Friday, December 22, 2017

Weekend Links

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Well it's almost Christmas and I am woefully underprepared. Laughably so, even. I am finally, finally! starting to feel better and it looks like Chris is on the upswing, too. So for that we can be thankful. So we're playing a big, sorry game of "Christmas catch-up" and I'm buying my relatives bottles of wine and acting like that was the plan all along. Confidence will get you far (acting as though I won't be explaining how sick we've been to literally everyone).  So tomorrow I'm hell-bent on making gingerbread cookies and wrapping gifts and probably strong arming Chris into watching Love Actually because it's Christmas, dammit, and we're gonna get festive.

This vintage patchwork jacket is the most fun - so cool with Levi's, a plain white tee and ankle boots

ICYMI: Easy, eco-friendly holiday decor

30% off at Madewell! 100% into this rad jumpsuit (you can get it monogrammed!), this velvet jumpsuit, and this sweater jumpsuit (obviously very into jumpsuits these days)

Ha! This made me laugh

Guys, this rug. So gorgeous (and on sale with code 'giftyoself'). I seriously can-not-wait for an apartment to decorate.

Paul Stanley made a Folgers commercial. Here it is.

I've been on the hunt for a new bag lately - love the classic but eye-catching styling of these

Some light reading for the holidays: A history of women who burned to death in their dresses. Delightful!

While we're talking jumpsuits - this one is tres chic and would be great for new year's (also... on sale!)

A winter reading list that is now my winter reading list, too

Everything is still on major sale from LOFT and Lou & Grey (50% off everything!) - really into this big, cozy striped sweater

Wearing above: Thrifted vintage coat & vintage Levi's, Zara turtleneck, sweater from TJMaxx, Sigerson Morrison boots, and OHME earrings from Moorea Seal


Bridget said...

Glad you're feeling better!

(Also--a trick of mine is to find a consumable from a place my friends or relatives went to this past year. Oh, you went to the Netherlands? Stroopwaffel liquor it is. Massachusetts? Well some Berkshire gin, of course. California? Definitely wine. Minnesota? Wild rice and Pearson's nut bars.)

Orchid Grey said...

Bridget - That's such a fantastic idea! Also, I had no idea wild rice was specific to Minnesota :)

Bridget said...

As I get older, the more reticent I am to give people stuff, unless it's the thing they never knew they wanted (or it's for a little kiddo and it's a book). We all just have too much stuff. But consumables and experiences avoid that.

And yes, wild rice is from Minnesota! It's certainly grown in other places these days, but it originated in the Great Lakes area of Minnesota and was the staple grain in the Ojibway diet.

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