Sunday, November 5, 2017

Weekend Links 11.5

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Happy weekend... and happy November! How are you adjusting with the time change? I'm feeling extra thankful for the extra hour of sleep, but a little sad about the loss of daylight. Ok, more than a little sad – I'm having a hard time with these super short days lately, especially now that I'm not living in the city. I love seeing the stars at night, but it's hard not to feel like the day is over as soon as it's dark out. This weekend has been wonderful though - yesterday we went to Camden, hiked with some friends, and hit up Moody's Diner afterwards. As someone who works remotely, spending time with real, actual humans has been key in maintaining sanity. It's easy to feel cut off during the week, especially right now, so it was especially nice to get out of the area and see some old friends. Seeing the coast was also a nice reminder of why we're here. We're very much experiencing small tow life right now – all the good and all the bad. So seeing the coast, and spending some time in Portland was exactly what we needed tp feel refreshed. Anyway, I'm rambling. Today was super chill - I went to the gym, baked, made myself dinner, and am trying to get as much writing done as possible in preparation for another busy week. How about you? Good weekend? XO

This vintage blouse is so pretty for fall, especially paired with classic levi's and ankle boots.

100% obsessed with Justina Blakeney's collection for Target - love this comforter, this one too, and this pretty throw pillow

Pumpkin pancakes? Yes please!

I just got this sweater and I am ob-sessed - so pretty with cropped flares and a great pair of loafers

This might be the cutest pet bed ever

Read this if you'd like to feel truly creeped out

This would make a great fall wedding gift - or holiday gift!

30% off at J.Crew + free shipping! I'm in love with this velvet cami and this classic cashmere sweater (under $100!)

This made me laugh

The next book on my reading list

I know these are gifts for kids, but is it wrong to want them for myself? Those chrome piggy banks!

Who will mourn the loss of Teen Vogue?

These earrings are a great alternative to hoops!

Love this pretty travel wallet

A new favorite Instagram account

This velvet dress look SO COMFY - perfect for Thanksgiving!


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