequently began telling friends and family, one of the main questions I received was "but what about the winters?" Winter in Maine does indeed pack a certain kind of intensity. It's cold, it's dark, it's very, very snowy, and it's long. But it's also sunny and bright, and unlike winter in the big city, there's a ton of stuff to do. We currently live within throwing distance of several major ski areas (and some not-so-major ones that are super fun, too), we have snowshoes, and trails, and fires in the wood stoves. But one thing that makes winter in Maine (and winter in general) much more bearable? Good winter boots. Warm boots, yes, but also boots you actually want to wear. I have a great pair of Sorel that I got at a blogger conference back in 2011 (yes, 2011, Sorel's are durable af), they're sort of cute, but their functionality far outweighs their looks. And functionally-minded as I may be, I'm not spending five months in the same pair of boots that I don't like to look at. When serious weather hits, I'll be in my Sorel's, but for all the other days, I'm stocking up on well-treaded boots that look good, too.

So, knowing what we were in for, one of the first things I did when we were moving was start looking out for decent-looking, well-treaded winter boots. Kitten heel ankle boots are cute and all, but they've got no place in my wardrobe this year. I've made peace with the fact that some lucky women in less snowy locales can wear cute, dainty boots but I am not one of them. Nope, I need full snow tires, studded, with chains. I'm sharing a few favorite winter boot options today, in case that's you, too:

1. This faux-fur and suede pair would be great for kicking around town or for a day of shopping

2. My Dr. Martens are probably my favorite purchase this season, mostly because I'll be able to wear them in every season. This pair and this pair both feature classic Doc styling with the addition of cozy shearling and this pair is just fun.

3. While not traditionally winter boots, this chelsea-style pair of rain boots would be cozy with a pair of thick socks and great for a slightly warmer and slushy day.

4. Literally every woman in Maine owns some version of these boots for a reason. This pair is superior because of the shearling and taller last - these are what you want on your feet when "weather" hits. Serious weather.

5. These boots have been one of my favorite purchases this year. Definitely worth investing in leather protector, but they look great with nearly everything and the sole is super well-treaded. This pair is gorgeous (and very tempting) as well.

6. Someday I will invest in a pair of these classic hikers. They'd look great with jeans and your hiking gear and the quality is top-notch.

Pro tip: For extra warmth, wear ski socks beneath your boots! I love Smart Wool socks because you can find thinner options that will keep your feet feeling warm and cozy. Cotton socks in the winter often get wet and won't dry, leading to chilly, unhappy feet. I wear ski socks with everything in the winter.

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Michaela said...

This post could not be more timely - I'm in the market for a good pair of boots that can withstand the harsh Minnesota winter climate - and to be honest my Sorel's aren't as warm as I'd like them to be when it's -17 degrees in the morning.

The Suburb Experiment said...

I'm going into my fifth Alaskan winter and only now accepting that cute, dainty boots just won't get used AT ALL. I've had no problems buying utilitarian boots but realized that I would like ones that work for both form and function. I am going to be checking out every single boot on your list!

Can I also just say I'm excited to see what you'll be wearing this winter? It seems like most of the big bloggers jet off somewhere the second the temps dip below 45° which isn't helpful at all!

Anonymous said...

The Sorel Joan of Arctic boots with a pair of felt sole inserts and a good, warm pair of socks keeps me warm outside for eight hours or more-even at temps as low as 5 degrees! And they feel just like moccasins! Add a pair of ice grippers for extra traction and you are golden!

Orchid Grey said...

Michaela - I swear by heavy socks with any and all footwear in the winter. A big, thick pair of wool socks can fix most footwear woes :)

Orchid Grey said...

The Suburb Experiment - Thank you! I'm definitely going to try to start sharing outfits more frequently again this year. I feel like the change in environment has forced me to be a bit more creative lately :)

Orchid Grey said...

Anon - I wish I liked the Joan of Arctic boots! I used to have a pair but unfortunately they're way to wide and unwieldy for me, I did manage to find a great pair of Sorels a few seasons ago that I love (but just don't love wearing ALL THE TIME, you know?)

Orchid Grey said...

Anon - ps, thanks for the recs though, i do need to get a good pair of grippers

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